Arming The Enemy

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 29, 2022

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We Are Declaring An Emergency! Obama And Biden Have Been Arming Russia While Disarming the US Military And NATO

On the brink of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, remember, Barack Obama and Joe Biden armed Russia while disarming the U.S. military and NATO:

Joe Biden and Barack Obama share deep ties to Russia and China. Even more troubling is the fact that both communist operatives armed Russia and China while disarming the U.S. military and NATO.

With Russian troops massed along Europe’s doorstep and China prepared to invade Taiwan, the situation has become a full-blown national security emergency that could usher in World War III, a global conflict that may already be underway.

In addition to Obama and Biden, other major players led this long-range operation to arm America’s enemies, including Obama administration officials Hillary Clinton at the State Department and Ash Carter at the Defense Department.

In order to understand Putin’s current military buildup along Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus which could lead to Russian forces advancing west with lightning speed toward  NATO members Poland and Romania, it is essential to understand both our reports on Joe Biden’s and Al Gore’s origins within The Council for a Livable World and our shocking 2015 exposé “CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet Spy Files, SUBUD Cult, And A Dead Body.”

An obscure suspected Soviet-Russian front organization known as The Council for a Livable World sponsored the political career of Joe Biden. Thus, The Council for a Livable World has had deep communist tentacles attached to both the Obama and Biden Administrations.

Because the primary military and strategic objectives of The Council for a Livable World have always been to eliminate the U.S. military’s stockpile of nuclear weapons and associated delivery systems and therefore to leave the United States defenseless, it makes perfect sense that the Obama and Biden administrations took steps toward achieving the objectives of The Council for a Livable World and Russia.

Two months before GULFTAINER and Port Canaveral announced their secretly-negotiated container terminal lease deal PROJECT PELICAN, The Washington Times reported in an April 16, 2014 article titled “Removal of military gear limits options for U.S., NATO in Ukraine: Combat teams, aircraft, tanks pulled from Europe”:

The Obama administration has removed all operational combat tanks from Europe and key strike aircraft, limiting the options for a show of force to bolster eastern NATO allies as Russia contemplates invading Ukraine.

Most analysts, and President Obama, say direct military aid to Kiev in the form of weapons, air power or ground troops is off the table.

In the past two years, the Obama administration has deactivated the only two armored combat brigade teams in Europe equipped with the Army’s main M1 battle tanks. It also disbanded a squadron of A-10 ground-attack jets…

…“Ten thousand American troops have moved west out of Europe,” said Mr. Coffey, an analyst at The Heritage Foundation. “Ten thousand British soldiers have moved west out of Germany, while thousands of Russian soldiers have moved west to the Ukraine.”

“For the first time in 70 years, there’s not a single U.S. tank on European soil that can be used for combat operations,” he said…

…The 67,000 U.S. troops in Europe are down from a Cold War peak of 400,000.

It was under the watch and under the intentional stand-down of the Obama-Biden Administration in early 2014 that Putin and Russia annexed the Crimea.

With Biden in the White House now, and with Obama pulling the strings from the shadows, Act II of the Obama – Biden surrender of Europe to Russia is well underway.

Jen Psaki, during a recent appearance on The View, slipped up when she started to reveal who she really works for: President Obama.


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