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By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones  |  October 16,  2019

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan was extremely troubled when he spoke to the legal community about the need to safeguard the integrity of our criminal justice system … and talked about the government’s “obligation to pursue convictions fairly and in accordance with the Constitution … when the government does not meet its obligation to turn over evidence, the system falters.” 

In the ongoing case United States v. Michael  T. Flynn, the Justice Department’s prosecution team did not turn over exculpatory evidence or so-called  Brady material (Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)) to U.S. Army Lieutenant General Flynn’s  (Ret.) defense attorney. 

General Flynn served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as President Trump’s national security adviser.

Withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense is prosecutorial misconduct. General Flynn’s case is not the first time DOJ prosecutors have denied a defendant their constitutional rights.

The prosecution knowingly suppressed key evidence that would have proven General Flynn’s innocence. Under the U.S. Constitution, General Flynn is entitled to due process and to the disclosure of all evidence that would help his case. 

General Flynn’s Constitutional rights were violated by FBI Director James Comey, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the Justice Department, including former Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah A. Curtis, who until September 27, 2019, was the lead DOJ attorney prosecuting General Flynn’s case.

According to General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, when FBI Director Comey met with President Trump, Comey did not inform President Trump that the FBI had already cleared General Flynn of any crime.

When President Trump stated to Comey regarding Flynn (a 33-year U.S. Army veteran) “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” Comey used that conversation in an effort to entrap President Trump in an obstruction of justice charge though Comey was well aware that Flynn had been cleared of committing a crime.

Comey then began his obstruction claim, triggering the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller. 

According to General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, “there is nothing they would not do to stop President Trump.”

That includes railroading General Flynn. General Flynn was  more than simply the vehicle to take down President Trump. The Obama administration waged a vendetta against General Flynn for his exposure of the Obama administration’s “willful decision” to arm ISIS. 

In 2012, the DIA, under General Flynn’s command, predicted the rise of ISIS and warned the Obama administration about the coming Islamic Caliphate in a classified report that President Obama ignored. 

Flynn later stated that the Obama administration’s decision to arm radical Islamic terrorists in Syria who morphed into the ISIS Caliphate and then conquered much of Iraq was in fact a “willful decision.”  That report made General Flynn no friends in the Obama administration, particularly in the intelligence community. Flynn became persona non grata. Though a genocide of Christians took place in the Middle East under the Obama administration, little was heard about the slaughter of Christians from the politicized Main Stream Media. 

Corrupt DOJ Prosecutors Exposed In Senator Stevens Case

One week before the 2008 election, Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted by the DOJ for allegedly accepting gifts in the form of home improvements. In the wake of his conviction, Senator Stevens lost his reelection bid, changing the Senate balance of power in favor of the Democrats. 

Senator Stevens’ case was overturned in 2009 after an investigation revealed that DOJ prosecutors and the FBI had withheld from Stevens’ defense team exculpatory evidence, including witnesses, witness statements, and FBI 302 forms, that made it clear that Senator Stevens was never guilty as charged. Prosecutors also leaked confidential bits of information to the media in an attempt to sway public opinion. A member of the prosecution team was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a witness. The prosecution team also lied to the court. These were criminal violations by the prosecution team. 

Two years after the government cleared Senator Stevens’ name, Stevens died in an Alaska plane crash.

The Department of Justice after the exposure of Senator Stevens case was left with a “whopping black eye” in the words of Sidney Powell. Should Mueller’s prosecutors get a conviction of General Flynn, while withholding evidence once again, the Justice Department will be irreparably damaged. 

According to Powell, Comey’s lie about General Flynn was as big as the lie that formed the Trump Russia Hoax.

Special Counsel Mueller’s team appears to have coerced General Flynn into a guilty plea. Flynn, it was later found, had not lied under oath, according to FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka.

Montgomery’s Hard Drives Are Exculpatory Evidence Withheld From Flynn’s Defense Team

CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery asserts that the FBI buried the evidence Montgomery provided in 2015 to FBI Director James Comey, FBI General Counsel James Baker, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis that proved John Brennan and James Clapper illegally wiretapped Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) with “THE HAMMER.”

“THE HAMMER” is the foreign super surveillance tool that, according to Montgomery, Brennan  and Clapper illegally commandeered and transformed into an unlawful domestic surveillance system.

The DOJ hid from General Flynn, and from Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, information about “THE HAMMER” that Montgomery provided to the FBI and to Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis.

The DOJ failed to disclose to General Flynn and his defense team that Brennan and Clapper  illegally used “THE HAMMER” to wiretap Flynn as well as Donald Trump.

According to Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper, during Barack Obama’s presidency, illegally harvested surveillance data on high-profile individuals including General Flynn, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, one-time head of the FISA Court Judge Reggie Walton, 156 Article III judges, business leaders, Wall Street executives, and millions of other Americans. 

According to Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper, illegally harvested the domestic surveillance data for the purpose of “blackmail” and “leverage.”

The government’s entire prosecution of General Flynn is tainted, in much the same fashion as the DOJ’s 2008 prosecution of Republican U.S. Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska was tainted.

Prosecutorial Misconduct In  United States v. Stevens And “THE HAMMER” Used To Override The American People’s Vote 

Partisan DOJ prosecutors made certain that Senator Stevens would lose his 2008 reelection bid, shifting the Senate balance of power.

The Federalist wrote:  “Not only did Stevens lose the election in 2008, his loss paved the way for a filibuster-proof majority for the Democrats in April of 2009. That means the misconduct paid off handsomely for Democratic partisans at no cost to the perpetrators. This DOJ election meddling helped a Democrat.” 

According to The Wall Street Journal:  “ObamaCare would never have passed if Mr. Franken hadn’t stolen the Minnesota recount and prosecutors hadn’t hidden exculpatory evidence to convict Alaska Republican Ted Stevens on false ethics charges.”

According to “The Whistleblower Tapes”:  “Brennan and Clapper used “THE HAMMER” to wiretap Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Chief Justice Roberts inexplicably reversed his opposition to The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, putting Americans’ health care in the hands of government bureaucrats.

Senator Steven’s tainted prosecution was a clear case of DOJ meddling in a Senate election. General Flynn’s tainted prosecution is a clear case of the DOJ meddling in an effort to overturn a presidential election and influence the upcoming presidential election. 

A follow-up investigation revealed the depth of DOJ misconduct during Senator Steven’s trial. “The 500-page report by investigator Henry F. Schuelke III shook the legal community, as law professors described it as a milestone in the history of prosecutorial misconduct,” NPR reported.

“It is incredible that in such an incredibly high-profile case, where a sitting United States senator is being prosecuted under the spotlight of the world with cameras watching and a top-notch defense team, that these kinds of egregious Brady violations could occur,” Cynthia Jones, a professor at American University College of Law, stated.

As was the case with Senator Stevens, the DOJ is committing the same prosecutorial misconduct using Kafkaesque techniques to railroad General Flynn as it used against Senator Stevens. 

Although the Schuelke report blasted the DOJ for massive prosecutorial misconduct in the Stevens case, including withholding of exculpatory evidence and tampering with witness statements, only two lower-level federal prosecutors in Alaska, Joseph Bottini and James Goeke, were formally reprimanded and temporarily suspended. Bottini and Goeke’s case was  later overturned on appeal and they received full back pay.

“The people who should be investigated and held responsible for the mistakes made in this case were the then upper management in the Department of Justice who, for political reasons, rushed this case to trial before the prosecution was prepared to try it,” Matthew Menchel, an attorney for Goeke stated.

Senator Stevens’ defense attorney Brendan Sullivan said: “The extent of the corruption is shocking, it’s the worst misconduct we’ve seen in a generation by prosecutors at the Department of Justice.”

The Federalist wrote in a 2018 article titled “Framing Ted Stevens In 2008 Was The Deep State’s Trial Run For Framing Trump”:  “if one wonders how Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation employees like Bruce Ohr and Peter Strzok felt such impunity while actively meddling with the 2016 presidential election, one need look no further than the legacy of DOJ’s meddling in the Alaska Senate election of 2008.”

The DOJ railroaded Senator Stevens. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan set aside the verdict, vacating the Senator’s conviction. Judge Sullivan roundly lambasted the DOJ, the DOJ’s prosecution team, and the dishonest tactics that team had used against Senator Stevens.

Is Prosecutorial Misconduct And “THE HAMMER” In The United States V. Flynn Case Being Perpetrated In Order To Affect An Election 

This is deja vu all over again. Only this time it is for the preservation of the rule of law and to save the Republic itself.

Judge Sullivan excoriated the Justice Department for withholding Brady material and hiding witnesses from Senator Stevens’ defense team. According to The Washington Post, Judge Sullivan called the DOJ prosecution team’s pattern of concealing exculpatory evidence from defendant Stevens “the worst misconduct he had seen in 25 years on the bench.”  That was, of course, before General Flynn’s prosecution.

Judge Sullivan spoke those words while referring to Senator Stevens’ case, but they apply equally to Michael Flynn’s case, which now is before Judge Sullivan at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

In 2015, DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, FBI Director James Comey, and FBI General Counsel James Baker took receipt of 47 hard drives from Dennis Montgomery and buried the evidence Montgomery had handed over under two immunity agreements, that proved  that Brennan and Clapper ran “THE HAMMER” and used it to wiretap General Michael Flynn and Donald Trump, among many other Americans, according to Montgomery.

Curtis had secrets that she withheld from Flynn’s defense team — conflicts of interest that could throw the government’s already flawed entrapment case against Flynn into a tailspin.

On September 27, 2019, hours after The American Report connected Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis to both Montgomery’s handover of evidence and to Flynn’s case, a Courthouse News Service reporter tweeted that the DOJ had submitted to the Flynn case docket that Curtis was off the Flynn case because she was separating from the DOJ, effective the end of the day.

Comey’s “right hand men,” FBI Special Agents Barnett and Giardina, together with Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis, had earlier debriefed Montgomery inside a secure Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI Washington D.C. Field Office on December 3, 2015; accordingly, they too share the guilty knowledge of “THE HAMMER” and the illegal activities effected through its use. 

Giardina and Barnett were both subsequently assigned to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. Giardina and Barnett were also both assigned to Michael Flynn‘s prosecution.

FBI General Counsel James Baker dispatched FBI agents to take custody of Montgomery’s 47 computer hard drives on August 19, 2015. Baker testified before two Congressional committees that whistleblower Dennis Montgomery turned over evidence to the FBI about illegal surveillance by government officials of Americans, including other government officials.

Baker stated during an August 2018 closed-door interview with U.S. Representatives:

I’m turning to the Bureau to describe this. So his [Attorney Larry Klayman] client was an individual named Dennis Montgomery, who I believe, to the best of my recollection, he said that he had been a U.S. Government contractor and, in the course of that work, had come across evidence of unlawful surveillance by the government of Americans — and including government officials — and wanted to give that information to the Bureau, which eventually did take place.

Baker is a long-time close friend of James Comey. Baker and Comey worked together at the Justice Department and at investment management firm Bridgewater Associates.

Baker subsequently joined the Brookings Institution and Lawfare. Lawfare is run by James Comey’s close friend Benjamin Wittes.

Wittes admitted to being the principal source of leaked information to the New York Times for its May 2017 report about Comey and President Trump.

Flynn’s attorney Powell stated in a brief filed on August 30, 2019 in support of her motion seeking more exculpatory evidence to defend Flynn:

The government has a crushing 95% or higher conviction rate. It is virtually impossible to defend successfully when the might and power of the federal government focuses on the destruction of an individual, and the government holds all the cards. The rule of Brady v. Maryland requiring the government to disclose evidence favorable to the defense, is probably the single most important underpinning of Due Process for a criminal defendant it is often observed only in the breach. While prosecutors routinely recite their full knowledge of and compliance with their Brady obligations, in truth they often scoff at them and continue to play games to win convictions at all costs. Meanwhile, the defense does not know what the defense does not know.

And play games they did …The prosecution in the Flynn case, as in the Stevens case, withheld vital evidence upending the rule of law — once again.

It is reported that FBI Agent Joseph Pientka stated that Flynn did not lie during his interview with Pientka and Peter Strzok.  This is particularly relevant because Peter Strzok has already been proven to be less than trustworthy. Strzok’s text messages revealed that he is virulently the anti-Trump. Strzok’s affair with his co-worker evidenced his lack of character and calls into question Strzok’s own veracity. 

Director Comey specifically told the House Judiciary Committee during a briefing that the FBI agents who interviewed Lt. General Michael Flynn, “saw nothing that led them to believe [he was] lying.”

The FBI refused to make Special Agent Pientka available for a House Judiciary Committee interview. The Justice Department repeatedly refused to allow then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to speak to FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka.

After Special Agents Pientka and Strzok interviewed Flynn in February 2017 at the White House, Strzok did not fill out a 302 form or enter it into the FBI computer system within five days, as required under FBI guidelines. Instead, Strzok waited until July 2017 to enter information into the FBI computer. In August 2017, FBI agents interviewed Strzok about his recollections of the interview, and only then did those FBI agents create a 302, seven months after Strzok and Pientka interviewed Flynn.

Where are the original February 2017 notes from FBI Special Agents Strzok and Pientka summarizing the ambush interview they conducted with General Flynn at the White House? 

Former FBI Director Comey has freely admitted to planning the ambush of General Flynn and to taking advantage of the “chaotic” first days of the new Trump administration.

According to Chairman Grassley, the DOJ also withheld the transcript of the intercepted phone call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador and “any FBI reports summarizing them.” 

Chairman Grassley also requested “FBI agents’ 302s memorializing their interview of Flynn and supporting docs, including the agents’ notes.”

Just as the DOJ stonewalled the defense  in the Stevens case and refused to turn over exculpatory evidence to Stevens defense team, so too has the prosecution stonewalled Flynn and Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell refusing to turn over exculpatory evidence. The DOJ and FBI have also refused to turn over requested information to the House Judiciary Committee. The DOJ apparently believes itself to be above the law.

The DOJ and FBI act as though they have something to hide, as they rush to sentence General Flynn. 

Strzok-Page Text Messages Prove That FBI “Lovers” Were Aware Of Dennis Montgomery

Peter Strzok was well aware of Dennis Montgomery, as proven by Strzok’s redacted text messages to his paramour Lisa  Page. Strzok and Page exchanged text messages regarding Montgomery and his then-attorney Larry Klayman shortly after Lt General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) broadcast over America’s radio airwaves that Brennan and Clapper were using “THE HAMMER” to wiretap Donald Trump “a zillion times,” according to “The Whistleblower Tapes,” and confirmed by Dennis Montgomery.

On March 19, 2017, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, then a Fox News military analyst and formerly the third highest ranking Air Force official at the Pentagon, broadcast the information that Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons had given to him. 

Strzok and Page exchanged a cryptic text message minutes after McInerney’s WAAM 1600 terrestrial radio interview with Dr. Dave Janda aired and exchanged a second text message later that evening, Sunday March 19, 2017, that specifically mentioned Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman. 

The following morning, Monday, March 20, 2019, less than 17 hours after General McInerney’s radio interview, FBI Director James Comey lied to Congress when he told the House Intelligence Committee, led by Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), that the FBI did not possess any evidence supporting President Trump’s March 4, 2017 tweet accusing President Obama of wiretapping Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

James Comey lied as he was in possession of Montgomery’s 47 decrypted hard drives of evidence. 

Director Comey also announced that the FBI had launched an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and any connections between President Trump and Russia.

James Comey told New York Magazine “I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out,” leaving many wondering how Comey ever became an FBI director.

John Brennan admitted to CNN that he voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election, proving that Brennan’s communist bonafides are on par with those of James Comey.

Mueller Involved In Stevens Prosecution, Flynn Prosecution, And “THE HAMMER”

FBI Director Robert Mueller was involved in Senator Stevens’ case just as he was as Special Counsel involved in General Flynn’s case. 

Director Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for “The Hammer,” according to Dennis Montgomery. FBI agents were also placed inside the Fort Washington Facility in Maryland, where “THE HAMMER” was located. 

Montgomery stated during a 2017 radio interview with his then-attorney Larry Klayman:

This is very, very, very powerful technology, and it was created under Robert Mueller’s watch. The last person I would think that should be investigating Donald Trump is Robert Mueller, who was collecting information on Donald Trump ten years ago … Mueller has a huge conflict of interest, a huge conflict of interest.

Director Mueller’s FBI agents raided Montgomery’s Reno, Nevada home and storage units using search warrants that were illegally obtained, according to U.S. Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke.

Former Federal Prosecutor And Super Lawyer Sidney Powell Races To Preserve The Rule Of Law, The US Constitution, And The Republic Itself 

In a race against time, attorney Sidney Powell is moving to ask U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan to hold the DOJ and the DOJ prosecutors handling General Flynn’s case in contempt of court for withholding exculpatory evidence that is known to exist. 

On  August 30, 2019, Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell submitted a sealed motion and an unsealed brief in support of that motion that asks Judge Sullivan to compel the DOJ to produce additional exculpatory evidence that could be favorable to General Flynn’s defense.

Meanwhile, the DOJ is rushing to move into the sentencing phase of Flynn’s case as the nation hangs in the balance only one year out from the 2020 presidential election.

DOJ attorneys prosecuting Flynn responded harshly to Powell’s motion, deriding Powell’s request with Soviet-style mockery by dismissing Powell’s request for exculpatory evidence as a “fishing expedition” based on “conspiracy theories.”

What is not a conspiracy theory is the fact that in 2015 the DOJ and the FBI took possession of evidence provided by Montgomery that, according to Montggomery, proves that the Obama administration covertly used the foreign surveillance tool  “THE HAMMER” to conduct illegal surveillance of Flynn and Trump. 

Powell’s request for exculpatory evidence is not based upon conspiracy theory.  

There is, however, a vast conspiracy being perpetrated by career prosecutors inside the Department of Justice working in concert with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Collusion team and members of James Comey’s FBI, to take down General Flynn and, ultimately, President Trump.

This is a coup. 

The DOJ stole one election already via unprecedented abuses of the rule of law in the Senator Stevens travesty. One can only hope that the rule of law is preserved, the nation is saved, and subversion is not rewarded once again.




By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones  |  October 8, 2019

Ten days after Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah A. Curtis abruptly stepped down from her position as the lead attorney prosecuting former Trump national security adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (Ret) and left the Department of Justice on September 27, 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported today that “some of the Fed­eral Bu­reau of Investigation’s electronic surveillance ac­tiv­i­ties violated the constitutional privacy rights of Americans swept up in a controversial foreign intelligence program,” citing a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court finding made last year.

CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery asserts that “THE HAMMER,” a super surveillance system he designed and built as a foreign surveillance tool to spy on terrorists and other foreign adversaries, was commandeered by John Brennan and James Clapper to unlawfully wiretap Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.

Brennan and Clapper also used “THE HAMMER” to unlawfully spy on Supreme Court justices, FISA court judges, other government officials, Montgomery contends.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis, assisted by FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, debriefed Montgomery inside of a Secure Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI Washington DC Field Office on December 3, 2015 for three and a half hours, according to CIA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower Montgomery. 

Montgomery asserts that during that debriefing he testified under oath before Curtis and FBI agents Barnett and Giardina, while being videotaped, that Brennan and Clapper had turned the foreign surveillance tool “THE HAMMER” against the Obama administration’s political enemies, including Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.

If Curtis was in receipt of the information that Montgomery asserts he provided to Curtis about illegal wiretaps on Flynn and Trump, that would be considered exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case. If Curtis did not turn over any and all information she received from Montgomery about wiretaps on Flynn, that would be considered a Brady violation.

As lead attorney for the prosecution, Curtis would be legally and ethically obligated to provide that information to Flynn’s defense team, led by attorney Sidney Powell.

It remains unclear whether the surveillance system referenced by The Wall Street Journal is the onetime foreign surveillance tool “THE HAMMER” that Montgomery says Brennan and Clapper had commandeered, or another surveillance program.

Montgomery asserts that Robert Mueller’s FBI provided computers for “THE HAMMER” and that surveillance data collected by “THE HAMMER” was transmitted to the FBI.

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker amended his own testimony before Members of Congress during a closed-door session last year, and admitted that the FBI received evidence from Montgomery that proves, according to Montgomery, that U.S. government officials unlawfully spied on Americans, including other government officials. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on October 8, 2019:

The intelligence community disclosed Tuesday that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last year found that the FBI’s pursuit of data about Americans ensnared in a war­rant­less internet-surveillance program intended to target foreign suspects may have violated the law authorizing the program, as well as the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches.

The court concluded that the FBI had been improperly searching a database of raw intelligence for informational on Americans—raising concerns about oversight of the program, which as a spy program operates in near total secrecy.

On August 19, 2015, under an immunity deal struck between U.S. Assistant  Attorney Deborah Curtis with whistleblower Dennis L Montgomery, Montgomery turned over to now-fired Director James Comey’s FBI Miami Field Office 47 computer hard drives of evidence. The 600 million documents of evidence stored on those hard drives, when placed one atop another, would measure as astronomical thirty miles high. Montgomery asserts that the hard drives he provided to FBI officials, including Comey and Baker, include proof that Brennan and Clapper illegally spied on General Flynn and Donald Trump. 

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto recently asked Clapper whether he was worried that the Trump administration’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russian Collusion investigation, an international international investigation currently being conducted by Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, will discover any wrongdoing on the part of Brennan and Clapper, Clapper responded:

I know, for my part, my main concern was with the Russians and the threat posed by the Russians to our very political fabric and uhhhh, the message I’m getting from all of this is apparently what we were supposed to have done was to ignore the Russian interference, ignore the Russian meddling and the threat that it poses to us, and oh, by the way, blown off what the then commander-in-chief, President Obama, told us to do, which was to assemble all of the reporting we could, that we had available to us.

According to whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, under the Obama administration, John Brennan and James Clapper were running the illegal domestic surveillance system known as “THE HAMMER.”


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones  |  September 27, 2019


The assault on President Trump by a partisan CIA operative and whistleblower who was placed in the White House to spy on the President is unparalleled in American history. While obstructionists roll out their latest hoax, the real whistleblower story has not been told. President Obama and his yet to be indicted, corrupt Praetorian Guard led by John Brennan and James Clapper, spied on all of America in order to deliver a death blow to the U.S. Constitution and steal our freedoms. Obama’s top intelligence officials spied on America for the purpose of blackmail and leverage with a secret super surveillance system called “THE HAMMER.” 

Former U.S. military officials told The American Report that the foreign surveillance system known as “The Hammer,” built by CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery, saved the lives of U.S. troops engaged in the War on Terror. “THE HAMMER” kept Americans safe after 9/11, according to those military sources.

Those sources further stated that “THE HAMMER” was a foreign surveillance tool with multiple echelons of safeguards and sign-offs that logged the identities of all U.S. personnel who accessed the super-surveillance system, up to and including the President. Those safeguards were put in place to ensure that “THE HAMMER” was never misused and turned into a domestic surveillance system to spy on the American people, obliterating their Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.

In February 2009, under newly-elected President Barack Obama, John Brennan and James Clapper commandeered and repurposed “THE HAMMER” by expanding and transforming it from a foreign surveillance system into a private, parallel platform domestic surveillance system. That system was illegal.

Brennan and Clapper moved “THE HAMMER” to a new secret location less than twenty miles from the Obama White House, where they scaled it up and covertly operated it to spy on all of America.

Dennis Montgomery designed and built “THE HAMMER” to protect Americans, not to spy on them. What Brennan and Clapper were doing was in direct opposition to the original mission of “THE HAMMER.” Brennan and Clapper were doing exactly what the multiple echelons of safeguards and sign-offs were designed to stop. 

Some conflate  “THE HAMMER” with “HAMR.” According to Montgomery, “THE HAMMER” is the supercomputer operating system and the “HAMR” is the software exploit that runs off of “THE HAMMER.” 

Montgomery was a prolific software designer and inventor. He not only developed and built “THE HAMMER,” but also developed technology for analyzing surveillance video from U.S. Air Force Predator drones remotely piloted from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Montgomery had also been the Chief Technology Officer, and Executive Vice President at Reno, Nevada-based defense contractor eTreppid Technologies LLC. Montgomery established eTreppid with his then-business partner Warren Trepp.  ETreppid completed several successful years of lucrative defense contracts. Eventually, Trepp and Montgomery went their separate ways and reached a legal agreement on the terms of their separation.

Mueller’s FBI Supplied Computers For “The Hammer” Then Illegally Raided Montgomery And Seized His Property, Prompting Two Judges To Admonish The FBI; On Cue, The Mockingbird Media Swooped In To Destroy Montgomery’s Reputation

The absurdity of Montgomery’s career is that by the time certain elements inside the intelligence community teamed up with the Mockingbird Media in 2009 to paint Montgomery as a fraud who sold “hoax” technology to the CIA and the U.S. military, Montgomery was already back working as a government contractor for Brennan and Clapper. 

Obama was in office and “THE HAMMER” was already underway.

Under FBI Director Robert Mueller’s direction, the FBI in 2006 had raided Montgomery’s Nevada home and storage units. According to U.S. Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke, Mueller’s FBI used illegally-obtained search warrants to raid Montgomery’s premises.

Painting Montgomery as a hoax in 2009 was nothing short of an insurance policy. Should Montgomery decided to talk, the intelligence community’s allies in the Mockingbird Media had already painted Montgomery as a fraud and put his veracity in question.

If Mueller’s use of illegally-obtained search warrants to go after Montgomery sounds reminiscent of the Obama administration’s illegal acquisition of FISA warrants in order to build the hoax FBI Trump Russian collusion case, that’s because it is.

The Mockingbird Media attacks on Montgomery began well after Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte had invoked the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) against Montgomery, which left Montgomery without the right to speak out on his own behalf. The SSP is essentially a government gag order and is typically invoked in order to protect state secrets, including national security secrets.

Montgomery remains under the SSP to this day, leaving him unable to defend himself and his reputation. And those who would continue to have at it knowing that Montgomery is muzzled.

The Mockingbird Media attacks against Montgomery began in 2009, not long after President Obama assumed office. 

Also beginning in 2009, establishment media outlets such as Playboy magazine and Wired magazine, followed by the New York Times, attempted to paint Montgomery as a fraud.

 “They (the intelligence agencies) leaked false information about me in 2009 and 2011 to the press to discredit me in case their domestic surveillance programs ever became public,” Montgomery stated. “Somebody leaked my name to (New York Times reporter James Risen) saying that my work for the government didn’t work and so forth, which is ridiculous. My work saved lives…”

The last thing the Obama administration wanted was a bonafide American hero blowing the whistle on their illegal and unconstitutional domestic surveillance and blackmail activities.

Although John Brennan was involved with “THE HAMMER” in the early days of the project when it was still being used for foreign surveillance in Reno, Nevada, Brennan and James Clapper fully commandeered “THE HAMMER” in February 2009, relocating the system to Fort Washington, Maryland, just a hop, skip and a jump from the White House. 

Brennan and Clapper fully weaponized “THE HAMMER” for illegal surveillance against Americans. 

According to whistleblower Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper utilized “THE HAMMER” for “blackmail” and “leverage.” That is correct — blackmail and leverage — in the United States of America.

Zullo:  “The Whistleblower Tapes” “Were Never Supposed To Be Released To The Public” 

Audiotapes surreptitiously recorded by Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona became widely known as the “The Whistleblower Tapes.” 

Although “The Whistleblower Tapes” were “never supposed to be released to the public,” they were inexplicably leaked in November 2015 from a federal court case presided over by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow.

 Former Maricopa County Cold Case Posse investigator Mike Zullo said in 2019 that “back in, I guess it was 2015 or 16, whenever the audiotapes of Montgomery or Blixseth surfaced and they were erroneously released by the ACLU and publicized, they were never supposed to be released to the public…”  

Tim Blixseth, another of Montgomery’s former business partners, can be heard on “The Whistleblower Tapes” revealing that “THE HAMMER” wiretapped Donald Trump “a zillion times.” 

Montgomery: There Has Been A Wiretap On Donald Trump For Years 

Dennis Montgomery says that there has been a wiretap on Donald Trump “for years.”

“THE HAMMER,” according to “The Whistleblower Tapes,” also collected surveillance data on 156 Article III judges, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the FISA Court, including former presiding FISA Court Judge Reggie Walton, members of Congress, and business leaders. 

Montgomery recounted during a 2017 radio interview with his then-attorney Larry Klayman:

I provided to the FBI seventeen businesses of Donald Trump, including the Trump Tower, the Trump leasing programs, all of these different programs, and including Trump himself and the various family members that had been wiretapped under these programs. There has been a wiretap on Trump for years…

I was a CIA contractor both under John Brennan and under James Clapper and these individuals were running domestic surveillance programs in the United States collecting information on Americans…they collected everything they could find. Bank accounts, phone numbers, chats, emails, and they collected a massive amount of it under the Obama administration.

Again, according to Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper were utilizing “THE HAMMER” for domestic surveillance for the purposes of “blackmail” and “leverage.” Consider that, according to Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper were collecting Americans’ “bank accounts, phone number, chats, and emails” for use in the illegal surveillance state that they were creating. 

Before President Obama appointed John Brennan as his CIA Director, Brennan worked in the Obama White House as Assistant to the President for Homeland Security. The CIA’s charter prohibits the spy agency from conducting operations inside the United States. 

The Obama administration, under Brennan and Clapper, turned the powerful illegal super-surveillance technology of “THE HAMMER” against the American people, turning the United States into a Soviet-style police state worthy of the Stasi or the KGB. 

Brennan voted for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) candidate Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election, less than one year after the Vietnam War.

Brennan and Clapper were using “THE HAMMER” for blackmail and leverage to ensure a desired outcome. 

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ last-minute support for the Affordable Care Act and his eleventh-hour position reversal on the U.S. citizenship question on the U.S. Census also call into question the use of “THE HAMMER” for leverage to effect an outcome. “The Whistleblower Tapes” particularly cite Supreme Court Justice John Roberts as being under surveillance by “THE HAMMER.” 

FBI Supplied Computers For “THE HAMMER”: Yet Another Chapter In The Ongoing Saga Of Robert Mueller

Montgomery developed “THE HAMMER” foreign surveillance tool in 2003. He operated “THE HAMMER” from eTreppid in Reno, Nevada using $1 million in computer equipment supplied by Robert Mueller’s FBI.

In addition to FBI Director Robert Mueller, three additional U.S. intelligence officials were named by Montgomery as being involved in the earliest days of the foreign surveillance tool “THE HAMMER”:  John Brennan, CIA Director George Tenet, and Donald Kerr, the National Reconnaissance Office Director who became Deputy Director of National Intelligence.

Montgomery On “THE HAMMER”:  “John Brennan Was There From The Beginning”

Brennan and Clapper transformed “THE HAMMER,” from a powerful, legal foreign surveillance tool, where it was being utilized to keep America safe after 9/11, into an even more powerful yet draconian tool for illegal domestic surveillance. 

“John Brennan was there from the beginning,” Montgomery states.

“THE HAMMER,” in Reno, Nevada, was “off the grid and far from Congressional oversight,” Montgomery says. 

Under Brennan’s direction, “THE HAMMER” system in Reno was rebuilt from a foreign surveillance system to one conducting illegal domestic surveillance.

In 2009, when “THE HAMMER” was relocated to Fort Washington, Maryland, under the auspices of Brennan and Clapper, FBI agents working for Robert Mueller were posted inside the Fort Washington Facility where “THE HAMMER” was operating. Mueller’s FBI not only provided the computers to rebuild “THE HAMMER” but also had FBI agents inside the Fort Washington facility where “THE HAMMER” was located. 

While “THE HAMMER” at eTreppid ran on a $1 million computer system, the “THE HAMMER” set up in 2009 in Fort Washington at the start of President Obama’s first term ran on a $5 million supercomputer system that was twenty to thirty times more powerful than the original “Hammer” at eTreppid, according to Montgomery.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Cooke Admonished FBI For Using Deceptive Tactics To Obtain Search Warrant For FBI Raids On Montgomery Home And Storage Units, Orders FBI To Return Montgomery’s Property

Several years after Mueller’s FBI supplied the computers for “THE HAMMER” that Montgomery built, the FBI would begin a dogged pursuit of Montgomery for things Montgomery had that the FBI wanted – such as his computer source code. 

The FBI was willing to cross the line into illegal activities in order to get from Montgomery what it wanted for itself.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Valerie P. Cooke initially approved the 2006 FBI search warrants that allowed FBI agents to raid Montgomery’s home and storage units in Reno, Nevada, under the direction of then-FBI Director Robert Mueller.

FBI Special Agent Michael West not only filed falsified applications and falsified affidavits to search Montgomery’s Reno locations in 2006 but took the additional step of asking that the search warrants be sealed.

However, Judge Cooke later realized that FBI Special Agent West misled her with inaccurate warrant affidavits. Judge Cooke excoriated West and the FBI for violating Montgomery’s rights and demanded that the FBI return Montgomery’s seized property.

The evidence before this court compels the conclusion that SA West acted with callous disregard of Montgomery’s constitutional rights, which resulted in the improper search of Montgomery’s home and storage units, and the improper seizure of his property…

… he [FBI Special Agent West] prepared search warrant affidavits that are riddled with incorrect statements, edited documents, and uncorroborated conclusions, which caused this court to exercise its formidable power to authorize the government to search Montgomery’s home and storage units…

 …IT IS ORDERED that Montgomery’s motion to unseal the search warrant affidavits (#21) is GRANTED, and Montgomery’s motion for the return of property pursuant to Fed.R.Crim.P. 4l(g) (#21) is GRANTED. Montgomery’s motion for the segregation and sealing of all attorney-client and trade secret material (#21) is DENIED AS MOOT, since the court has ordered the return of all seized property.

Federal Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke, who had authorized the warrant, later reprimanded the FBI, and in particular FBI Special Agent Michael West, for misleading her and for violating Montgomery’s Fourth Amendment rights.

In the 2006 court order concerning the FBI’s search of Montgomery’s home and the seizure of his belongings, U.S. Magistrate Judge Valerie Cooke wrote:

Had the court been apprised of the civil litigation between Trepp and Montgomery and the disputed facts summarized herein, it would have concluded- as the court does now- that there was no probable cause to issue a search warrant based upon the allegation of theft of trade secrets.

When FBI agents raided Montgomery’s Reno home, they handcuffed Montgomery to a tree. The FBI threatened Montgomery and his family.

According to Montgomery, FBI Special Agent West showed up at his house with 10 agents who had their guns drawn. Those very same tactics are becoming all too familiar in America  – as Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, William Binney, and Kirk Wiebe can attest.

U.S. District Judge Philip Pro later upheld Judge Cook’s order. 

Montgomery The Whistleblower 

In 2013, Montgomery decided to become a whistleblower. 

Montgomery’s transition from CIA/FBI/NSA contractor to national security whistleblower took a physical toll on his health, ultimately leading to a stroke, according to Montgomery.

On the “Whistleblower Tapes,” which were recorded in approximately 2013, Tim Blixseth, one of Montgomery’s former business partners, can be heard stating:

He [Montgomery] filed eighteen whistleblower complaints with the inspector general of the Air Force, inspector general of the CIA, inspector general of the United States, (Attorney General Eric) Holder. He sent an actual letter to Obama, and to his private fax number, and how the hell he got it I don’t know … So, he got rejected 18 times.

Montgomery confirms that Blixseth’s account of the eighteen whistleblower complaints is correct.

Montgomery Goes To D.C. And Testifies To DOJ’s Deborah Curtis Regarding 47 Hard Drives Of “THE HAMMER” Evidence That Comey Buried — Why Has DOJ’s Curtis Not Spoken Out?

On August 1, 2014, Dennis Montgomery and his then-attorney Larry Klayman met with Senior U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Royce C. Lamberth in Washington D.C. at the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse. Judge Lamberth formerly served as the Presiding Judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court).

Also in attendance during the meeting were Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) “Cold Case Posse” volunteer Mike Zullo and MCSO detective Brian Mackiewicz, as well as Montgomery’s son-in-law who, according to Dennis Montgomery, escorted him on his trip to Washington D.C.

Montgomery presented Judge Lamberth with a 200-page document and one data disc.

Judge Lamberth immediately recognized some of the information Montgomery presented in the document as information that had previously come before him as a judge at the FISA court.

Judge Lamberth then confirmed Montgomery’s TS/SCI security clearance, Montgomery says. 

Montgomery further states that Judge Lamberth accorded protection to Dennis Montgomery at the August 1, 2014 meeting.

Subsequently, Judge Lamberth proceeded to facilitate two limited immunity agreements for Montgomery. The agreements were struck in 2015 among Montgomery’s then-attorney Larry E. Klayman, Department of Justice Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, and FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Montgomery’s two limited immunity agreements were for production and testimony, respectively. 

The production part of the partial immunity agreement consisted of Montgomery turning over 47 hard drives of information illicitly collected by “THE HAMMER” to the FBI’s Miami Field Office in Miramar, Florida on August 19, 2015. The 47 hard drives had been encrypted, though Montgomery turned them over to the FBI after they had been decrypted.

Referring to the data on the 47 hard drives he turned over to the FBI Montgomery later stated during his radio interview with Larry Klayman:

I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: leverage. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for those leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.

The limited immunity agreement for testimony was offered in exchange for Montgomery being debriefed under oath by Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI officials in an FBI Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). Those FBI officials included Special Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett.

After the hard drives were verified, Montgomery received greater immunity and testified under oath in December of 2015 to DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis. Montgomery testified at the FBI Washington DC Field Office where he was debriefed by U.S. Assistant Attorney Deborah Curtis while being videotaped for over three hours. Also in attendance were Director James Comey’s top “right-hand men,” FBI Special Agents Barnett and Giardina.

“THE HAMMER” IS THE KEY TO THE COUP: Montgomery’s Handover Of Evidence And Testimony Leads Directly To Robert Mueller’s Trumped-Up Russian Collusion Investigation Team, The Prosecution Of General Flynn, — And To The Invisible Hands Of Strzok And Page

Interestingly, U.S. Assistant Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, three of the officials who conducted a 2015 classified debriefing of Montgomery after the FBI verified the 47 hard drives Montgomery had turned over to the FBI, went on to join Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump Russian collusion hoax investigation team.

According to Montgomery, ninety percent of those individuals targeted by the Mueller team had their information harvested by “THE HAMMER.” That information, including “Hammer” surveillance data collected on Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn, was stored in the 47 hard drives turned over to the FBI under Montgomery’s limited immunity agreements.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis Granted Montgomery Immunity For Hard Drives; Curtis Also Joined Special Counsel Mueller’s Team, Assigned To Flynn, Manafort, Butina, And Russian Troll Farm Cases

U.S. Assistant Attorney Deborah Curtis also went on to join the DOJ prosecution team in the General Michael Flynn case, the Paul Manafort case, the Maria Butina, and the case against against Russian nationals and Russian businesses accused of coordinating with the St. Petersburg-based “Internet Research Agency” troll farm to interfere with the 2016 election.

FBI Special Agents Giardina And Barnett Assisted DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis With Debriefing Montgomery; Giardina, Barnett, and Curtis All Went On To Join Special Counsel Mueller’s Team and The Michael Flynn Case 

FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, both of whom were in the FBI SCIF with Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis to debrief Montgomery in 2015, also joined Mueller’s Trump Russian collusion investigation team. 

Both FBI Special Agents Giardina and Barnett were part of the team investigating President Trump’s National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn.    

Special Agent William Barnett accompanied the Flynn prosecution team in the courtroom. 

“When Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, admitted in court last week that he lied to FBI agents about his contacts with the Russian government, prosecutors in that case were accompanied by FBI agent William Barnett” ABC News reported in December 2017. “Little is publicly known about Barnett” ABC stated.

Politico reported in 2018 “In 2015, Barnett debriefed former intelligence agency contractor Dennis Montgomery, who claimed to have information about illegal surveillance being conducted by the Obama administration.”

In the same article, Politico also reported that “Walter Giardina [is] part of the team investigating Flynn … Giardina also worked with Barnett on the Montgomery case in 2015.”

There is a question as to whether Mueller’s team appears to have coerced General Flynn into a guilty plea. 

Flynn, it was later found, had not lied under oath, according to FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

Attorney Sidney Powell Steps In To Represent General Flynn

Attorney Sidney Powell, who is now representing General Flynn, says that the defense has not received FBI Special Agent Pientka’s original FBI FD-302 form from Flynn’s interview.  

Powell wrote on December 16, 2018, in the Daily Caller:

Mueller has thumbed his nose at Judge Sullivan’s order. He produced only a 302 created by his own squad seven months later from his own agent’s interview of none other than the infamous, fired-for-bias, disgraced, Trump-loathing, former Agent Peter Strzok — the guy who swore he’d “stop” President Trump and devised “an insurance policy” with his mistress Lisa Page and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in case Trump won the election. We are watching Mueller execute that insurance policy by the day.

The evidence indicates Mueller has destroyed or is suppressing Brady material. There was an original 302 created within five days — by FBI protocol — of the Jan. 24, 2016 ambush interview of General Flynn by two agents — Strzok and Special Agent Joe Pientka. It is mentioned in the Strzok-Page text messages and on page four of the recrafted 302 Mueller filed. Comey read the original 302 before he was fired.

It existed — as Grassley well knows. It was written by Agent Pientka, who also took extensive handwritten notes, whose name is redacted from Mueller’s filing, and who seems to have disappeared. Where are the original 302, his notes, and where is Agent Pientka? Grassley has been trying to get access to all three for almost two years.

Mueller’s filing confirms that Agent Pientka was assigned to take notes of the interview. Judge Sullivan’s order encompasses the production of those notes.

General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell further states that she is seeking exculpatory evidence as well as a litany of Brady material that the prosecution has withheld.

Powell states she is seeking the never-released unredacted text messages of former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his purported paramour former FBI attorney Lisa Page. 

“We still don’t have the unredacted Page Strzok text messages” Powell stated during the September 20, 2019 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Redacted text messages between Strzok and Page released by the DOJ in April 2018 show that the pair was well aware of Dennis Montgomery.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney Broadcasts “THE HAMMER” Scandal Over America’s Airwaves, Warns That “The Whistleblower Tapes” Reveal Brennan and Clapper Illegally Spied On Trump “A Zillion Times”

 On the evening of Sunday, March 19, 2017, U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) gave a live radio interview which he devoted entirely to a discussion of Dennis Montgomery, “The Whistleblower Tapes” and John Brennan and James Clapper’s use of “THE HAMMER” for illegal domestic surveillance against Donald Trump. General McInerney presented The American Report’s “Whistleblower Tapes” exposé live on air after receiving it from Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.).

Twenty-six minutes after General McInerney finished his radio interview about Montgomery and “THE HAMMER,” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page began texting that Sunday evening.

The first message Strzok and Paige exchanged was cryptic, seemingly coded. 

When Strzok and Page exchanged a second text message later that Sunday evening, there was no doubt they were communicating about Dennis Montgomery.

Strzok and Page’s second text message specifically mentions Montgomery and Klayman, the very people that General McInerney was referencing during the radio broadcast. Strzok and Page, after specifically mentioning Montgomery and Klayman, wrote: “Best to say nothing.”

“I’m not going to respond to the whole group. The Klayman/Montgomery stuff in the email Jim just sent is utter BS. Best to say nothing and brief later if necessary.” – March 19, 2017, Strzok/Page text message sent hours after Lt. General Thomas McInerney went on air to discuss Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret surveillance system “THE HAMMER”

Comey Launched The Trump Russian Collusion Investigation The Very Next Morning After General McInerney Broadcasts “THE HAMMER” Story Over America’s Airwaves 

The very next morning, Monday, March 20, 2017, FBI Director James Comey launched the Trump Russian collusion investigation that would soon expose the involvement of  America’s intelligence community in the coup against President Trump.

Also on that same Monday morning, Comey lied before Congress and said that the FBI had no evidence to support President Trump’s accusation that President Obama had wiretapped Trump, even though FBI Director Comey had taken possession in 2015 of the 47 decrypted hard drives of proof from Dennis Montgomery.

On that same March 20, 2017 morning during which Comey launched the Russia collusion investigation, he also reportedly stated behind closed doors that the FBI had determined that FBI agents concluded that Michael Flynn did not lie to the FBI and did not violate the Logan Act. 

FBI’s Baker Took Possession Of Montgomery’s 47 Hard Drives Of  Evidence Of “THE HAMMER”; Next, Baker Went To Work Creating The Trump Russian Collusion Hoax

FBI General Counsel James Baker played a key role in setting the course for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hoax Trump Russian collusion investigation.

Although FBI General Counsel Baker did not join Robert Mueller’s hoax Trump Russian Collusion team, Baker’s crafty hand can be seen nonetheless. Baker laid the groundwork that would lead to the appointment Special Counsel Mueller.

Baker planted the seeds of disinformation that would bloom into Mueller’s trumped-up $30 million Gordian knot of a tail-chasing investigation. 

Baker received a copy of the repugnant and false Christopher Steele Russia dossier about the Russian “golden shower” prostitutes and Donald Trump from Baker’s “long-time friend” David Corn of Mother Jones. The Steele dossier was paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Baker also received Trump Russia documents from Michael Sussmann, the Perkins Coie attorney who is linked to the DNC. Perkins Coie also represented Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Wall Street Journal reported on March 21, 2019:

Mr. Baker explains that top FBI leadership was told Justice Department attorney Bruce Ohr “had some type of relationship” with Mr. Steele and “that somehow through that mechanism . . . information was flowing to the FBI.” He says that his “longtime friend,” the liberal Mother Jones reporter David Corn, also fed the FBI the dossier. “I know that David was anxious to get this into the hands of FBI. And being the person at the FBI that he knew the best, he wanted to give it to me.” Mr. Baker admits that he “assumed” Mr. Corn got it from “Simpson or somebody acting on Simpson’s behalf.” He further admits a lawyer with ties to the DNC, Michael Sussmann, also passed along to Mr. Baker documents with Trump-Russia accusations.

The salacious nature of the dossier that FBI General Counsel James Baker passed on from David Corn was intended to create a feeding frenzy as it was leaked to the dependable Mockingbird Media in an effort to smear Donald Trump and set the course toward the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Baker’s scheme produced the intended results.  

After Baker had approved Montgomery’s immunity agreements and subsequently dispatched FBI agents to Miramar Florida to take possession of Montgomery’s 47 hard drives of evidence in 2015, Baker then testified in October 2018 before congressional committees that Montgomery had provided the FBI with what Montgomery said is proof of unlawful domestic surveillance.

Baker testified that he had information from Whistleblower Montgomery that government officials wiretapped other government officials and other Americans.

In October 2018, Baker testified before a “joint investigation by the House Committee on the Judiciary and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform into decisions made and not made by the DOJ and the FBI regarding the 2016 Presidential election.” 

Baker amended his October 3, 2018 day one testimony on October 18, 2018, day two of his testimony, thereby avoiding a perjury charge. 

Baker stated that he suddenly “remembered” that he had information from whistleblower Montgomery and Montgomery’s then-attorney Larry E. Klayman that U.S. government officials had unlawfully wiretapped other government officials and other Americans.

Baker stated on day two:

Can I just — I’m turning to the Bureau to describe this. So his client was an individual named Dennis Montgomery, who I believe, to the best of my recollection, he said that he had been a U.S. Government contractor and, in the course of that work, had come across evidence of unlawful surveillance by the government of Americans — and including government officials — and wanted to give that information to the Bureau, which eventually did take place.

We had to actually dispatch FBI agents to go to a — from a field office to go collect this material. It was in the — to the best of my recollection, it was roughly in the late summer, fall of 2016 timeframe. [This date Baker provides is incorrect – it was actually late summer 2015].

Baker also stated, in response to questioning:

Mr. Sommers. And the surveillance, what time period was that?

Mr. Baker. I’m not entirely sure what the timeframe was. It was a significant — it was — one of the issues in the case was it was a large amount of data that he had that he wanted to provide, that these — these disks or other media had a lot of data on them about this, allegedly.

Mr. Sommers. Surveillance by whom?

Mr. Baker. By the U.S. Government itself of Americans, unlawfully.

Montgomery and his then-attorney Larry  E. Klayman subsequently filed a federal lawsuit against FBI Director James Comey and the FBI for burying the 47 hard drives rather than pursuing an appropriate investigation of the Obama administration and specifically John Brennan and James Clapper, for their use of an illegal domestic surveillance system against the American people and Donald Trump.

In 2003, Comey told New York Magazine “I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now.”

NSA Whistleblowers J. Kirk Wiebe And William Binney, Former NSA Technical Director, Observed Nothing Questionable When Reviewing Montgomery’s Security Clearance Paperwork

In June  2019, Dr. Dave Janda interviewed NSA experts and whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe to talk about CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

Kirk Wiebe stated

I saw nothing questionable or anything that would indict what Montgomery said. Documents exist. 

When you deny these platforms exist, then you deny what Brennan and Clapper are doing, then you bypass the U.S. Constitution.

These people will do anything in their power to silence someone. What kind of people do that? 

Zullo Misled NSA Experts, Leaving Out Key Facts About Montgomery

NSA legends Kurt Weibe and Bill Binney confirmed to these reporters that their analysis of Dennis Montgomery would have been very different if Mike Zullo had told them the full set of facts regarding Whistleblower Montgomery and “THE HAMMER.” 

On November 6, 2014, about three months after Zullo attended the initial meeting between Dennis Montgomery and Judge Lamberth, Mike Zullo delivered high-capacity external computer drives to NSA technical experts William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Thomas Drake for technical examination.

Mike Zullo did not tell the NSA experts that the hard drives he presented to them were not decrypted. The hard drives Zullo had in his possession were not the same hard drives that Montgomery would later decrypt and turn over to the FBI in August 2015.

Furthermore, according to Montgomery, Zullo knew that the hard drives he presented were encrypted, yet Zullo chose not to share that information with the NSA experts.

Zullo also neglected to tell the NSA experts about the meeting Montgomery had just had with onetime head of the FISA court Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington D.C. just three months earlier on August 2, 2014.  That meeting alone would have most certainly placed Montgomery’s bona fides in an entirely different context than the characterization of Montgomery that Zullo had presented to the three NSA surveillance experts.

Zullo never mentioned that Judge Lamberth confirmed Montgomery’s security clearance as Mike Zullo sat in the meeting in Judge Lamberth’s chambers. Judge Lamberth not only confirmed Montgomery’s top-secret security clearance (TS/SCI) to work in SAP programs but commented on the high level of Montgomery’s TS/SCI top security clearance right in front of Mike Zullo.  Zullo did not mention that either to the NSA experts.

Binney and Weibe later stated that Zullo never gave them the full picture about Montgomery.

Wiebe says that Zullo neglected to tell the three NSA experts-turned-whistleblowers that Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte had invoked the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) and a U.S. Protective Order (PO) against Montgomery — basically a government gag order invoked to protect national security secrets.

Zullo mischaracterized Montgomery’s background and withheld critical pieces of information that would have placed Dennis Montgomery and his national security career in an entirely different light for the NSA experts. How could a purportedly-trained detective ask NSA experts to evaluate a fellow whistleblower while withholding pertinent information? Based upon the egregiously incomplete information that Zullo had provided, Drake and Wiebe wrote a letter on November 13, 2014, summarizing their analysis of the data contained on the hard drives. The following day, Drake emailed the letter to Detective Brian Mackiewicz at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The letter, signed by Wiebe and Drake, states:

In summary, this letter certifies that to the best of Mr. Wiebe’s and Mr. Drake’s knowledge, none of the data examined reveals or otherwise supports the assertion the data contained on the hard drives examined resulted from the clandestine collection and processing of modern digital network communications and is instead, evidence of an outright and fraudulent con perpetrated on the government for personal gain and cover.

Drake went even further in his email to Mackiewicz, writing “we have found that he [Montgomery] is a complete and total FRAUD.” If Zullo had provided the three NSA experts with the full body of relevant information about Montgomery, Wiebe and Drake’s letter would have come to a different conclusion, to wit: Montgomery had a top-secret security clearance and was not a fraud.

But Zullo did not provide the experts with all of the pertinent information, begging the question  — why?

Zullo now claims that he informed Binney and Wiebe about Montgomery’s State Secret’s Privilege during their first meeting and that the NSA experts must have forgotten.

Both Binney and Wiebe, however, disputed Zullo’s claim to these reporters, and insist that Zullo never told them about Montgomery’s State Secrets Privilege or his meeting with Judge Lamberth, or his top-secret security clearance, or that the document Montgomery presented contained classified information that Judge Lamberth recognized as having come before him at the FISA court.

Referring to the NSA experts who examined the hard drives, Zullo recently said via a published statement “so whether they forgot about it over time, I don’t know.  But in any case it should have zero bearing on the examination of numerous hard drive evidence.” 

Zullo’s insistence that knowledge about the existence of Montgomery’s State Secrets Privilege would not have affected the NSA experts’ analysis of Montgomery’s hard drives is obtuse at best. 

The critical information Zullo withheld from Binney, Wiebe, and Drake would have altered their understanding and analysis of Montgomery’s data. Placing Montgomery and his classified work in context was key to an appropriate evaluation. 

The information Zullo withheld would have telegraphed to Binney, Wiebe, and Drake that Montgomery dealt with highly-classified information, was privy to national security secrets, and could not provide them with any classified information under penalty of law. 

Binney, Wiebe, and Drake would have understood that had Montgomery provided them with any classified information, Montgomery could have been charged under the Espionage Act with disclosing state secrets.

Montgomery had included canceled bank checks, partial banking passwords and other material that could only have been accessed through sophisticated surveillance technologies in order to signal to the whistleblowers that Montgomery had access to such technology.

Only later did Binney and Wiebe learn the full scope of information about Montgomery that Zullo withheld, including Montgomery’s top security clearance.

Zullo subsequently attempted to discredit Montgomery with the letter he sought and received from the NSA experts. That letter had been written based upon flagrantly inaccurate information, furthering the false narrative that Montgomery was a fraud.

Why would Mike Zullo want to paint Dennis Montgomery as a fraud?

Montgomery: I have not spoken to Zullo for years — since before I went to the FBI

Montgomery claims that he has not been in contact with Zullo for over five years.

Zullo had no involvement in negotiating Montgomery’s immunity deal with the DOJ and FBI.

Zullo was not involved in Montgomery’s handover of the 47 decrypted hard drives to the FBI in Miramar, Florida in August of 2015.

Zullo has stated that the 47 hard drives given to the FBI had nothing on them. Mike Zullo had no way of knowing what was on those 47 hard drives that Montgomery turned over to the FBI.

Zullo had no access to, or involvement in, Montgomery’s classified testimony in the FBI SCIF with Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI Special Agents Barnett and Giardina.

Zullo does not appear to understand that the 47 hard drives given to the FBI were not in any way the same hard drives that Montgomery had provided to Zullo. Montgomery gave 53 hard drives to the MCSO. Zullo held back six of those hard drives, according to Montgomery. The 53 hard drives given to Zullo were not decrypted and Zullo did not have the decryption key, states  Dennis Montgomery.

Keep in mind, Montgomery knew that Zullo had illicitly recorded him and made what later became known as “The Whistleblower Tapes.” Montgomery knew of the illicitly-recorded “Whistleblower Tapes” before he gave his sworn testimony to the FBI. Who, knowing just that one piece of information, would have trusted Mike Zullo? Montgomery certainly did not. 

Shipp of Fools Or Deep State Tools

Mike Zullo feeds incorrect information about Dennis Montgomery and “THE HAMMER” to self-described “CIA whistleblower” Kevin Shipp.

It appears that Zullo began working with Shipp earlier this year. 

Shipp initially stated that “THE HAMMER” was a “hoax” and “didn’t exist.” 

Shipp’s defamation and disinformation campaign against a (now deceased)  US Navy Admiral and retired US Air Force Lt. General, legendary NSA whistleblowers, Dr. Dave Janda, and these reporters is nothing less than grotesque. 

William Binney responded to Kevin Shipp’s email screed by writing “sorry you’ve really lost it Kevin.”

Shipp claiming “THE HAMMER” does not exist only protects Brennan, Clapper and the Deep State thugs who sought to turn America into a Soviet-style police state.

“They were executed in Miami as you remember they should have the agents signatures.”

Montgomery’s former attorney Klayman not only castigated Shipp and Zullo as “a******s” in an email to his former client but also attached images of two FBI receipts that documented Montgomery’s hand over 47 hard drives to the FBI. 

The Key To The Coup Is “THE HAMMER,” Not The NSA And 702 Abuse

Those who suggest that the coup is about the NSA and 702 abuse are either simply wrong or involved in tactical deception. 

 “THE HAMMER” and the illegal surveillance that took place under John Brennan and James Clapper is the key to understanding the coup. 

Dennis Montgomery was at Fort Washington, Maryland with John Brennan and James Clapper where they employed “THE HAMMER” to spy on all of America for  “blackmail” and “leverage.” They utilized THE HAMMER to strong-arm anyone and everyone who got in their way as they turned America into a police state. 

Montgomery, even after a stroke, decided to become a whistleblower. Montgomery stated, “this is my last stand for America.” 

As those who attempt to divert attention away from “THE HAMMER” and try to characterize Montgomery as “a brilliant and elaborate con man” not only present incorrect and misleading “facts,” they also ensure that the CIA will continue to break the law and its charter as they continue using “THE HAMMER” in their war on America. and her people and her constitution, 

Those who deny the weaponization of “THE HAMMER” against America ensure the illegal surveillance system will remain in place reverse engineering our constitutional rights to freedom. 

Never before in our history has a President so disregarded the rule of law as did President Obama and his accomplices.

Obama and his cabal of communists picked and the laws they wanted to follow.” It was a free for all for his comrades. 

Billions of dollars worth of intelligence went to China, Russia, and Iran. Our ports went  to enemy combatants – even those on the Pentagon’s “Blacklist” who were wanted for “capture or kill.” America’s adversaries were awarded and embraced under the Obama administration.  The Democrats political adversaries are now considered the enemy.

These powerful surveillance tools were entrusted to the intel agencies to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic, not to turn America into a Soviet-style police state.

Dennis Montgomery is the real whistleblower, who should be called to testify before Congress.

Our lives, our freedom, and our very destiny depend upon the exposure of “THE HAMMER.”

George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, had Thomas Paine’s famous words from “The American Crisis”  read to all his troops before crossing the Delaware River:
These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

Montgomery Has Done Great Things For This Country Why Are They Trying To Hide It?

Montgomery Invented Predator Drone Surveillance Technology That Protected U.S. Troops In Iraq And Was Referenced By The New York Times

At the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, U.S. military convoys in Iraq were suffering heavy casualties from roadside IEDs and ambushes.

The American Report has obtained what appears to be a 2003 email sent to Montgomery’s eTreppid business partner Warren Trepp. 

The subject line of the email reads “You made the NY Times.” 

The body of the email consists of excerpts from an October 3, 2003, New York Times article titled “THE STRUGGLE FOR IRAQ: COUNTERINSURGENCY; New Spy Gear Aims to Thwart Attacks in Iraq.”

The New York Times also confirmed Montgomery’s credibility in the 2003 article about U.S. military efforts to deploy surveillance technologies in theater in Iraq to save troops from ambushes and IED attacks:

The Air Force and the Army are working on a classified project to use new combinations of surveillance aircraft and other sensors, along with intelligence on the ground, to try to detect and counter the increasingly deadly ambushes against American forces in Iraq, senior Pentagon officials said on Wednesday.

The surveillance effort could include a range of tactics and technology, the officials said, including equipping remotely piloted Predator aircraft with special radar or sensors to help find homemade bombs or suspected guerrilla activity.

Despite the best efforts of to paint Dennis Montgomery as a fraud and his technology as a hoax, federal court records, government copyright records, government agency coins, and letters of commendation from high-level military sources, praising Montgomery as an American hero, strongly suggest otherwise.

The FBI tried to frame Montgomery with a false dossier when they were threatened with prison by Judge Cooke after they had proffered fraudulent documents.

Montgomery continues to hold a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, Montgomery says.

U.S. National Security Personnel Recognized Dennis Montgomery’s Contributions To National Defense

Senior officials from inside the U.S. national security and intelligence communities presented Montgomery with government agency coins in signs of recognition of Montgomery’s technical contributions to America’s national defense, says Montgomery. 

The coins, called “challenge coins,” are coveted awards that acknowledge the unique accomplishments of colleagues. Though certain coins can be located on the internet, the authentic coins feature unique etchings on the side of the coin that are difficult or impossible to duplicate. 

U.S. Navy Captain James G. Roche (Ret.), who was the Secretary of the Air Force, tasked Captain Robert P. Lyons with working with Dennis Montgomery. 

Secretary Roche presented Montgomery with a commemorative Secretary of the Air Force coin inscribed with Roche’s name, Montgomery added.

Big Safari is the U.S. Air Force program Captain Lyons had been working on. The Big Safari program is dedicated to key operational capabilities for the U.S. Air Force. 

Big Safari is “a secretive Air Force acquisition program for specialized special mission aircraft” and “is not known for being very public,” according to the U.S. Air Force.

Captain Lyons worked with Dennis Montgomery, and views Montgomery in high esteem, considering Montgomery a “hero” who Captain Lyons “deeply enjoyed knowing and working with.”  

Montgomery “helped the Nation to be better against our foes,” Captain Lyons believed.  Captain Lyons returned a U.S. flag to American soil that was dedicated to Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s family, in recognition of his service to the Nation.

Captain Lyons, unlike others, was in a position to know what was, in fact, happening in regards to national security because Captain Lyons was read into the programs he was working on, conjointly, with Dennis Montgomery. Montgomery still holds a TS/SCI security clearance with access to Special Access Programs (SAP), Montgomery states.

Captain Lyons played a key role in the building of the foreign surveillance tool known as “THE HAMMER,” Montgomery says.

Inventor Montgomery Holds Patents, Software Copyrights, And Took His Own Company Public On NASDAQ

A quick search at the U.S. Patent Office and Google Patents websites would show that Dennis L. Montgomery is listed as the inventor of numerous patents that were assigned to eTreppid Technologies. Montgomery was a partner, CTO and executive vice president at eTreppid . These patents encompass Montgomery’s inventions in the technology disciplines of video surveillance, video compression, encryption, and other cutting edge technologies that are critical to U.S. national security. 

An online query at the U.S. Copyright Office indicates that Montgomery holds multiple copyrights for computer software code for the medical, medical laboratory, and clinical fields.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings show that Montgomery was a major shareholder and technology officer of a company that went public in an IPO on the NASDAQ Small Cap exchange.

Trump Vindicated, “THE HAMMER” Remains

Montgomery eventually went to become a contractor for the U.S. government.

President Trump, it was found in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, was not colluding with the Russians and was not guilty of obstruction of justice. 

Still, the  Democrats and the Deep State are frothing at the bit to remove President Trump from office. 

The Mockingbird Media’s smear machine continues to work overtime in an effort to ensure that President Trump, if not impeached, is not reelected in 2020. 

The Mockingbird Media does so not only to remove President Trump from office, but also to ensure the many subversive crimes committed under the Obama administration — most particularly the misuse of “The Hammer” – remain buried.

America’s final chapter has yet to be written.  Benjamin Franklin warned we had a “Republic — if we could keep it.” 




By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | June 5, 2019

For years, the Deep State has waged a disinformation war and smear campaign against software designer and defense contractor Dennis Montgomery because they fear him, Montgomery claims.

If Montgomery’s allegations that the Obama administration conducted illegal domestic surveillance check out, and recent statements from multiple military sources and surveillance experts suggest that they do, then certain individuals, beginning with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, have good reason to fear Montgomery and clear motive to destroy his reputation in order to save themselves.

Montgomery designed the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER (HAMR) for foreign surveillance operations conducted to defend the United States from foreign threats.


— By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS —

According to military sources, Montgomery’s foreign surveillance system not only worked, but it also saved American lives.

“Hammer doesn’t exist.” “Montgomery is a fraud.” “Montgomery lost his security clearance.” Those are a few of the phrases floating about, but documentary evidence and well-placed sources suggest that those claims are unfounded.

Military sources confirm that THE HAMMER (HAMR) was only intended for use during foreign surveillance operations. Multiple safeguards were put in place to ensure that the powerful technology of THE HAMMER (HAMR) was never misused for illegal domestic surveillance.

Foreign Surveillance missions using THE HAMMER (HAMR) required sign-offs by “multiple echelons” of the federal government, up to and including the FISA court, according to those sources.

The FISA court was established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.

THE HAMMER (HAMR) was a highly-secret program.

Despite the existence of multiple built-in safeguards against domestic surveillance, THE HAMMER (HAMR) remained vulnerable to abuse by nefarious officials within the intelligence community who had been entrusted with running the system.

That is exactly what appears to have happened, beginning in 2009, with the arrival of the Obama administration.

Senior Obama administration national security officials, some with communist proclivities, commandeered the United States government’s surveillance tools of war and turned them against the American people, secretly-recorded audio tapes released by a federal judge and Montgomery’s own statements indicate.

Those actions, perhaps never before seen in America, constitute the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime.

Parallel Platform:  THE HAMMER (HAMR)

William Binney, who served as NSA Technical Director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group before becoming a whistleblower, suggested during a May 25, 2019 interview on the SGT Report that the CIA covertly operated THE HAMMER (HAMR) as a parallel platform to existing NSA surveillance programs in order to bypass established safeguards:

THE HAMMER program, as far as I can see, was run by CIA. And the point was, that the NSA already had their massive collection on everybody anyway. That was called the Stellar Wind program and it had the tapping points for the upstream collection of everything on the fiber networks. Everything. So they didn’t have to do a HAMMER because they already had all of the data.

But, if CIA wanted to do it and have it separately and not be … because … anybody querying the NSA data goes through a system where they get reported. Where queries go right in there and they are registered. They know they made this query on this date and got this data. So NSA’s got that information.

But, if CIA wanted to do it but not let NSA or anybody else in the government know about it, they could set up a separate, secret program like HAMMER and do a subset of tapping in the critical points around Washington and decision-making centers and then take in that data and have it scanned and sessionized and locally examined by members of CIA only so that nobody knew they were doing it.

According to Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper were collecting domestic surveillance data for “blackmail” and “leverage.” Government was being weaponized against the American people.

Using a parallel platform like THE HAMMER (HAMR) would allow Brennan, Clapper, and other bad actors to engage in illegal domestic surveillance without leaving behind a trail of footprints.

According to the Whistleblower Tapes, secretly-recorded audio released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow, Brennan and Clapper surveilled 156 Article III judges, Supreme Court judges, including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, and millions of innocent Americans.

According to the Whistleblower Tapes, Brennan and Clapper used THE HAMMER (HAMR) to wiretap Donald Trump “a zillion times.”

Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System

— By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | THE AMERICAN REPORT —

On March 4, 2017, President Trump tweeted “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

On March 17, 2017, we published our exclusive exposé, “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System.”

Two days later, on March 19, 2017, two U.S. military flag officers of sterling reputation, U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) and U.S. Navy Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) brought our “Whistleblower Tapes” investigation to America’s airwaves on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” terrestrial radio program on WAAM 1600.

The Deep State blowback was immediate and fierce, according to Dr. Janda.


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | THE AMERICAN REPORT

Officials with access to a parallel platform such as THE HAMMER (HAMR) are able to bypass long-established bureaucratic safeguards of the unmasking request procedures, providing them with to ability to illegally and covertly collect domestic surveillance data.


This level of unbridled technical surveillance capability is beyond anything East Germany’s Stasi or Hitler’s Gestapo secret police could have dreamed up. It is the consummate tool for control of the American people and for the destruction of their constitutionally-protected rights.

According to CIA Vault 7 documents released by WikiLeaks on March 7, 2017, THE HAMMER (HAMR) is a browser exploit throwing framework that infects targeted devices and systems.

“HAMR (pronounced hammer) = throwing framework for browser exploits” a CIA Vault 7 document reveals.

On August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over the 47 hard drives to Director Comey’s FBI and to FBI General Counsel James Baker at the FBI Miami Field Office in Miramar, Florida.  

The FBI provided Montgomery with a detailed itemized receipt for the hard drives.   

In August 2015, Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, one of the DOJ’s top national security lawyers, granted Montgomery two limited immunity agreements, one for production and another for testimony.

The FBI examined those hard drives and verified the information stored on them.

In late November and early December of 2015, senior FBI officials, including Director Comey’s “right hand men” Special Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett, debriefed Montgomery while under oath for over three hours inside a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI’s Washington, D.C. Field Office.

U.S. Assistant Attorney Curtis then accorded Montgomery “greater immunity.”

Curtis, Giardina, and Barnett subsequently joined Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia collusion investigation team.


— By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | THE AMERICAN REPORT —

According to Montgomery, Robert Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER (HAMR).

Montgomery says that Mueller’s appointment as special counsel was a “huge conflict of interest.”

Risen, Lichtblau, And The Deep State’s Smear Campaign Against Montgomery

The CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” supposedly ended decades ago.

But did it?

Meet New York Times reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau.

Risen and Lichtblau have an uncanny knack for publishing stories connected to intelligence community surveillance whistleblowers who end up getting their homes raided by dozens of FBI agents.

Risen and Lichtblau authored a February 19, 2011 New York Times article about Montgomery that has been described as a “hit piece.”

Risen and Lichtblau wrote in the New York Times:

For eight years, government officials turned to Dennis Montgomery, a California computer programmer, for eye-popping technology that he said could catch terrorists. Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him and are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his dealings with Washington stay secret…

…But others involved in the case say that what the government is trying to avoid is public embarrassment over evidence that Mr. Montgomery bamboozled federal officials.

“While contractor fraud isn’t new, what’s unusual here is that the U.S. isn’t trying to recover those funds or penalize the contractor, Dennis Montgomery” ProPublica pointed out. “Instead, it’s fighting in court to keep information about the technology secret, arguing that the details could compromise national security.”

Further damaging the credibility of their own premise that Montgomery sold hoax technologies to the U.S. government, Risen and Lichtblau admit in their same “hit piece” that no CIA officials were ever reprimanded for awarding Dennis Montgomery with lucrative defense contracts, and were instead promoted:

The C.I.A. never did an assessment to determine how a ruse had turned into a full-blown international incident, officials said, nor was anyone held accountable. In fact, agency officials who oversaw the technology directorate — including Donald Kerr, who helped persuade George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, that the software was credible — were promoted, former officials said. “Nobody was blamed,” a former C.I.A. official said. “They acted like it never happened.”

Because Montgomery had signed non disclosure agreement with the U.S. government concerning his work on classified projects, and because DNI Negroponte invoked the state secrets privilege against Montgomery in 2006, Montgomery was unable to defend himself against accusations made in the New York Times article authored by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau.

“Montgomery claims that the FBI violated his Fourth Amendment rights when its agents raided his home, tied him to a tree, threatened him and his family, and searched and seized his property without probable cause or a warrant” according to a 2018 lawsuit Montgomery filed against James Comey and others.

Dennis Montgomery


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | THE AMERICAN REPORT

Not only was Robert Mueller the FBI Director when, according to Montgomery, the FBI provided computers for the HAMMER (HAMR) super surveillance system for which Montgomery had developed the software, Mueller was also the FBI Director when FBI agents raided Montgomery’s home in 2007.

NSA whistleblower J. Kurt Wiebe told PBS television program Frontline in 2013:

But I never dreamt that that announcement would lead to the FBI coming to my front door on July 26, 2007, let alone the front door of Bill Binney, Ed Loomis and Diane Roark, all four of our homes being raided at exactly the same moment by a dozen or more agents at each of our homes, purportedly due, based on the affidavit we eventually saw, to some connection with [New York Times reporters] Eric Lichtblau and James Risen and this article. When we knew all along the NSA could have looked at our phone calls and our emails, etc., and seen that I never — I didn’t know who James Risen was, I really didn’t, or Eric Lichtblau for that matter. None of us did.

Just as the Deep State co-opted the media to paint President Trump as a Russian agent, the Deep State also co-opted the media to paint Dennis Montgomery as scam artist who tried to bilk millions of dollars from the federal government by selling the CIA and other agencies hoax technology that did nothing to protect America.

Again, military sources tell a different story. They claim that Montgomery’s technology worked and saved American lives.

The cabal that has been working feverishly to destroy President Trump is comprised of several of the same bad actors who have worked relentlessly to destroy Dennis Montgomery.


James Risen:

Went after Montgomery with Lichtblau, pushed the Trump Russia collusion hoax.

Eric Lichtblau:

Went after Montgomery, tried to frame from Trump transition team while at CNN.

Robert Mueller:

Supplied surveillance computers, raided Montgomery’s home, led Trump Russia collusion investigation.

James Comey:

Buried Montgomery whistleblower investigation and 47 hard drives of surveillance evidence, lied to congress by claiming FBI had no evidence Obama surveilled Trump, opened Trump Russia investigation.

James Baker:

Buried Montgomery whistleblower investigation and 47 hard drives of surveillance evidence

John Brennan:   

Established and ran THE HAMMER (HAMR) as a private, parallel platform with Clapper and, according to Montgomery, wiretapped Trump, claimed Trump was a Russian agent.

James Clapper:

Established and ran THE HAMMER (HAMR) as a private, parallel platform with Brennan, and, according to Montgomery, wiretapped Trump, called Trump a “recruited asset” of Vladimir Putin.

Barack Obama:

Clapper told CNN that “If it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably, special counsel Mueller’s investigation.”


Lichtblau resigned in disgrace from CNN in June 2017 following CNN’s retraction of a discredited hit piece that attempted to connect the Trump transition team to a Russian investment fund.

The real story that is emerging is far darker.

Montgomery’s foreign surveillance technology was so effective that the Obama administration decided to use it against the American people by creating a private, parallel platform, where safeguards did not exist.  

Bringing Light To Darkness

When Montgomery dared to blow the whistle, and as he claims, “bring light to darkness,” Montgomery affirms that the Obama administration and its lackeys decided to go after him.

With Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation now formally closed, Dennis Montgomery and THE HAMMER (HAMR) may soon become household names.

At the center of this brewing storm are allegations by Montgomery that President Obama’s intelligence chiefs Brennan and Clapper oversaw an illegal domestic surveillance program that surveilled Donald Trump.

The Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of Trump gave birth to the Trump Russia Collusion hoax. The FBI launched the Trump Russia investigation as a cover-up operation following the exposure of the Obama administration’s illegal utilization of “THE HAMMER (HAMR).



— By Alan Jones and Mary Fanning | 1776 CHANNEL —

President Trump has tasked Attorney General William Barr with getting to the bottom of the origins of the Russia collusion investigation. Attorney General Barr, in turn, has designated U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead that investigation.

Perhaps sensing the coming storm clouds forming over Washington D.C., Brennan and Clapper are already pointing fingers at each other.

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker has already changed his story.

We exclusively reported on May 29, 2019, that on October 3, 2018, Baker amended his testimony before members of the U.S. House of Representative after suddenly “remembering” that Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman had approached the FBI about Montgomery and the digital storage media Montgomery possessed.

We reported:

Former FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is the second current or former senior FBI official to have misled Congress about the FBI’s receipt of evidence from CIA/NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery that Montgomery maintains proves that President Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, illegally surveilled Donald Trump with “THE HAMMER” (HAMR) super-surveillance system.

Former FBI counsel Baker, who was interviewed by a joint committee of the U.S. House of Representatives just weeks before the 2018 midterm election, stated during day one of his interview, conducted on October 3, 2018, that the FBI and the DOJ did not “infiltrate or surveil” the Trump campaign for “political purposes.”

Baker simultaneously denied on day one that Obama administration officials made “demands or requests” of the FBI and the DOJ to “infiltrate or surveil” the Trump campaign.

At the beginning of  Baker’s day two testimony, conducted on October 18, 2018, Baker interrupted Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) stating he wanted to amend the record of his day one testimony, thereby sidestepping a potential perjury charge.

Between day one of his interview two weeks earlier and day two,  Baker suddenly “remembered” that U.S. government contractor Dennis Montgomery had turned over to the FBI evidence in 2015 in the form of digital storage devices that, Montgomery asserted, proved that the U.S. government had engaged in unlawful surveillance of Americans and including government officials.

Baker told U.S. representatives on October 18, 2018:

So his [Klayman’s} client was an individual named Dennis Montgomery, who I believe, to the best of my recollection, he said that he had been a U.S. Government contractor and, in the course of that work, had come across evidence of unlawful surveillance by the government of Americans — and including government officials — and wanted to give that information to the Bureau, which eventually did take place.

— By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | THE AMERICAN REPORT —

Baker’s testimony is the first known instance of an FBI going on the record to admit that Dennis Montgomery gave the FBI evidence that Montgomery says proves that the U.S. government illegally surveilled the American people and government officials.

The Deep State is running a counterintelligence operation against whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. They are smearing him with a disinformation campaign. They know that Montgomery is legally silenced and gagged under the State Secrets Privilege. They know that if Montgomery speaks out he will be charged under the Espionage Act and imprisoned for life.

When Montgomery met with Senior Judge Royce C. Lamberth, U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia, Judge Lamberth, based on his previous casework on the FISA court, immediately recognized some of the information contained in the sealed documents Montgomery had brought into his chambers and presented, according to Montgomery.

According to his official biography, Judge Lamberth was the presiding judge of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) from May 19, 1995, until May 19, 2003, a period of time that included the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Lamberth told National Public Radio in 2013.  “I’ve had the opportunity to work on everything under the sun — terrorist cases, spy cases — you know, just a great variety of really interesting things to do,” Lamberth told NPR.

In other words, Judge Lamberth’s national security credentials are unmatched within the judicial branch of the U.S. government. And Lamberth took Montgomery’s whistleblower claims seriously, immediately affording Montgomery whistleblower protection.

“No way to get that information. Ended any doubt of me right then” Montgomery says.

Whistleblower Montgomery Has Held Security Clearances Since 2004, And States That He Continues To Hold Them

Montgomery asserts that he maintains a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearance and that he was read into certain need-to-know Special Access Programs (SAPs).

The U.S. government granted Dennis Montgomery a top secret security (TS) clearance in 2004 while Montgomery was a U.S. government contractor at Etreppid Technologies.

In 2005, the U.S. government granted Montgomery a sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearance. At that time Montgomery was still a U.S. government contractor at Etreppid Technologies.

Montgomery further maintains that he passed two polygraph examinations, one administered by the CIA and the other by the DOJ.

Montgomery points out that he would not have been allowed inside the Fort Washington Facility where he worked for Brennan and Clapper or inside the FBI headquarters Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) without those clearances.

Montgomery asserts that he would never have been allowed inside the FBI’s SCIF in 2015  if he did not still hold that security clearance in 2015.

Montgomery states that, as of 2019, he continues to hold a security clearance.

Silenced And Legally Gagged:  Director Of National Intelligence John Negroponte Invoked The State Secrets Privilege Against Montgomery In 2006

One of the first intelligence community officials to successfully silence Montgomery was one of Clapper’s predecessors, Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte.

On September 19, 2006, Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte invoked the state secrets privilege (SSP) against all parties in two related federal court cases, Dennis Montgomery, plaintiff vs. Etreppid Technologies, defendant, and Etreppid Technologies, plaintiff, vs. Dennis Montgomery, defendant.

On September 25, 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice upheld DNI Negroponte’s assertion of the state secrets privilege against Montgomery and all other parties to involved in the two cases.

James Clapper was nominated by President Barack Obama as DNI in 2010.

The Obama administration upheld the state secrets privilege (SSP) invoked against Montgomery, Montgomery states.

In late 2009, senior DOJ attorney Carlotta Wells told Montgomery that if the state secrets privilege is invoked to hide crimes by U.S. government officials, the state secrets privilege is considered invalid.

The U.S. government has yet to release Montgomery from the state secrets privilege despite numerous requests, Montgomery states.

Montgomery also states that the IRS has audited him every year since 2005.

The information contained in the Whistleblower Tapes makes one’s blood run cold.

The mere existence of a secret parallel surveillance platform like THE HAMMER (HAMR) is an ominous sign that America is further down the road to tyranny than anyone imagined.




By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | May 12, 2019

FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his supposed paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, exchanged a cryptic, indeed coded, text message on Sunday, March 19, 2017, twenty-six minutes after U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) read our exclusive “Whistleblower Tapes” exposé over America’s airwaves, revealing “The Hammer.”

The Hammer is the Stasi-like secret surveillance system created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery for Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The Hammer, under the Obama administration, negated every American’s constitutional rights to privacy, turning the United States into a police state where the federal government was weaponized by the Obama administration against its political enemies.

According to the secretly-recorded audio tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow, Brennan’s and Clapper’s illicit super surveillance system “The Hammer” wiretapped Trump “a zillion times.”

Late that Sunday evening, just hours after General McInerney’s radio appearance, Strzok and Page exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.

Only a few hours earlier, General McInerney had referenced Montgomery and Klayman on “Operation Freedom,” exactly the same names about which Strzok and Page were now texting.

General McInerney appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” that broadcasts from terrestrial radio station WAAM 1600.

The next morning, the Russian Collusion investigation was born.

Early the following morning, Monday, March 20, 2017, FBI Director Jim Comey announced before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI Counterintelligence Division, where Strzok served as Deputy Assistant Director, was investigating Trump’s connections to the Kremlin, and that the FBI had “no information” to support Trump’s tweet claiming that President Obama wiretapped Trump.

That morning, FBI Director Jim Comey lied to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and to the American people.

Comey was well aware that President Trump was under illegal surveillance because Montgomery had already turned over to Comey’s FBI mountains of evidence confirming the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance system.

On August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over to FBI Director Jim Comey’s office 47 hard drives that he alleges contain over 600 million pages of documentation from Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret surveillance system.

Receipt for computer hard drives that Dennis Montgomery turned over to the FBI in 2015.

General McInerney’s radio appearance set off a sequence of events leading to, within seventeen hours, Comey’s announcement of the FBI’s Trump Russia collusion investigation.

Many of the FBI and DOJ officials who were involved in the investigation of Dennis Montgomery’s whistleblower claims about Brennan’s and Clapper’s illicit surveillance system are the very same government officials who ended up on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation team.

Montgomery also claims that the FBI, under Director Robert Mueller, supplied the computers for Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance system that spied on Donald Trump.

Montgomery maintains that Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel was “a huge conflict of interest, a huge conflict of interest.”


General McInerney and Admiral Lyons, two of the highest-ranking retired U.S. military flag officers, men of sterling character and reputation, took the information we exposed on “The Hammer” and President Obama’s illegal spying operations against Donald Trump to a wide audience.

Revered U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney (Ret.) and U.S. Navy Four-Star Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) brought our “Whistleblower Tapes” exclusive exposé to America’s airwaves on March 19, 2017.

General McInerney read our March 17, 2017 feature investigation “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System” to the American people, exposing the totalitarian surveillance state put in place by President Obama’s intelligence directors.

The cat was out of the bag.

The “Whistleblower Tapes” revealed that “computer genius” Dennis Montgomery, working as a CIA/NSA/FBI contractor, created the illicit surveillance system known as “The Hammer” that “hacked into all of America” for President Obama, John Brennan, and James Clapper.

According to the Whistleblower Tapes, Brennan and Clapper utilized the “The Hammer” to spy on 159 Article III  judges, the head of the secret FISA court, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, business leaders, millions of innocent  Americans, and Donald Trump.

Montgomery stated that Trump was wiretapped for years because, he alleges, the CIA feared Trump.

“Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped ‘A Zillion Times’ By ‘The Hammer,’

Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System”  

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report


On March 4, 2017, two weeks before General McInerney appeared on “Operation Freedom,” President Trump tweeted “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Immediately following President Trump’s tweet, the mainstream media and the Deep State Jackals set to work.

The predators tore into President Trump’s credibility, going so far as to suggest that President Trump was “crazy” for accusing President Obama of spying on him.

Instinctively, the jackals knew that their own survival depended upon covering their own Russia collusion tracks and destroying President Trump.

We published the “Whistleblower Tapes” in response to President Trump’s allegation that President Obama illicitly spied on him. We knew that President Trump’s allegation against President Obama was true.

Our discovery of President Obama’s utilization of “The Hammer” to wiretap Donald Trump began two years earlier in 2015 when we transcribed secretly-recorded audio tapes released in November 2015 by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow.

Further raising the stakes, the March 7, 2017 WikiLeaks dump of CIA Vault 7 confirmed the existence of The Hammer (HAMR) in two separate CIA documents (here and here).

WikiLeaks CIA Vault 7

The Hammer (HAMR) appears to be a massive supercomputer system that was used to eavesdrop on phone calls by deploying or “throwing” malicious plugins at targeted computers and smartphones to collect the intercepts and then send the data back to the master supercomputer framework.

Other plugins could presumably hack into online banking, messenger, email and other apps and then transmit the collected data back to the HAMR data center.


Lisa Page and Peter Strzok

On a Sunday afternoon, the FBI took notice of General McInerney’s appearance on “Operation Freedom.”

“I kn�2��#0..!…. ….�G… … ……….. ..” read Strzok and Page’s mysterious text message, sent on Sunday, March 19, 2017, at 4:26 pm, twenty-six minutes after General McInerney went off the air.

Later that Sunday evening, at 11:00 pm, only hours after General McInerney’s radio interview, Strzok and Page exchanged a second text message, far less cryptic, that referenced Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman.

“I’m not going to respond to the whole group. The Klayman/Montgomery stuff in the email Jim just sent is utter BS. Best to say nothing and brief later if necessary” read Strzok and Pages’s second text message.

Text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.


According to highly-placed sources, General McInerney’s radio appearance “created a veritable sh*t storm in D.C.” and “immediate blowback from the Deep State.”

The same FBI and DOJ officials who investigated Dennis Montgomery’s assertions regarding Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal super surveillance system and who took possession of Montgomery’s 47 hard drives that Montgomery asserts contained evidence of illegal surveillance then morphed into team members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation.

FBI Director Jim Comey ‘s FBI General Counsel Jim Baker and DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra Curtis, who negotiated Montgomery’s immunity agreements, were both deeply involved with Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation.

Comey‘s “right-hand men,” FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, debriefed Dennis Montgomery in a secure SCIF after Montgomery had handed over the 47 hard drives that Montgomery claims prove that under President Obama Brennan and Clapper were running a massive illegal surveillance operation for “leverage” and blackmail.


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report


The Washington Post reported on Monday, March 20, 2017, the day after General McInerney’s Sunday afternoon interview on “Operation Freedom”:

FBI Director James B. Comey acknowledged Monday that his agency is conducting an investigation into possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign in a counterintelligence probe that could reach all the way to the White House and may last for months.

The extraordinary disclosure came near the beginning of a sprawling, 5½ -hour public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee in which Comey also said there is “no information” that supports President Trump’s claims that his predecessor ordered surveillance.

Less than seventeen hours after General McInerney’s “Hammer” revelations, FBI Director Comey announced that the FBI counterintelligence division, where Strzok was Deputy Director, was investigating Trump’s connections to the Kremlin, and that the FBI had “no information” to support Trump’s tweet claiming that President Obama wiretapped Trump.


FBI Director Jim Comey was lying.  Comey had already taken possession of Montgomery’s evidence in 2015 yet Comey proceeded to lie before Congress that there was no illicit surveillance of Trump.

“The proof of Donald Trump being wiretapped is in the documents that were handed over to the FBI” Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman told reporters Fanning and Jones.

Montgomery stated during a May 14, 2017 interview on the “Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman” radio program:

I provided to the FBI seventeen businesses of Donald Trump, including the Trump Tower, the Trump leasing programs, all of these different programs, and including Trump himself and the various family members that had been wiretapped under these programs. There has been a wiretap on Trump for years…

…I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: leverage. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.


We know that President Trump was not the one with connections to Putin and Russia. Hillary Clinton, however, was deeply involved with Russia through her Uranium One and Port Canaveral Gulftainer scandals and the outrageous Steele dossier that she and her “progressive” comrades had paid for and put into play under the CIA’s and FBI’s “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” scheme.

Peter Strzok led the non-investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal server and criminal emails that included Special Access Program (SAP) “above top secret” intelligence. SAP includes missile defense secrets and, according to Politico, “top secret national security information derived from sensitive intelligence sources.”

Chinese military intelligence services operated a front company in Northern Virginia to hack into Clinton’s email server and forward to Chinese agents copies of every email, except for six, stored on Clinton’s illegal home server.

The Daily Caller reported:

Two officials with the [Intelligence Community Inspector General] ICIG, investigator Frank Rucker and attorney Janette McMillan, met repeatedly with FBI officials to warn them of the Chinese intrusion. Among those FBI officials was Peter Strzok, who was then the bureau’s top counterintelligence official…Strzok didn’t act on the information the ICIG provided him, according to [Texas Republican Representative Louie] Gohmert.

Fox News reported:

A source briefed on the matter confirmed to Fox News the details of the Caller’s reporting, and said that the ICIG was so concerned by the revelation that officials drove over to the FBI to inform agents — including anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok — of the development after it was discovered via the emails’ metadata.

The source told Fox News the hack was from a Chinese company, describing it as a front for Chinese intelligence.

After one year of Secretary Hillary Clinton serving in office, while using her secret server to which Chinese military intelligence had access, China wiped out the CIA’s human intelligence assets in China.

The New York Times” reported:

The Chinese government effectively dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward…

…All told, the Chinese killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 of the C.I.A.’s sources in China, according to two former senior American officials, effectively unraveling a network that had taken years to build.

Director Comey chose not to investigate Clinton’s illegal email server. “Regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” “Comey explained during his infamous July 5, 2016 press conference regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Comey shared certain sensibilities with Secretary Hillary Clinton and CIA Director John Brennan. Clinton’s mentor was communist revolutionary Saul Alinsky. In the 1976 presidential election, future CIA Director John Brennan voted for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) candidate Gus Hall.

Comey told “New York Magazine ”I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

Perhaps Comey’s own statements best explain his reticence to prosecute Hillary Clinton.


Referring to the situation as a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue, ”the FISA court revealed in April 2017 that the NSA, under President Obama, illegally spied on Americans

NPR reported that the NSA indicated its intention to “delete the vast majority of its upstream Internet data to further protect the privacy of U.S. person communications.” Such an action could be characterized as destruction of Federal records, destruction of criminal case evidence, and obstruction of justice. The FISA court let Brennan, Clapper, and others amend their statements and ordered the destruction of criminal case records.

This destruction of evidence happened one month after General McInerney and the Whistleblower Tapes story revealed the illegal super surveillance system known as “The Hammer.”

Comey’s FBI was engaged in illegal surveillance. So was the NSA. So was the CIA. So was the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees these intelligence agencies.

“CIA Whistleblower Speaks:  

‘There Has Been A Wiretap On Trump For Years’”

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | Big League Politics


According to the “Washington Examiner,” former FISA court counsel Joe diGenova stated during an April 24, 2019, Fox News panel discussion:

The problem for Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Baker and all of them now is, is that the FISA court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. And their findings are that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors, four of them, to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans, and to use it against the Republican Party.

There are going to be indictments. There’s going to be grand juries. John Brennan isn’t going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five. . .

. . . The Obama administration, for more than four years before the 2016 election, allowed four contractors working for the FBI to illegally surveil American citizens, illegally. The FISA court has already found that.


“Attorney General William Barr, defending his decision to order a review of the Trump-Russia probe’s origins, told a Senate panel Wednesday that he thinks “spying did occur” by the U.S. government on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign” NBC News reported on April 10, 2019.

Continuing, Barr told senators “I think spying is a good English word that, in fact, doesn’t have synonyms because it is the broadest word incorporating really all forms of covert intelligence collection, so I’m not going to back off the word ‘spying.’

“I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal — it’s a big deal,” Barr added.




  • November 2015

U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow releases the “Whistleblower Tapes.”

  • August 19, 2015

Dennis Montgomery, under a limited immunity agreement, turns over to Comey’s FBI 47 hard drives that he says prove the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s super-surveillance system.

  • March 4, 2017

President Trump tweets that Obama wiretapped him.

  • March 7, 2017

WikiLeaks dumps CIA Vault 7, confirming the existence of The Hammer (HAMR).

  • March 17, 2017

“Whistleblower Tapes: Trump wiretapped a “zillion” times by “The Hammer,” Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret computer system” published.

  • March 19, 2017 3:30 pm

U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) exposes The Hammer on America’s airwaves with Dr. Dave Janda during Operation Freedom on WAAM 1600.

  • March 19, 2017 4:26 pm

Strzok and Page exchange cryptic text.

  • March 19, 2017 11:00 pm

Strzok and Page exchange text referencing Montgomery and Klayman hours after General McInerney’s radio interview about The Hammer

  • March 20, 2017

Comey announces Russia collusion investigation.

  • April 24, 2017

FISA court lets Brennan, Clapper, and others amend their statements and orders destruction of criminal case records.




Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | January 2, 2019

Senior FBI and DOJ officials involved in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation were also previously assigned to investigate whistleblower Dennis Montgomery’s claim that Obama administration officials John Brennan and James Clapper spied on Donald Trump.

Montgomery asserts that the FBI, under FBI Director Mueller, supplied the computers used to create a private, illegal, unconstitutional, super surveillance system that President Obama’s intelligence chiefs used to spy on Trump.

FBI Director James B. Comey, FBI General Counsel James A. Baker, and five of Mueller’s hand-picked recruits to his Russian collusion investigation team, including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were involved in the “buried” FBI investigation into CIA/DNI/NSA whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery’s claims.

Montgomery specifically alleges that President Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, with computers supplied by Robert Mueller, used their newly-created illegal surveillance system to spy on Trump, Trump’s associates, Supreme Court justices, and millions of innocent Americans.

“The proof of Donald Trump being wiretapped is in the documents that were handed over to the FBI” Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman told reporters Fanning and Jones.

Federal Judge Richard J. Leon on December 27, 2018 denied a request by the DOJ and Mueller’s Special Counsel Office to delay a court date for author Jerome Corsi’s $350 million lawsuit against Robert Mueller, the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and NSA. Corsi is suing Mueller and those intelligence agencies for targeting him with “illegal and unconstitutional” surveillance and blackmail.

DOJ lawyers argued unsuccessfully that the January 3, 2019 3:00 pm court date should be delayed on the grounds that the federal government is partially shut down.

Corsi is represented in that case by attorney Larry E. Klayman.

In a separate case, whistleblower Montgomery and his attorney Klayman filed a joint lawsuit in 2017 against Barack Obama, Mueller, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and other federal officials and agencies. Montgomery’s and Klayman’s lawsuit alleged that the defendants ignored and then covered up Montgomery’s whistleblower complaints of illegal domestic surveillance. (HYPERLINK)

In 2015 Klayman helped Montgomery secure limited immunity agreements in exchange for turning over computer hard drives and other physical evidence of that illegal surveillance to FBI Director James Comey’s office.

Montgomery reportedly held a top secret security clearance as well as the rare “above top secret” SAP (Special Access Program) security clearance.


Strzok and Page exchanged text message about Montgomery and Klayman after a retired four star Air Force general discussed Montgomery and secret surveillance system known as “The Hammer” during radio show

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour, FBI attorney Lisa Page, who together conspired to bring down Donald Trump, were also involved in the Montgomery whistleblower affair.

Strzok, the FBI’s top counterintelligence official and Page, the FBI attorney who was advising Comey and helping to develop the Trump Russia investigation, exchanged a cryptic text message on Sunday evening, March 19, 2017.

Strzok and Page exchanged the text message moments after the Air Force’s former number three Pentagon official, legendary Cold War combat and spy pilot Lt. General Thomas McInerney, broke the Montgomery story onto America’s radio airwaves.

Later that Sunday night, following McInerney’s detailed on-air interview about whistleblower Montgomery’s claims that Brennan and Clapper used their secret surveillance system known as “The Hammer” to spy on Donald Trump, Strzok and Page exchanged a second text message.

The second Strzok-Page text message specifically mentions, by name, Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.

“I’m not going to respond to the whole group. The Klayman/Montgomery stuff in the email Jim just sent is utter BS. Best to say nothing and brief later if necessary.” – March 19, 2017 Strzok/Page text message sent hours after Lt. General Thomas McInerney went on air to discuss Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret surveillance system “The Hammer”

During the radio interview, Lt. General McInerney engaged in a detailed discussion of whistleblower Montgomery’s claims that Brennan and Clapper used their secret surveillance system known as “The Hammer” to spy on Trump “a zillion times.”

“Hammer stunned me…It stunned me Dave. It is something that will exceed anything done before in the U.S. government” McInerney told radio host Dr. Dave Janda.

“When I read it, I actually physically gasped” Janda added.

Secretly-recorded audio tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow identified the super surveillance system as “The Hammer.”

Subsequently, Wikileaks appeared to confirm this information when it leaked classified CIA documents about a mobile phone hacking tool called HAMR (The Hammer) as part of the “Vault 7” CIA document dump.

McInerney was a guest on the Sunday, March 19, 2017 broadcast of Ann Arbor’s WAAM terrestrial radio program “Operation Freedom,” hosted by Dr. Dave Janda.

McInerney, a Fox News military analyst whom the Washington Post dubbed “THE GENERAL WHO CALLS IN THE BIG GUNS,” read live over the air an article by these authors about Montgomery and the “Hammer” surveillance system.

Retired Four Star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, former Commander in Chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet had forwarded the article to Lt. General McInerney.

Admiral Lyons, who under President Reagan led the world’s largest single military command, passed away in December 2018.

“This is so far greater than Watergate. Watergate was just nothing compared to, if Hammer is true, and someone needs to verify it…it is very important that this be looked at right now” McInerney said during the interview.

“This is a very serious thing. Everything about the Russians stealing the election is tactical deception.”

Lisa Page is not just some rank and file FBI lawyer.

In the summer of 2016, Page was a principal in the FBI’s investigation into the Trump Russian collusion narrative. By the summer of 2017, Page had migrated with the Russia collusion story onto Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation team.

Additional text messages between Strzok and Page suggest that the FBI was briefing the Obama White House on the status of the Trump Russia investigation.

Recently deceased 26-year-old investigative journalist Bre Payton reported at The Federalist on December 13, 2018 that a newly-released DOJ Office of the Inspector General report reveals that Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation (SCI) Records Officer deleted text messages that Strzok and Page exchanged while working on the Russian Collusion investigation. Deleting government records is a violation of the Federal Records Act. Destruction of evidence is also considered a crime.

“The 11-page report reveals that almost a month after Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team, his government-issued iPhone was wiped clean and restored to factory settings by another individual working in Mueller’s office” Payton reported. “The special counsel’s Record’s Officer told investigators that ‘she determined it did not contain records that needed to be retained.’” Under the Federal Records Act, all government work product are considered “federal records” and government property.

Before joining Special Counsel Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation, DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis granted whistleblower Montgomery limited immunity in exchange for 47 computer hard drives and additional evidence proving the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance program.

In July 2015, Assistant US Attorney Deborah Curtis, under the guidance of United States District Judge for the District of Columbia Royce C. Lamberth (one-time head of the FISA court), set up two limited immunity agreements with whistleblower Dennis Montgomery for production of physical evidence and for testimony.

On August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over 47 computer hard drives containing 600 million pages of highly classified data to Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and officials from James Comey’s FBI and FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Montgomery turned over the hard drives at the FBI’s Miami Field Office in Miramar, FL. The FBI provided Montgomery and Klayman with an itemized receipt for the computer hard drives.

Montgomery claims that the data stored on those computer drives prove the existence of an illegal surveillance system run by Obama’s intelligence chiefs -Mueller, Brennan and Clapper.

Richard J. Leon, Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, in his March 1, 2018 memorandum opinion in the civil case “Montgomery v. Comey,” stated:

According to plaintiffs, the FBI, under Comey’s direction, sought to “cover-up” its wrongdoing by inducing Montgomery to turn over 47 computer hard drives containing evidence of the illegal surveillance. They also claim that the FBI has refused to investigate plaintiffs’ claims or return the incriminating hard drives…

…Montgomery alleges that he only gave the hard drives to the FBI because the FBI expressly promised that it would conduct an investigation of the mass surveillance. Former General Counsel of the FBI, James Baker (“Baker”), allegedly assured plaintiffs that Comey was taking “hands on” supervision of the Montgomery investigation, given its importance. Comey and the FBI, however, never conducted the investigation, and Montgomery alleges that they are concealing the hard drives in order “to ensure that the evidence contained therein is not investigated or revealed to the public and prosecuted.”

Strzok and Page first started exchanging text messages the same week that Montgomery turned over the 47 computer hard drives to the FBI.

Montgomery turned over the 47 hard drives to the FBI’s Miami Field Office on August 19, 2015. The first Strzok-Page text message released by the FBI is date-stamped August 16, 2015.

Before joining Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigation, FBI Special Agents Giardina and Barnett debriefed Montgomery on Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance operation against Trump.

Over the course of three hours on December 21, 2015, Comey’s “right hand men” Special Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett debriefed whistleblower Montgomery inside a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) at the FBI’s Washington, DC Field Office.

“It was a videotaped deposition and I laid out these private domestic surveillance programs that were being run. I specifically named names. John Brennan and James Clapper.”

After debriefing Montgomery, Special Agents Giardina and Barnett went on to join Mueller’s Special Counsel Russia Collusion investigation team In May of 2018.

FBI General Counsel James Baker: The FBI official who took possession of Montgomery’s 47 computer hard drives then became the FBI’s back channel to the discredited Christopher Steele Trump Russia Dossier and Mother Jones leaker

In August 2015, FBI General Counsel James Baker, who reported directly to FBI Director James Comey, took possession of Dennis Montgomery’s physical evidence.

Montgomery says that the evidence he provided to the FBI proves the existence of an illegal, Orwellian surveillance system weaponized to take down Obama’s political enemies.

FBI General Counsel Baker played one of the most important roles in Mueller’s operation to take down Trump.

It was Baker who met with Mother Jones investigative reporter David Corn weeks before the 2016 election, just before Corn broke the story of the now-discredited Trump Dossier.

The dossier was attributed to former British spy Christopher Steele.

Baker managed Comey’s FBI whistleblower investigation of Montgomery’s claim that Obama’s intelligence chiefs Mueller, Brennan, and Clapper put together a surveillance system that spied on Trump.

Both Baker and Lisa Page worked as FBI legal analysts for Comey.

Lisa Page resigned from the FBI on the same day as FBI General Counsel James Baker according to the New York Times.

Klayman accuses Baker, who handled the day-to-day aspects of the Montgomery whistleblower investigation for Comey, of “burying” the Montgomery case.

The Washington Post called Mueller and Comey friends and “Brothers in Arms.”

Giuliani: Mueller is “the insurance policy”

“All those texts from Strzok and Page — deleted?” President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani asked during a December 30, 2018 “Fox & Friends” interview.

“After they find out that Strzok is texting that he hates Trump, that he’s going to get him and stop him — and that if he can’t stop him, he has an ‘insurance policy’ to get him out of office. I believe Mueller is the insurance policy to get him out of office. I’m not just saying that — Strzok was his first investigator.”

“There are no coincidences”

There was collusion. The Trump campaign was not colluding with Russia.

Trump’s opponent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, were colluding with Russian operatives that worked for the FBI.

The Clintons sold a critical national security asset to Russia under their shady Uranium One deal.

The Clintons sold out their country for $145 million.

“In terms of capability, Russia is the only country on earth that has the capability to destroy the United States of America” said Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley. “It’s an existential threat by definition because of their nuclear capabilities. Other countries have nuclear weapons, but none as many as Russia and none have the capability to literally destroy the United States.”

“Remember: Uranium is a main ingredient in atomic bombs” Deroy Murdock wrote in National Review. “Why would the Obama-Clinton administration let Russia have even a firecracker’s worth of American uranium? This is the $145 million question.”

The Clintons are traitors. The enemy actions of Hillary and Bill Clinton are in the same league as the actions of Cold War Soviet atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

WikiLeaks revealed that Robert Mueller, as President Obama’s FBI Director, personally delivered a sample of highly enriched uranium to Moscow. Weapons grade uranium is a strategic commodity critical to our national security.

Crossfire Hurricane is tactical deception

The FBI’s Operation Crossfire Hurricane is a conspiracy to distract the American people from the Obama administration’s tsunami of treason and sedition.

Mueller’s investigation has turned up no evidence of Trump Russian collusion.

Mueller and his team know there was “there’s no big there there.”

Brennan and Clapper, according to Montgomery, ran their own “private” surveillance system to spy on Supreme Court Justices, 159 Article III judges, elected officials, and 20 million other Americans.

The ultimate objective of these Obama administration illegal domestic surveillance operations, Montgomery says, was to weaponize illegally-collected data and employ it as leverage against their surveillance targets.

For Obama and his intelligence chiefs, the super surveillance system’s number one high value target was Donald Trump.

“The Hammer” and the Obama administration officials who built it, utilized it, and then covered up its existence are part of a seditious cabal.

“Stroke or no stroke, I am going to expose the CIA and NSA misdeeds until the American people know the truth” Montgomery told Klayman during a radio interview.

“I have put my family for years at great risk by coming forward.”

“This is my last stand for America” declared Montgomery.

It used to be considered a fundamental maxim in FBI investigations that “there are no coincidences.”
Mueller, Comey, the Clintons. Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Curtis, Giardina, Barnett, Baker, Strzok, and Page are involved in a conspiracy of treason.

The Hammer, Operation Crossfire Hurricane, and Special Counsel Mueller’s Russian Collusion investigation are not only elements of this conspiracy–but they add up to a coup d’etat.


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | September 29, 2018

UPDATE, MAY 29, 2019:

On November 13, 2016, FBI attorney Lisa Page texted her supposed lover Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, writing “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.”

The following day, November 14, 2016, Page texted Strzok again, writing “God, being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.”


Imagine a replay of Watergate – only worse.  

In both the original and the replay, the same Washington D.C. reporter, whose parents were Communist Party members connected to Soviet atomic spies and who were under FBI surveillance for decades, teamed up with the same second D.C. reporter, who was outed as an “FBI asset,” to take down a sitting Republican President of the United States.

In both instances the “unnamed source” leaking information to these two reporters turned out to be the Deputy Director of the FBI.

This is a remake.

Some of the players have even reprised their old roles.

We have seen this movie before.

Only this time we now know the history of one of the reporters and his connection to the Rosenberg-Sobell Soviet atomic spy ring. We also know the history of the second reporter, who has been identified as an “FBI asset.”

This time around, the FBI Deputy Director is not Mark “Deep Throat” Felt. It is the now-fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

This is stunning – decades apart in time two separate FBI Deputy Directors leaked information about the then-sitting President of the United States to a pair of reporters, one of whom hails from a family intertwined with the Soviet spy ring that handed America’s nuclear secrets to Joseph Stalin and the other of whom was an “FBI asset.”

Both of these FBI Deputy Directors had to know with whom they were dealing.

Mountains of FBI evidence and now-declassified files as well as archival newspaper reports leave little doubt that both of those FBI Deputy Directors would have known that one of the reporters to whom they were leaking was the son of Communist Party members connected to a Soviet spy ring.

Those Soviet spies were behind one of the worst Cold War espionage disasters in U.S. history. The information gleaned by Stalin from them permanently damaged U.S. nuclear security and military technical superiority and cost 94,000 U.S. troops their lives. Both of those FBI Deputy Directors would have also known that the second reporter to whom they were leaking was an “FBI asset.”

Both cases appear to be operations involving the highest levels of the FBI and operatives with troubling connections to the spy services of the Soviet Union (in the first case) and the Russian Federation.

The underlying alleged crime in the Watergate story was the President’s involvement in a cover-up of the break-in at DNC headquarters at the Watergate Complex.

In the current story the cover-up has been replaced with a “Russian Collusion” narrative and nebulous implications that the President is working with Russian intelligence services.

That evaporating Russia narrative is now being conflated with a new narrative that suggests that President Trump is a lunatic or had a “nervous breakdown.”

Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate Redux

Watergate reporting partners Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward are attempting a Deep State maneuver to frame President Trump as a crazed, out-of-control, pro-Russia tyrant who poses an unacceptable risk to U.S. national security.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe knew days ahead of time that CNN planned to break a story that U.S. intelligence chiefs briefed President-Elect Trump about the now-discredited dossier. The CNN story written by Carl Bernstein and three other CNN reporters was published on January 10, 2017.

The Federalist reported in a May 21, 2018 story titled “BREAKING: E-mails Show FBI Brass Discussed Dossier Briefing Details With CNN”:

Newly revealed e-mails show that former Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) deputy director Andrew McCabe was keenly aware of CNN’s internal understanding of a secret briefing about the infamous Steele dossier, days before CNN published any stories on the matter. The e-mails, which were obtained by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), also reveal that top officials used coded language to refer to the salacious and unverified allegations made by Steele.

Bruce Ohr testified that McCabe was among the FBI officials with whom “he discussed the anti-Trump dossier and had given some related research” the Washington Examiner reported.

These revelations put McCabe at the top of the production pipeline that manufactured the fake Trump Russia dossier. They also place McCabe squarely in the middle of the cabal’s conspiracy to break their dossier story via CNN reporter Bernstein.

Ultimately, Woodward and Bernstein hope to once again bring down a sitting Republican U.S. President. This is the same fate Richard Nixon met following the dynamic duo’s Watergate exposé. Woodward recently added to the narrative with the release of his anti-Trump book “Fear.”

Woodward conceded, however, that he could find no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia.

Woodward’s previous reporting was based upon a gaggle of anonymous sources. His accusations against President Trump and two upstanding generals in his administration, of sterling reputation, were met with derision and a chorus of “liar.” Woodward has now turned to innuendo of a Presidential “nervous breakdown.”

Woodward has come up with a new “story.”

Without providing evidence, Woodward makes veiled allusions that Trump is a Russian agent. Woodward asserts that the answer to the Trump Russia investigation lies in Moscow. Woodward claims that if he were to travel to Russia to uncover the “truth” about Trump “he would be killed.”

My word! One might think this is a display of Woodward’s own mental illness! Will we soon not be seeing the men in white coats carting away Bob Woodward for a “rest”?  Not likely in the current left-leaning media environment.

Moreover, Mr. Woodward is further protected from attack by the liberal establishment and its media handmaidens. This is evidenced by a U.S. State Department email from Hillary-fixer Sid Blumenthal that exposed Woodward as “an FBI asset” since his Watergate days. Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit discovered the 2012 State Department email that was released in 2015.

That is correct: according to Blumenthal’s email, Woodward was not only working with FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt (a.k.a. “Deep Throat” who more accurately should have been called “Deep State”) but was in fact a current “FBI asset” whose career depended upon that arrangement with the FBI.

“One evening that summer, a few weeks after the Watergate break-in, Mr. Woodward, then a neophyte newspaperman, knocked on Mr. Felt’s door in pursuit of the story. Mr. Felt decided to co-operate with him and set up an elaborate system of espionage techniques for clandestine meetings with Mr. Woodward” Politico reported in 2008.

U.S. Navy Lt. Bob Woodward

According to Texas A&M University’s Colodny Collection of Watergate materials:

Bob Woodward lied to conceal his early ties to General Alexander Haig. In 1969 and 1970, Navy Lt. Bob Woodward manned the Pentagon’s secret communications room, which transmitted messages around the world, including the back channel communications for Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon. In that duty, Woodward often delivered messages from the world’s top leaders to Gen. Alexander Haig, Kissinger’s deputy at the National Security Council.

“Woodward held a ‘top secret crypto’ security clearance,” Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin wrote in their book “Silent Coup: The Removal of a President.”

The other half of the Watergate “dynamic duo” also had a history that would bring to mind questions regarding his motivations.

Bernstein’s Communist Party family tied to Soviet atomic spies

The upside-down irony of this Watergate 2.0 circus is that Carl Bernstein’s family is connected to the most famous Soviet atomic spies.

Former “Washington Post” reporter and current CNN contributor Bernstein, leading the network’s Trump-Russia collusion hysteria, is the son of Communist Party members who were under FBI surveillance for 35 years.

Bernstein’s parents were deeply connected to the Soviet spies who stole America’s nuclear secrets and other critical classified military intelligence:  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell.

Carl Bernstein grew up in a nest of communism.

In his book Loyalties: A Son’s Memoir, Bernstein tells that his parents were atheists. “There was no Hebrew, no Torah, and sparse mention of God.”  Every fall the Bernstein family commemorated the Bolshevik revolution —  “the anniversary of the Russian Revolution — October Division.” The Bernsteins’ religion was, as prescribed by collectivist regimes everywhere, communism.

The FBI monitored the activities of Carl Bernstein’s parents Sylvia Walker Bernstein and Alfred David Bernstein in San Francisco and in Washington D.C. The FBI amassed 2,500 pages of files on Carl Bernstein’s parents, according to Bernstein’s book. A search for Sylvia Bernstein in the FBI Vault returns two pages of links to declassified documents alone.

“Starting in 1942, the Federal Bureau of Investigation put the family under surveillance, which became a full-scale investigation” The New York Times noted in its review of Bernstein’s book.

Frank S. Tavenner, Chief Counsel to the House Un-American Activities Committee, questioned Sylvia Bernstein before the committee on July 12, 1954.

Mary Stalcup Markward was the Director of Party Membership for the Washington, D.C. District Communist Party while secretly working as an FBI informant.

During the hearing, Tavenner told Sylvia Bernstein that Markward had previously testified that Communist Party officials transfer the communist wives of U.S. government officials into the secret underground Communist Party club to protect their husbands’ jobs. Markward testified that Elizabeth Searle, “Chairman of the Communist Party in Washington, D.C, told me to get in touch with Sylvia Bernstein and inform her she was to be transferred to this underground club because it was too dangerous to her husband’s position for her to be in the white collar section of the party.”

When Tavenner asked Sylvia Bernstein if Markward’s testimony was true, Sylvia Bernstein refused to answer, invoking her Fifth Amendment right so as not to incriminate herself.

Carl Bernstein conceded that not only were his parents Communist Party members, but that they also held a meeting at the Bernstein home with accused Soviet spy and fellow communist party member Helen Levitov Sobell, wife of convicted Soviet spy Morton Sobell. The U.S. government also compiled a massive FBI file on Helen and Morton Sobell.

Also attending the meeting at the Bernstein household was communist defense attorney Emanuel “Manny” Bloch. Bloch represented Soviet atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and their codefendant, admitted Soviet spy Morton Sobell. Bloch, the Bernstein couple, the Rosenbergs, and the Sobells were all comrades in the Communist Party.
Carl Bernstein wrote in Loyalties:  A Son’s Memoir:

I cannot say precisely how old I was when the Rosenbergs became a presence in our house. Six or seven, maybe eight. At first they were just a name, the subject of dinner-table conversation between my parents. There were a series of names, actually: Emanuel Bloch, Helen Sobell, Ethel Weichbrod, Michael and Robbie, others. Over the next couple of years some of the names became faces and everything became terrifyingly real. Bloch was the Rosenbergs’ lawyer; he and Morton Sobell’s wife Helen, came to visit us. Sobell had been convicted with the Rosenbergs. My mother and her friend Ethel Weichbrod organized the Washington Committee to Secure Justice for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Morton and Helen Sobell had previously fled to Mexico, where the two fugitives sought ocean passage to the Soviet Union. Mexican authorities apprehended the Sobells and turned them over to the FBI. During their capture, Morton Sobell attempted to grab a Mexican agent’s firearm.

Helen Sobell was on the FBI’s Security Index. The Security Index was a list of individuals considered such a high risk to national security that they were to be rounded up were hostilities to break out between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Alfred Bernstein, who obtained a law degree from Columbia University, “defended 500 public employees accused of disloyalty,” the “Los Angeles Times” noted. Alfred Bernstein was also on the Security Index.
Carl Bernstein wrote in Loyalties:  A Son’s Memoir:

In San Francisco the peer pressure to join the Party was incredible,” my mother said by the pool . . .  I picked this moment to ask my mother whether she had wanted a revolution in this country . . . “I always thought by peaceful means . . . public ownership of the means of production . . . what happened to us would have happened anyway, without the CP membership.

“THIS BOOK IS FOR MY PARENTS. I AM PROUD OF THE CHOICES THEY MADE” Bernstein wrote in dedication section of Loyalties, which he also dedicated to Woodward.

The U.S. government accused the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell of conspiracy to commit atomic espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union, a fact later proven by the secret U.S. Army/NSA Venona Project that decrypted Soviet cable traffic. Venona was so secret that not even President Franklin D. Roosevelt was notified of its existence.

The decrypted cables proved that Julius Rosenberg led the Soviet spy ring that penetrated the Manhattan Project.

The Rosenberg-Sobell atomic espionage trial shocked the nation as Americans came to grip with the fact that U.S. national security had been severely compromised by Soviet spies.

In 2008 Morton Sobell “dramatically reversed himself” and admitted to “The New York Times” that he provided U.S. military secrets to the Soviet Union.

According to “The Weekly Standard

Sobell was a Red Diaper Baby. His parents were both Communists; his mother led party meetings in the family’s apartment when Morton was a toddler . . . It never occurred to Sobell to be anything other than a devoted Communist. In the ’30s and ’40s, that meant dedicating oneself to Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Sobell’s admission removes all doubt that Helen Sobell was married to a Soviet spy. Morton Sobell is not just a convicted Soviet spy, but an admitted Soviet spy who stole America’s most sensitive military technology secrets.

Elizabeth Bentley, a Soviet spy-turned FBI informant, revealed in the 1940s that the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) was working directly for the Soviet Union.

Kathryn Olmsted noted in her book Red Spy Queen:  A Biography of Elizabeth Bentley that Bentley, during her testimony at the Rosenbergs’ trial:

obligingly explained that all Communists were potential or actual spies for Moscow. “The Communist Party being part of the Communist International,” she said, “only served the interests of Moscow, whether it be propaganda or espionage or sabotage”. . .

. . . In turning down the Rosenbergs’ appeal, Judge Jerome Frank wrote that she “supplied the missing link connecting the Communist Party with the Soviet Union.”

When Judge Irving R. Kaufman sentenced the Rosenbergs to death on April 5, 1951, he stated:

I consider your crime worse than murder . . . . I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb years before our best scientists predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding 50,000 and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason. Indeed, by your betrayal you undoubtedly have altered the course of history to the disadvantage of our country. No one can say that we do not live in a constant state of tension. We have evidence of your treachery all around us every day for the civilian defense activities throughout the nation are aimed at preparing us for an atom bomb attack.

Morton Sobell was sentenced to 30 years in prison and sent to Alcatraz.

In 2010, Morton Sobell went further and admitted to journalist Steven Ustin that he and his Rosenberg spy ring comrades stole massive amounts of classified data, as revealed by “The Weekly Standard.”  Sobell, Rosenberg, William Perl, and one other Soviet spy (who Sobell refused to name) stole “all the manuals and secrets from Langley Field from a safe at Columbia” University — a theft of nearly two thousand pages of classified documents. “It was 1948 or 1949 he [Sobell] said,” “The Weekly Standard” reported.

Sobell and Rosenberg spent a weekend, which the FBI suspects included the Fourth of July, photographing the documents with a Leica camera provided by the Soviets that was smuggled into the U.S. through Mexico. The Soviet spies then delivered a heavy box of exposed film rolls to the Soviets during a rendezvous on a Long Island train platform.

The stolen documents included NACA (predecessor of NASA) advanced aeronautical designs that Moscow used to develop the MiG fighter jets flown by communist forces against the U.S. military during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

“Mr. Sobell passed on thousands of pages of text and drawings of valuable military secrets about sonar, radar, infrared rays and the aiming devices for artillery pieces, along with the first data on missile-guidance systems that could be used for the atomic bomb” “The Wall Street Journal” reported in June 2018, citing the memoir of Sobell’s handler, Alexander Feklisov.

Asked by “The Wall Street Journal” about the terrors of the Soviet Union, Morton Sobell replied  “without batting an eyelash,” “well, that comes with the territory.”

Historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others estimate Stalin killed 60 million.

“According to ‘Loyalties,’ . . . Sylvia Walker Bernstein, the daughter of Russian immigrants…did secretarial work at the War Department…During the Clinton administration, she was a White House volunteer and answered the correspondence of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton” “The Washington Post” reported.

The Clinton White House was known for its lax security and security clearance backlog, which may explain how Sylvia Walker Bernstein gained access to the First Lady’s inner sanctum, or, perhaps not.

“The Washington Post,” Woodward, and Bernstein

Reporters Woodward and Bernstein wrote their serial exposé at “The Washington Post.” Woodward still works at “The Washington Post.”

“The Washington Post” was led by Katherine Meyer Graham for decades. Graham oversaw the Watergate coverage during “The Washington Post’s” heyday.

The Meyer family and “The Washington Post” were patrons of communist Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, who advocated for the overthrow of the United States government. Alinsky had “secured the fervent support of important liberals like Agnes E. Meyer of “The Washington Post” “The New York Times” wrote.

Neither President Richard Nixon nor President Donald Trump are known for being fond of communism.  

Richard “Nixon’s dogged pursuit of [Alger] Hiss, from his seat on the House Committee on Un-American Activities, had helped inspire McCarthy to start his hunt for Reds” The Atlantic noted.

Nixon leveraged the Pumpkin Papers, a trove of copied State Department classified documents and film passed from Hiss to Whittaker Chambers that were concealed inside a hollowed-out pumpkin at Chamber’s farm, as part of Nixon’s larger effort to track down communist spies that had infiltrated the U.S. government.

Donald Trump’s long-time attorney Roy Cohn was Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Chief Counsel. Cohn was also a U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor during the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and their co-defendant Morton Sobell.

It remains unclear if “The Washington Post,” which now features the phrase “Democracy Dies in Darkness” splashed across its masthead, was aware of Bernstein’s communist parents during the Watergate era, but, if the paper was, its readers were left in the dark.  

Bernstein, Woodward, and CNN

CNN repeatedly sells the false construct that President Trump is colluding with Russia. CNN contributor Carl Bernstein is their leading hitman.

Numerous CNN segments feature Bernstein covering supposed connections between President Trump and the Russian government.

While CNN continues to spout the “Trump – Russian collusion” narrative, the network neglects to mention that its hired gun “progressive” Carl Bernstein is the son of Communist Party members who were under FBI surveillance for 35 years.

These CNN segments never include a disclosure to viewers that Bernstein’s family has FBI-established connections to Soviet atomic spies who severely damaged U.S. national security.

Is this what bald-faced journalistic malpractice looks like? This may explain why President Trump refers to CNN as “fake news.”
During an April 2018 CNN segment with Jake Tapper, Carl Bernstein pronounced:

We may well have not seen such dark days for American democracy and its institutions since the days of Joe McCarthy . . . There is a legitimate investigation into what the Russians did and whether or not the president of the United States and his cohort[s] and aides and families may or may not have been involved in helping the Russians . . . In the whole Cold War the Russians were not able to do what Putin has done through Donald Trump to destabilize the United States and its democratic institutions. It’s stunning. It’s ruinous.

Bernstein’s “analysis” uses a common communist construct of mirroring one’s own activities onto one’s adversary.

During an August 2018 CNN segment with Wolf Blitzer, Bernstein declares that “we are seeing a president who is behaving and acting unhinged.”

In completely upside down logic, Carl Bernstein slams President Trump’s claim that the FBI is conducting a McCarthyite witch hunt against Trump. Bernstein insists that the FBI is carrying out a “legitimate investigation” against Trump.  This is the same Carl Bernstein that claimed almost 30 years ago that the FBI carried out a McCarthyite witch hunt against the Bernstein family. The contrast between the two FBI investigations could not be more stark:  The Bernstein family, in point of fact, was enmeshed with a Soviet espionage network. Members of the leadership of today’s FBI have been carrying out an illegitimate investigation against Trump.

Mockingbird press conducts an operation against the American People and against a duly elected president

“In 1977, Carl Bernstein published an exposé of a CIA program known as Operation Mockingbird, a covert program involving, according to Bernstein, ‘more than 400 American journalists who in the past 25 years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency’” The Nation reported.

In his 1977 “Rolling Stone Magazine” article about Operation Mockingbird, Carl Bernstein wrote that “there are perhaps a dozen well known columnists and broadcast commentators whose relationships with the CIA go far beyond those normally maintained between reporters and their sources. They are referred to at the Agency as ‘known assets’ and can be counted on to perform a variety of undercover tasks.”

The objective of Operation Mockingbird was to sell the narrative that the CIA wanted others to believe, regardless of the truth of the matter. Which brings us back to Sidney Blumenthal’s email.

Blumenthal outed Woodward as an “FBI asset.”

Bernstein and Woodward, as two well-known journalists who fit the Mockingbird profile, continue to tell untruths about President Donald Trump and his “out-of-control,”  “crazed,” and “unhinged” behavior. This begs the question: Are Woodward and Bernstein working for the Deep State?

While Sidney Blumenthal outed Woodward as a known “FBI asset” one has to ask, are Woodward and Bernstein “known assets” of the CIA?

The CIA has no legal authority to recruit and/or deploy U.S. citizens domestically versus American citizens.

“The CIA collects information only regarding foreign countries and their citizens. Unlike the FBI, it is prohibited from collecting information regarding ‘U.S. Persons’ according to the FBI.

CIA is constrained legally from operating domestically. Its mandate is abroad. An exception is when international terrorists cross onto US soil, for example, the CIA will work with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to share information about those terrorists.

It would be illegal for the CIA to have deployed Woodward and Bernstein as “recruited assets” versus U.S. citizens, including the President.

While Sidney Blumenthal outed Woodward as a known “FBI asset” one has to ask, are Woodward and Bernstein “known assets” of the CIA?

The New York Times” reported on September 21, 2018 that “the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.”

Moments after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 a woman in the crowd outside Independence Hall asked:  “Well doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Benjamin Franklin famously replied “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Woodward and Bernstein, both imposters, cannot be allowed to continue to propagate their false narrative. Truth matters. The Deep State cabal is working feverishly to build division and chaos.

The political chaos in the U.S  being ginned up against President Trump is another hobnail boot on the neck of freedom. The communist left “Resistance” drags the nation and our Constitution toward destruction.

In a final bid to complete their transformation of the republic into a Soviet America, the left and their mainstream media “assets” have corrupted the truth, keeping the American people in the dark, where they will remain for the ages should “The Resistance” succeed.