Mary Fanning Blows The Lid Wide Open And Drops The Nukes On The Deep State: Two Mikes


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Just a few hours after still-President Trump demanded a “redo” of the 2022 presidential elections based on the hard evidence produced at Mike Lindell’s recent symposium and other data pertinent thereto that is popping nearly every day, The Two Mikes had the opportunity to interview Mary Fanning of the American Report.

Referring to Trump’s demand, Fanning explained that Lindell’s symposium produced evidence of a 2020 election stolen with the participation of China that is irrefutable and accepted by an ever-increasing number of experts across the country, as well as every American with a bit of common sense.

Ms. Fanning said in the wake of the symposium’s data, the word “conspiracy” can no longer be connected to claims of a stolen 2020 election. She recalled that John Brennan and James Clapper redirected the “Hammer” signals-collection system against Americans. Once activated, Hammer began collecting against the Supreme Court Justices, 153 other federal judges, Senators, Congressman, and other politicians and public figures across the country.

No one, however, was tracked more constantly or completely than Trump, his family, and his business; there were literally a “zillion” times on which they were the “hammer’s” target.

All of this data was included in the 47 hard drives — which, printed and stacked, would be 30 miles tall — that Dennis Montgomery turned over to the FBI to be investigated for criminality and perhaps treason, but — like Hunter Biden’s laptop — the FBI deep-sixed the discs.

Ms. Fanning took a moment to praise two of America’s most honorable patriots — Lt. General Thomas McInerney and the late Admiral James “Ace” Lyons — for their efforts to keep this information before the American public even as the media tried to bury it.

The information from the symposium and hard-drives, of course, shows that America has many foreign enemies, not only in China but among a half-dozen or more European countries that lent aid to the Democrats, the FBI and CIA in their efforts to block trump from the Republican nomination; to remove him through two impeachments, and the then by stealing the 2020 election.

There are, obviously, no shortage of mortal enemies of Trump and the republic here at home, such as the white guilt-ridden liberals, the manipulated black community, deflective Chinese Americans whom refused to admit that the bioweapon came from China; and none is worse, and more seldom mentioned, than many in the Jewish-American community and their businesses, like Big Tech/Media which can always be found on the side opposing Trump and on the side of those eager to destroy Americans, their republic and Constitution, and their families, liberty, and livelihoods.

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