Absolute Proof: THE HAMMER Exists

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | April 23, 2022

Updated | April 25, 2022

Former CIA analyst and Hillary Clinton operative Larry C. Johnson had the temerity to participate in a hit piece called “Sunday With Charles – Bad Lieutenant General With Special Guest Larry Johnson.”

Johnson is conducting a disinformation operation to discredit Patriots and the information about the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER.

Within 36 hours of The American Report breaking the story about THE HAMMER that Brennan and Clapper illegally commandeered to spy on President Trump ‘A Zillion Times,” WikiLeaks dropped CIA Vault 7, which confirmed the existence of THE HAMMER.

Yet, Larry C. Johnson had the gall to attempt to discredit the well-respected Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney.

On March 19, 2017, two men of stellar reputations, General Thomas McInerney, with Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, brought the American Report’s March 17, 2017 article “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System,” to America’s terrestrial radio airwaves.

One can imagine Washington D.C. breaking into a cold sweat.

The very next morning, March 20, 2017, FBI Director James Comey launched the hoax Trump Russian collusion investigation.

Peter Strzok was put in charge of that investigation by James Comey.

Text messages later proved that within minutes of General Thomas McInerney going on the airwaves, Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page were exchanging text messages that specifically mentioned Dennis Montgomery.

CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery designed and built the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER.

Larry Johnson has been relentlessly attacking Dennis Montgomery.  Montgomery had a State Secrets Privilege (SSP) and a Government Protective Order (GPO) – a government muzzle, invoked against him so that he cannot speak up.

Johnson, who admittedly worked for Hillary Clinton and passed disinformation from Sidney Blumenthal, claimed the HAMMER does not exist. HAMMER is a Special Access Program (SAP) that few were read into.

Apparently, Larry Johnson was not read into this SAP program.

Johnson is an admitted disinformation agent, a Hillary pit bull. THE HAMMER exists.

This email was sent the day that THE HAMMER went live in Fort Washington, Maryland.

The email’s header indicates that it was sent on February 6, 2009 from a Department of Defense email account to email recipient “Dennis.”

The subject line of the email reads “RE: Data.”

The body of the email reads:

Did you get a flight yet, just let me know which and when. The Hammer is ready to go.

The Obama White House had an encrypted VPN in order to access THE HAMMER at will.

Investigative journalist Mary Fanning, together with Alan Jones, exposed THE HAMMER and the actions of John Brennan and James Clapper.

Politico reported on March 18, 2017:

The former CIA analyst who helped launch the claim that the U.K. spied on Donald Trump is a longtime critic of U.S. intelligence and defender of Russia…

…Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst and blogger, acknowledges he was one of the sources for Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano’s claim — later repeated by the White House — that British intelligence services spied on Trump during the election…

…Johnson, a key source for the report that was roundly denied by U.K. and U.S. officials, told POLITICO on Saturday that he received his initial tip from a Democrat who is not in the intelligence community but has ties there…

…He called his original source someone “with a history of having access to national security information.”

Washington Post Wrote About “The former pro-Clinton blogger Larry Johnson”

The Washington Post reported in a September 19, 2016 article titled “Digging deep on the latest Clintonworld birtherism story”:

Blumenthal’s unhelpful surrogate work for Clinton has been exposed many times since, most infamously in emails revealed during the various Freedom of Information Act requests of Clinton’s State Department. But in eight years, the only suggestion that Blumenthal pushed the “birther” story came this weekend. After Asher’s tweets went up, the former pro-Clinton blogger Larry Johnson published his own take, insisting that “Sidney was the conduit who fed damaging material to me” and that “in writing or through a verbal briefing,” Blumenthal had passed on allegations about Obama’s citizenship.

Timelines Matter

March 4, 2017

MARCH 5, 2017

  • March 5, 2017: Larry C. Johnson appeared on Russia’s RT channel and stated “In this case I understand from very good friends that what happened was both Jim Clapper and John Brennan at CIA were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump. That there was some collusion overseas with Britain’s own GHCQ [sic] … My understanding, though, is Obama did give the green light when he was briefed on information that had come from British GHCQ [sic] to US intelligence officials, that he gave a green light to go and to start distributing and using that in an improper way.”

MARCH 17, 2017

On the same day we published the Whistleblower Tapes story at The American Report, Larry Johnson scrambled to get on the airwaves via Russia propaganda channel RT, and redirected the American people’s attention to the British GCHQ, although has referred to it as the GHCQ:

Johnson stated on the Infowars Show with Alex Jones, broadcast on March 17, 2017:

The real fundamental thing that ought to alarm all Americans, regardless of their political party or political affiliation, is what has been going on with former leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency and in the Director of National Intelligence agency’s office, is direct interference in domestic politics.  If we are going to talk about Russian meddling in U.S. politics, it needs to be acknowledged that these intelligence agencies, the principals at the top, were involved with meddling.

Now, do I have first-hand knowledge that John Brennan was doing this? No, I do not. I have been told, though, by someone who is in a position to know, who is still within the intelligence community, that absolutely, that’s what was going on. That Brennan, and that there were shenanigans going on between the GHCQ [sic] and U.S. intelligence.

We previously reported at The American Report that CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery’s 47  hard drives and sworn testimony were turned over to the the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG Charles Irving McCullough III for safe-keeping:

According to a March 3, 2018 opinion by U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon in the case DENNIS MONTGOMERY, et al., Plaintiffs, v. JAMES COMEY, Defendants, Montgomery’s hard drives and sworn testimony were turned over to Irvin Charles “Chuck” McCullough III, who served as the Intelligence Community Inspector General from 2010 to 2018.

It Wasn’t Just THE HAMMER

The source code for THE HAMMER framework’s election monitoring and election engineering exploit application known as SCORECARD, according to Montgomery, was turned over to James Comey and subsequently fell into the hands of China.

Mary Fanning produced the documentary film Absolute Proof with Mike Lindell, during which she presented evidence that China conducted a cyberwarfare attack on U.S. election systems during the 2020 presidential election.

In one of their followup documentaries that Mary Fanning produced with Lindell, titled Absolute Interference, Fanning brought in cyber evidence collected by cyber experts who used Raspberry Pi Zero W (wireless) small single-board computers to collect evidence.

We previously reported in The American Report in the April 26, 2021 article titled “ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE Cybersecurity Experts: Chinese Cyberwarfare Attacks Flipped U.S. Election From Trump To Biden; Chinese-Made TCL / Alcatel Phones Distributed To Georgia Poll Managers Secretly Connected Election To Internet”:

In the new documentary ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE, which debuted on April 20, 2021, cybersecurity experts came forward and verified that a Chinese-led foreign cyberwarfare attack targeted the 2020 U.S. election…

…a whistleblower featured in ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE revealed that numerous Chinese-made TCL / Alcatel model 40440 flip phones covertly functioned as heavily-encrypted Trojan Horse 4G WiFi hotspots. The TCL / Alcatel phones were distributed to Georgia poll managers with written instructions. According to sworn affidavits of multiple poll managers, they were instructed to carry the TCL / Alcatel flip phones into polling sites and were to keep them powered up at all times. The TCL / Alcatel flip phones were utilized in Georgia during both the November 3, 2020 U.S. election and the January 5, 2021 Senate runoff election…

…When powered up, the Chinese TCL / Alcatel flip phones connected electronic vote tabulators inside election precinct polling sites across multiple Georgia counties to the internet.

The KNOWiNK brand electronic poll pads, which have their own cellular connection, track which registered voters have voted and which have not. The real-time poll pad data is critical to the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that inserts phantom voters into the election.

…These multiple election whistleblowers explained that the key technical detail of the operation was the TCL / Alcatel flip phone’s capability to covertly connect the precinct-level local area network (LAN) intranet to the internet…

…One whistleblower stated during ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE:

…we have verified connection to the polling pads [and the  election vote tabulators] with China by this TCL flip phone. We also have the absolute proof of interference by the fact that we have transmissions that go back to this Chinese state-owned company TCL.

Sworn affidavits regarding the TCL Alcatel flip phones were provided to attorneys.

In Cobb County, Georgia, Fanning found that tabulator tapes were missing and memory cards were written over. The memory cards were written over a sufficient number of times so that the original data could not be recovered.

After the tabulator tapes went missing, a Cobb county official called the electronic voting machine company to obtain election results, according to a source. Why is the electronic voting machine company controlling the election results?

Fanning also discovered that, according to a U.S. military veteran who ran for sheriff, Stacy Abrams’ “Happy Face” crew members were stuffing backpacks full of ballots from nursing homes into different Georgia ballot boxes from other counties located over forty miles away. A cyber expert extrapolated that if this happened frequently enough, just the backpack ballot box stuffing operation alone would have sufficiently altered the vote count to successfully steal the election.

However, the HAMMER/SCORECARD cyberwarfare attack conducted by China was the primary technique used to steal the 2020 presidential election for the benefit of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Someone within the U.S. government transferred the HAMMER/SCORECARD technology to China because Dennis Montgomery was required under his immunity agreement  to provide James Comey with the HAMMER/SCORECARD source code, and an electronic marker added to that source code later emerged in China, according to Montgomery.

Patriotic Georgia citizens, including a U.S. military veteran who was running for sheriff, provided testimony and video recordings.

Montgomery, THE HAMMER, An SSP And GPO — A  Government-Invoked Muzzle

Montgomery held a TS/SCI (Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information) security clearance and was read into SAP programs (above-top-secret Special Access Programs).

It is imperative that Dennis Montgomery be released from the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) and Government Protective Order (GPO) that were invoked against him so that he can speak freely to the American People about what has taken place in America.

The truth matters. Too many are under the mistaken notion that the rule of law is dead. Members of the Intelligence Community were involved in a criminal conspiracy.

Sedition and a coup d’etat still amount to the high crime of treason in America.


The truth about THE HAMMER must be made known to the American people.

Decisions are destiny.



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