CCP PLA General Chi Haotian’s Complete Unrestricted Warfare Doomsday Speeches: Is The Red Dragon In Biblical Revelations Communist China?


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | April 1, 2023

The Chinese spy balloon incursion into U.S. airspace has awakened the American people to the national security threat presented by China to a level of awareness rivaled only by the CCP’s brutal 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, President Clinton’s Chinagate missile technology scandal, and overwhelming intelligence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory played a central role in the creation of the COVID-19 pandemic.



On August 1, 2005, the Epoch Times published, in Chinese (simplified), what it claims are two speeches given by Chinese Defense Minister General Chi Haotian.


PLA General Chi Haotian

The Epoch Times included, as an introduction to those two speeches, the newspaper’s own analysis of the speeches.

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report translated both of General Chi Haotian’s speeches, as well as the Epoch Times’ analysis of General Chi Haotian’s speeches. The American Report performed the translations, section by section, using Google Translate.


AUGUST 1, 2005 


Comment on the Doomsday Crazy Gambling of the Bloody Company (Part 1)

The trapped beast is still fighting, surviving from the dead, decisively fighting against mankind

Author: Three People

[Epoch Times, August 1st] At the time when it came back to light, the CCP threw out its crazy doomsday gambling plan, which it had planned for many years to hide its power and bide its time, on the Internet in the form of speeches. This speech consists of “war is coming to us” (see attachment one) and “war is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century” (see attachment two). It can be echoed from the context and the logical coherence of the theme. It is determined that the two articles are indeed sister articles.

The two speeches comprehensively and systematically described in detail the CCP’s shudder and helplessness towards death, as well as its unwillingness to perish and desperate resistance in the past two decades, from the bleak wind to the severe winter. In particular, the two speeches were self-confessed in the secret room, naked and straightforward. They are a rare confession of the evil spirits for the world to truly understand the evil nature of the CCP in canned food. After reading this self-confession, the CCP’s thoughts and words and deeds are insightful!

In short, the two speeches are worthy of the author’s comment and readers’ reading.

  1. Steel-headed gangsters bet on the world, global villagers are like weeds

So, what core content does this doomsday crazy gambling plan contain? In a nutshell: trapped beasts still fight, survive from the dead, and decisively fight against mankind. If you don’t believe it, please listen to some of the devil’s voices from the speech:

1) We have to prepare with both hands. If the biological weapon attack is successful, the Chinese people will pay the least sacrifice in the struggle against the United States. However, if it fails to trigger US nuclear retaliation, China may suffer a disaster of losing more than half of its population. Therefore, we must prepare for air defense in large and medium-sized cities. But no matter what, for the future of the party, the country and the nation, we can only go forward boldly! No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are, no matter how much sacrifices are made! Even if more than half of the population is dead, it can regenerate, but if the Communist Party collapses, everything is over! It’s over forever!

2) In any case, the Chinese Communist Party will not withdraw from the stage of history! We would rather want the whole world and even the whole earth to coexist and die with our party than to withdraw from the stage of history! ! ! Isn’t there a “nuclear bundling” theory now? In other words, nuclear weapons bind the security of the entire world together, and everyone will die together. I think there is actually another kind of bondage, that is, the fate of our party is tied to the fate of the whole world. If our Communist Party is over, China will be over, and the world will be over.

3) It is indeed cruel to kill the United States with one or two hundred million people, but only this way can be exchanged for the century of the Chinese and the century of the Chinese Communist Party leading the world. We do not want dead people, we are revolutionary humanitarians. But if history requires us to choose: is it dead Chinese or dead American? Is it important to preserve the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people or to preserve the lives of our party? We can only choose the latter. Why do we call us Chinese? Who told us to be Communists? From the day we joined the party, the life of the party is above all else!

Since the party’s life is “above everything”, it will continue to live for the CCP, and it will not hesitate to use biochemical and nuclear weapons for a desperate battle, it is not surprising! Regarding human life as grass, even if 200 million Americans are killed and 700 to 800 million Chinese are lost, it is not a problem! Abandoning the world in disregard of safety, even if the whole world bet on a gamble, it is in the CCP’s sense! The speech tore away all the disguise, and let the world see a naked CCP: blood clogged in every pore, evil in every cell, it wants to survive from death and fight against humanity. This is the theme of the speech.

This theme can be described as extremely vicious and rascal. We have indeed seen steel-headed beggars who cut meat with knives and pierced their throats to threaten donors with rewards; but who have seen steel-headed hooligans who wield biochemical nuclear weapons and threaten the world “to die with you”? Not long ago, in the article “The Doomsday Feelings of the Bloody Company”, the author used the bloody company to accuse the CCP for the first time. In any case, the bloody confession confirmed the blood of the confessor: a fierce demon who slaughtered 80 million descendants of Yanhuang and Huang, when the time of death was approaching, he had to take a billion lives as a hostage as a bet. Let me ask: Can you find a more apt vocabulary to describe this bloodthirsty monster than “Bloody Company”?

As we all know, the Gongshi Blood Company is a conspiracy group sealing system, and this time it actively leaked core secrets, which is really very unusual. People have to ask: What is the purpose of Gongji Bloody Company’s plan to throw a doomsday crazy bet? The answer is: three birds with one stone in the speech, which is intended to:

1) To express the determination of “The sky cannot be buried, and the ground cannot be buried” of Gongji Bloody Company (quoted from “Speech” in Chinese). However, the one who claims that the heavens and the earth cannot be buried is not against the forces of the universe?

2) Facing the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, it was silent, and there was an urgent need to calcify the soft egg image.

3) Raising wars, advocating violence, and creating public opinion for the decisive battle of mankind.

So strictly speaking, what was thrown by Gongji Bloody Company was not so much a probing balloon, but rather a life-saving straw.

Of course, the way of throwing is very laborious, the speech is chopped off to the end, and the characters, time, place and background related to the speech are all hidden, which has become Jia Yucun’s dialect. Can be guessed, can be imagined, the clouds cover the fog, and the confusion, but can not sit down, aiming to create a kind of illusion. All in all, if you take the measure to the point where it is difficult to tell the truth from the false, you will be suspicious, and the speech will come out like this!

  1. Where to find the antidote for lies

However, because this speech is completely beyond the imagination of the normal mind, it is difficult for people to imagine that there will be great evil in the world. They would rather “impossible!” “untrustworthy!” At least, they can obtain a sense of psychological security through negation. A friend of mine actually sent a masterpiece by the CCP’s imperial literati: On Peaceful Rise, the postscript contains a lesson: This represents the current mainstream of CCP thought! Probably the meaning is still not enough, and finally I added another sentence: There is a small anti-Chinese wave now, which means that I must be careful.

It seems that the serious answer to the question of the authenticity of the speech, that is, does the speech represent the mainstream ideology of the bloody company, its aspirations, and its doomsday crazy betting plan? Can not be avoided. Otherwise, all articles exposing the speech will become untargeted, declaring war on the windmill; and in the beautiful imagination of the good people, the CCP has become a fuel-efficient lamp, which will be extinguished peacefully when the oil is exhausted, and it will not add to mankind. Trouble, don’t cause disaster to the world. If so, then the world is very lucky, and the common people are very lucky!

However, the founder of Falun Gong said that the CCP and its evil group “it is bad, it is poison, it is evil, just like the poison, you call it not poison people, it can’t do it” casually said? ? The “Nine Commentaries” commented that the Communist Party is an anti-cosmic force, a cult, and a hooligan. Are they joking?

On the other hand, if the answer is yes, it is clear and unmistakable that the speech is indeed the patent of the CCP, it does represent the mainstream of CCP’s thought, and it will surely alert the world. To be precise, affirming that the speech is true is tantamount to causing the CCP to show up for evil, and to make the CCP use its anti-human status to demonstrate the Nine Commentaries and commit its crimes.

Just like the first episode of Stockholm disease sincerely defending the criminals who kidnapped them, many Chinese people do not listen to the truth except the lies of the Chinese Communist

Party. They are held in the palm of the hand by the evil and feel safe and physically and mentally. They said: After all, war will not rise! Wait, it’s all about.

For those who do not believe in evil dogs hurting others, what is a good way to do it? Do not let the dog bite people, bite blood and blood, let’s conduct destructive tests; but you may as well let the dog jump and make noises to watch and watch. To be precise: if the good is not persuaded by the good, it is better to make the evil one declare evil. What’s more, lies are poisonous. For those who are extremely poisonous, persistent high fever, and torrential delirium, they must use the medicine to dissolve the lies, and the miraculous effect will be seen.

Isn’t it as bad as the “Nine Commentaries” said? ! Have you really changed the evil and changed the good? Has the gold box washed your hands? ! Don’t you see: The bloody company is here to treat the lie of the Dongguo clan with a unique antidote to the lie! You must know: Liars are the only antidote to lies in the world!

The unique antidote can make the lie patients’ hallucinations of lies disappear. As soon as they fall from the clouds to the ground, I believe they will be able to wake up more than half of them. Then invite them to watch a modern drama of “New Dongguo Stories”: taking advantage of the Dongguo clan to talk about “wolves” At the time when the sex is good, the bloody company Communist Wolf has quietly held all the Chinese people hostage, and comfortably bound them on the human flesh bomb! In this critical season of survival, even if it is better than Dongguo, you should not regard the meat bomb as a splendid hall. Let the combustion detonator be a pleasure! As a result, the big dream first woke up, dripping with cold sweat, Huo but healed. It is:

Where to find the antidote for lies? The trouble should end it.

Wonderful, antidote to lies!

  1. The intention of evil spirits is not on the platform, but the trapped beasts get out of trouble.

Based on the above reasons, making a convincing identification and demonstration of the authenticity of the speech has become the focus and theme of this article. The author dare not pretend to prove everyone, but from the old base, the situation is clear, and the self-confidence analysis of the CCP is still 80% sure. Besides, I believe that I begin with the first, and there must be some masters who will continue to follow.

Looking at the speech in isolation, from the use of words and sentences to the logic of thinking, the author’s understanding of the party culture represented by Mao, Deng, Jiang, and Hu is permeated everywhere, mixed with the upstarts of Nazi theory and the new communist fascist lunatic preaching, Feel free to use it at will. It comes from the heart of a wolf and does not exceed the rules of the evil party. It can be achieved by non-parrot learners and Handan toddlers day and night.

For example, if you quote Mao in your speech about leading allies to victory and benefiting them, they will support you and defend the Three Representatives, and you will win the CCP’s rogue culture.

For another example, “Even if more than half of the population is dead, it can still regenerate, and the Communist Party collapses, everything will be over! It will be over forever!” This paragraph of speech is related to Mao Zedong’s death of half of the Chinese in a nuclear war, leaving 300 million. People’s remarks about building communism ignore the brutality of life, how similar they are! It’s just that in the Mao era, there is no such eagerness to truly feel the imminent collapse of the death period!

Someone might think: You can’t infer that the words in the speech are true just because Mao let go of similar words. Fortunately, at this juncture, Professor Zhu Chenghu, the dean of the School of Defense of the National Defense University, jumped out and declared to the world with a high decibel: the speech systematically described the bloody company’s heart, and the dying CCP was even more fierce than the Maoist CCP, our very own Zhu Chenghu His speech is a footnote! He threatened: If the United States intervenes in the war in the Taiwan Strait, China will first use nuclear weapons, razing hundreds of American cities to the ground, even if China east of Xi’an is destroyed. In his internal speech, he even broke out: The CCP wants to store nuclear bombs and destroy more than half of humanity; everyone is afraid of death and hopes that others will die. Fortunately, nuclear defense fortifications have been dug in western China. Once the CCP plans to launch a nuclear attack, the top CCP officials can hide, and so on.

Professor Zhu is so cute! He faced too many unrealistic fantasies of the world, and brightened the trump card of the bloody company, confirming that the speech was absolutely true. He taught every citizen of the global village to be in danger and not forget that bloodthirsty monsters are grinding their teeth; he taught politicians and entrepreneurs in Western society that they cannot forget the benefits and exchange blood for the golden sand in the teeth of the beasts. , Harming others, harming ourselves, and ruining the world. Every citizen of the global village must always remember:

1) Without the authorization and instruction of the bloody company’s board of directors, a terminal general would never dare to speak out.

2) Zhu’s “razing to the ground” is the same as the “disabling the United States” and “clearing the United States” in his speech. If it is said that the speech was told behind the scenes, floating on the Internet, and there is no evidence; then, now the military jumped to the front desk and explained it clearly. Lies, such as “peaceful rise”, “representatives of the people’s interests”, etc., can break away without attacking lies!

3) The razing to the east of Xi’an and hundreds of American cities, and turning one billion people in China and the United States into nuclear dust, is precisely the specific interpretation and image expression of the party’s life above all else in the speech. Both are cruel. It is in the same line as the madness.

4) In order to unify one Taiwan, the east of Xi’an will be flattened at all costs. What is the meaning of unification? It can be seen that today’s call for reunification of Taiwan is just an excuse: the evil spirits are not in Taiwan, and they care about the escape of trapped beasts! To be more precise, one billion creatures are used as medicine, and a potion of life-renewing soup is tortured to bring back an evil spirit from the dead.

Indeed, beside the trapped animal cage, how can you allow others to breathe freely? For democratic Taiwan, the bones have long been in the throat, and I don’t want to end up with it all the time. However, to this day, a single-ended loss of Taiwan, honestly can not save lives in danger!

The eagerness of this performance is eloquent, and it fully reflects the CCP’s knowledge that it will soon be alive, and that it will collapse when it is said to be broken. Zhu’s speech itself is a signal of the acceleration of humanity’s decisive battle, and the world must not take it lightly. In the game of decisive battle against mankind, Taiwan is at best a spare fuse in the hands of the CCP to detonate the earth at any moment of danger. This is the real purpose of passing the “Anti-Secession Law.”

Not only is poetry and painting like people, but language is also holographic. Fundamentally speaking, the good cannot look like the wicked after all, and the clever imitation can only resemble at best! vice versa. To put it more thoroughly, the second evil cannot even be the most evil. Let me ask: In human history, from the tyrant Nero to Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo Hideki, who would dare to talk like this? I believe it is none other than the CCP!

Fourth, the best prognostic magic formula for morally clearing tumor king

However, I believe that it is easy to dissect the speech in isolation, but it is inevitable that there will be regrets of lameness and it is difficult to convince people. The best way is to place the speech in the big pattern of the black and white world of the Spring and Autumn Romance of the Global Village, linking the CCP’s wolf nature with its dangerous situation, and the coercive countermeasures under this situation, the authenticity of the speech can be determined. Sentence!

So, what is the big picture and the big situation of the black and white world of the Spring and Autumn Romance of the Global Village? In fact, as far as the CCP is concerned, it has indeed reached the historical juncture of life and death.

The layman sees the excitement and the expert looks at the doorway. Don’t think that Uncle Sam is really careless, like the gentlemen of Western Europe, who is so dazzling and stunned, like swearing at Song politicians and being scolded at Lian. The United States really does not know: In this world, who is the real source of disaster in this world, and who is the axis of evil that deserves it? Who is the father of terrorism and the hardcore backstage? And, which big gangster used Pakistan to spread nuclear weapons to the little gangsters North Korea, Iran, and Libya? Which big witch is supporting Kim Jong-il, Bin Laden, and Saddam to encourage the little demons to live in front of the stage to gain time to develop weapons of mass murder (especially biological and chemical weapons) behind the scenes?

In fact, after being baptized in the fight against terrorism, Bush knew that the weapon against the CCP was not a military confrontation but the spread of the idea of ​​freedom. Therefore, while missing the opportunity to complete the adjustment of the global military strategy, it issued a declaration of freedom for the 21st century: The United States of America realizes that national security is closely related to the success or failure of world democracy; world peace depends on the degree of progress in the cause of world freedom. This 17-minute declaration of freedom, which used the word “freedom” 27 times, sounded the death knell to completely bury the autocratic system in human history and destroyed the surging tide of world democracy. Vibrant Velvet Revolution Color Revolution Colors are popping up all the time. Including the Purple Revolution in Iraq, the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Tulip Revolution in Gilstein, and the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, etc.

Physical injury to its kind, death of lips and cold teeth. Even Liu Yazhou, who is a bit brainy and a role in the CCP’s princelings, stunned and exclaimed: It is not the United States that is really terrifying.

Fu Khan’s anti-terrorism cut in the back (Central Asia), but the wave of democratization shook the surrounding area. The tide of democracy is like the morning sun, and the spring water melts the ice. It is terrible, but it is not the CCP’s most feared. The most feared thing that makes the CCP unforgettable is that it is in a deep and incurable crisis:

It covers the body with armor, and the diseased bones are separated. Famous doctors are helpless, and medicine stones are hard to cast. It’s neither a donkey nor a horse, a kind of absurdity.

It has lost ground and destructed itself. Sowing evil and making lies is boundless. Morality is lost, there is no way and no heaven.

It has a beautiful face, rotten on the inside and rotten on the outside. Sucking blood and cloth poison, abducting the back. Ready to move, threatening humanity.

Reluctantly, the flowers are gone, and I can’t bear to look back at the nightmare! The beautiful soap bubbles that have boasted for more than 80 years have turned into daydreams; the revolutionary crabbing that has been clamoring for more than 80 years is originally a series of debt-collecting talisman; Wei Guangzheng has been fabricated for more than 80 years. The history of the evil party eventually turned into a sentence of crimes in the moral court on earth. It is:

You get melons when you grow melons, and beans when you grow beans;

In a word, the time has come to reap the consequences!

The biggest crisis of the CCP also lies in the use of the most evil means of ancient and modern China and foreign countries to declare war on the supreme morality, including the use of state machinery to engage in underworld activities, and the killing of Liu Chunling’s mother and daughter in Tiananmen Square in order to provoke the world’s hatred of the supreme morality.

Readers, princes, please pay attention to an important fact: all tyrants in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad, at best trample on morals with their evil deeds and corrupt the ethics. Only the CCP has openly committed to destroying morals. As a result, the CCP was deeply caught in a moral crisis and suffered a disaster of extinction. However, the clever and self-defeating CCP has carefully weighed:

1) To counter morality with evil, don’t moths fight the fire and kill themselves?

2) Where does Ercao place himself if it is not in harmony with morality?

3) Taking a step back and saying that the CCP can be satisfied, is it still a human world that has wiped out the supreme morality? !

Therefore, it was destined from the very beginning that the CCP was destined to run out of ammunition and food. Today, this evil iceberg swears to live and die with the sun, even if it dissolves completely, it will not change its original intention. Gao Rongrong, a young woman who was disfigured by a panic and was chased and killed by a panic, is a testament to the CCP’s unrepentance.

Thanks to the “Nine Commentaries”, which awakened the world from the height of moral conscience and fundamentally deciphered the CCP’s anti-human and anti-moral ghost culture, the CCP’s evil and absurdity were exposed to broad daylight. Corresponding to the trend of democracy from the outside, the trend of quitting the CCP, which morally spurns the CCP, rushes into the CCP’s heart. In particular, compared with surgical resection, Moral Digestion, the king of cancer, can normalize pus cells and regenerate most of the cancer cells. It can minimize normal cell damage and become the least costly and best prognostic drug. Up and down the magic heart method. The subtlety lies in:

1) It is not so much that the evil spirits are cast out from the outside, but the evil spirits are cast down in the heart;

2) To be more precise, deny the old self, sublime morals, cast aside the CCP, and despise monsters behind;

3) To spurn evil is self-salvation, purification of life, and reconciliation of the prodigal son with God.

Fifth, sell your ancestors and go crazy after giving birth   there is an article behind the absurdity

In the face of the big black and white world of the Spring and Autumn Romance of the global village today, it is not difficult for readers to set themselves up and imagine for the CCP: Where is the CCP’s way out in the embattled on all sides?

In a word, there is no way to escape. If the road before communism was buried in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the road to democracy was blocked by the CCP. The abyss and hell of communism before, and the court of justice and gallows in the back are a portrayal of the true situation of the CCP today. To be precise, the CCP will never come down since the day it rode the communist tiger on its back!

The overthrow of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe was undoubtedly a devastating blow to Deng Xiaoping, who claimed to be orthodox and communist. He was calm on the surface and panicked inside. Deng Xiaoping and his 1989 military repressive group, who had tossed their lives for communism and woke up in the dying years of Huang Liang’s dream, really worry about the destruction of their careers (it has long been ruined!), but when the regime will end. Once the regime collapsed, they must be sinners through the ages. The fate of the CCP, the CCP’s blood debt, and their fate, their blood debt are the same thing now!

After the harvest of Yanmenqiu and Zhao, this feather fan said “Stop arguing”, “Development is the last word”, “cross the river by feeling the stones”, “I am the son of the people”, etc. After his black words, soft words, and nice words, he closed his mouth and began to hide his powers. For the CCP, the trapped beast with sharp teeth, sharp claws and broken bones, designed a doomsday crazy gambling plan of “the trapped beasts still fight, survive from the dead, and fight against mankind.” After doing three things, I hurriedly let go and went to see Marx at the gate of inanimate:

1) Close close and long distance, decisive battle against the United States.

For this purpose, we will not hesitate to sell our land privately. Now, with the signature and custody of Jiang Hu, nearly fifty northern territories of Taiwan have been given away. It is difficult for people to understand: The CCP is notorious for killing people and arson. Now it is willing to risk the world’s disgrace when it perishes. It is doing traitorous deeds and embarrassing Shi Jingtang and making Yuan Shikai fall behind. Wouldn’t it be crazy? ! This incident seems extremely absurd, but it is unspeakable; on the surface, it looks like a gambler who has lost everything.

In today’s world, what are the reasons and reasons for the CCP to betray the ancestor’s foundation so resolutely and so aggressively? In any case, if it is not for life and death, if it is not for a crazy gamble for life and death, is it worthwhile to make such a huge bet? For example, do you have to post 50 Taiwan when you hit one Taiwan? Or, if you don’t lose fifty Taiwan, you can’t hide Jiang KGB’s identity?

No! There is only one thing that can be balanced on the same scale with the selling of fifty Taiwanese: the survival of the CCP. When this trapped beast wanted to solve the American

problem in one fell swoop, the trapped beast immediately became the king of the world, and the internal and external troubles disappeared instantly! However, a decisive battle against the United States is certainly not a matter of talking on paper or a spiritual meeting. First of all, the tactical taboo of receiving the enemy back and forth is a very real problem. I am afraid that the northern bear will stabbing a knife in the back when the battle is in full swing. Therefore, it is necessary and necessary to spend a lot of money to buy the northern bears to take precautions at all costs. Otherwise, how to explain that the CCP is not busy explaining the funeral when it is dying, but is anxiously betraying the country and selling land?

What’s more, in the eyes of the CCP, if you want to take it, you must first give it. It is 50 Taiwan that is given away, and it is the whole world. It is:

Selling ancestors and going crazy after giving birth, there is an article behind the absurdity.

2) Development of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Counting from the 1990s, it took more than ten years to devote one country’s strength to it. It is believed that biological and chemical weapons have been in the hands of the CCP. In his speech, “clearing the US with non-destructive weapons of mass killing” was by no means intimidating; a while ago, police officers and angry youths on the Internet were also clamoring: “Clear Taiwan”, “Taiwan is needed.” “It means killing all Taiwanese in order to make room. It doesn’t seem to be groundless.

Good-hearted people who have lost memory of the CCP’s history often wishfully believe that the CCP is a vegetarian, and do not believe that it dared to violate international conventions and minimum humanitarian standards by developing and producing large-scale modern killing weapons. However, don’t forget how Tiananmen Square was cleared in 1989! In this democratic sacred land in the minds of the Chinese people, the CCP meticulously planned a streamlined killing method, mass shooting with flowering bombs, burning corpses with gasoline, and lifting ashes with helicopters, evaporating national elites without any trace. Then solemnly announced that there was not a single student dead at Tiananmen Square, except for the twenty-three soldiers! What is the bottom line of the CCP’s morality? Is the Chinese Communist Party a vegetarian?

Moreover, a bin Laden who occupies the mountain can challenge the United States to destroy the World Trade Center. How can he take the national terrorism king, who is in the hands of nuclear weapons, biochemical and chemical, lightly? Not to mention anything else, just use a civilian flight to sprinkle the colorless and transparent biological poison silently within a few days, and you will not be able to eat it.

In a word, how can the world sleep lightly when dealing with steel-headed gangsters?

3) Establish an extraordinary power structure during the dying period.

In view of the lessons of Gorbachev’s disintegration of the communist system, the way behind the 1989 incident in the military group’s control panel, that is, the gun commanding the party, has become the norm: this group has absolute power to deal with important military affairs, such as ousting Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, but Usually does not interfere with daily affairs. If the center of the table is the general manager, then the behind-the-scenes group Deng Xiaoping Liu Huaqing Chi Haotian and his successors are the true chairman, soul, interests and life representatives of the bloody company. This kind of extraordinary power structure is tantamount to adding a piece of insurance to the CCP. At the same time, the board of directors included various people carefully selected from inside and outside the party, including princelings such as Zeng Qinghong, as well as hardcore loyalists, such as Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, who would not hesitate to stain the top with human blood, as well as the knowledge scum that specially designed evil to sell themselves.


Annex 1: War is coming to us – 

Chi Haotian


I wrote this topic with a heavy heart, because China’s modernization process has been repeatedly interrupted by external forces and direct aggression. The most typical one is the so-called “Golden Decade” in 1927-37. It’s not golden at all. There was the fall of Northeast China on 9.18 in 1931 and the establishment of the Puppet regime in East Hebei. However, relatively speaking, China’s economy developed rapidly from 1927 to 37, and infrastructure construction made considerable progress. Construction has also improved, and China has a little hope. However, this is something that Japan cannot tolerate. It is not satisfied with the embezzlement of the three eastern provinces, so it can’t wait to launch a full-scale war of aggression against China. After eight years of war, China, which was already poor and weak, became even more impoverished. It can be said that Japan’s aggression, especially the all-out war of aggression against China, has greatly delayed China’s modernization process.

Not allowing China to develop and hindering China’s modernization process has always been the unchangeable national policy of the great powers, especially Japan, and we should have the most painful historical lesson in this regard. There is cooperation between countries, but what is more essential is competition, conflict, and the extreme form of conflict-war. Cooperation is temporary and conditional, competition and conflict are absolute, and are the main axis of history. Therefore, the so-called peace and development as contemporary themes is completely wrong (at best, it can only be used as a stopgap measure). The statement neither has any theoretical basis that can withstand scrutiny, nor does it conform to facts and historical experience. Not to mention the geographical and historical rivals of China and Japan. Even the split between China and the Soviet Union in the 1960s is enough to show that any country takes the pursuit of national interests as the only code of action, without leaving any room for morality. Back then, China and the Soviet Union had a common ideology and faced a common enemy, and China’s low level of technology made it impossible for China to pose a threat to the Soviet

Union. However, China and the Soviet Union were still divided and moved towards a sharp confrontation. There are many reasons for this, but a fundamental reason is that the Soviet Union does not want to see a growing and stronger China standing side by side with it, even if this trend is far from becoming a reality.

If there is a common ideology and a common enemy, and the strong and the weak China and the Soviet Union can be divided, then the so-called peace and development are the illusions, fragility, and dangers of China’s political strategy, strategy, and diplomacy led by the mantra of contemporary test questions. It’s obvious.

It is completely wrong to say that peace and development are contemporary themes. It is wishful thinking, a harmful doctrine that plays an anaesthetic effect. The reasons are as follows:

  1. It is a consistent national policy of the great powers to crack down on China’s modernization process.

From the historical experience and lessons of modern China, and the historical experience and lessons of the People’s Republic of China over the past 50 years, we can draw a historical law: It is their consistent national policy to strike (including using all-out war methods) against China’s modernization process by the great powers. This has been the case for the past 160 years, and it will continue to be the case for the next 160 years.

  1. Development means danger and threat. Without the “right to war”, there is no right to development.

Development means danger and threat. This is a general rule of world history. Only in Chinese history is there a special case. For example, after the Han Dynasty defeated all its opponents within the geographical limits of the time, it could develop “closed door” and then produced “Tianxiaism”. Because no matter whether it is measured from any side of population, military, economy, or culture, there is no ethnic group comparable to the Han ethnic group, or even no ethnic group has the potential to be comparable.

In the Warring States Period, the development of one country meant a threat to another country. This is the general rule in world history and the core and cornerstone of Western diplomacy. The originator of Western diplomacy is the French Cardinal Richelieu, who was the first to break out of the “ignorance” of the Middle Ages in the field of diplomacy, pioneering modern diplomacy, abandoning any moral and religious shackles, and focusing on national interests. Spin. The foreign policy he formulated has benefited France for more than 200 years and dominated Europe, while the 30-year war he planned turned Germany into disarray, divided into small states, and remained in turmoil forever, until the unification of Germany by Bismarck. The process of German reunification showed that without the “war right” of Bismarx, there would be no national unity, let alone the right to development.

  1. Modernization under the saber, China’s only choice

The China threat theory is completely correct. This is the typical Western thinking. “I closed the door to develop my own economy. Who did I provoke?” This Chinese way of thinking is not only stupid, but also incompatible with “international standards.” In the Warring States Period, in the cruel field of national interests, no warmth could be tolerated. Whoever wants to hold the slightest illusion will be brutally punished by the great history. Of course, China’s development is a threat to Japan and others. China itself You may not look at it this way, but it is almost impossible for China to change the deep-rooted thinking of Japan and other powers that has been “in line with international standards.” Therefore, the basic point of our thinking should and must be: China’s development is a threat to Japan and others.

According to “reason”, every country and nation has the right to survival and development. For example, as China’s economy develops, it must import oil. In order to protect the ecology, China has to import wood and other raw materials in order to protect the ecology. This is only natural. There are no more “reasonable” things, but the big powers have the “reason” of the big powers. If oil purchases reach 100 million tons in 2010 and 200 million tons in 2020, will the big powers tolerate it?

Competing for basic survival resources (including land and oceans) is the root of most wars in history. There will be changes in this information age, but there will be no essential changes. Isn’t it developed, advanced, and civilized like Israel for the sake of big places (including fighting for water), and fighting against Afghanistan and Palestine for 50 years, and still fighting it all day? In order to fight for the right to development (unless the Chinese are always in poverty and even give up the right to development), China must prepare for war. This is not determined by us, nor is it determined by the kind wishes of some of us. Yes, in fact this is determined by “international practice” and the great powers.

China’s 20 years of peace and development policies have come to an end, and the international environment has undergone qualitative changes, that is, the great powers are ready to interrupt China’s modernization process once again. If China wants to develop and safeguard its right to development, it must prepare for war. Only by preparing for war can there be room and time for development. The past 20 years of peaceful pastoral development has been the finale, and the next program to be staged is and can only be: modernization under the saber.

  1. (Big) Diplomacy Determines Internal Affairs

Even the most hawkish hawks in China do not necessarily advocate the present

Just fight, although we have sufficient reasons, such as the war of national reunification, such as the purpose of safeguarding the rights and interests of the South China Sea. It is for the right to development and to cherish the extremely precious right to development that China has had in 160 years. However, when this right to development is increasingly threatened, that is when we must take up arms to defend the right to development of the Chinese people.

It’s true that internal affairs determine diplomacy, but don’t forget that in this Warring States era, (big) diplomacy also determines internal affairs. This is not only a theoretical statement, but also a statement based on the historical experience of the People’s Republic of China. In the 1970s, China’s defense expenditures exceeded the sum of expenditures on science, education, culture, and health (hence the people living in poverty). Of course, I don’t want China’s military spending to exceed the sum of its spending on science, education, culture, and health. In fact, what China needs most is education. But is it allowed by the great powers? Don’t you want to invest more money in science, education, culture, and health?

Some people say that according to the so-called Soviet declassified documents, it proves that the Soviet Union did not have a plan to invade China in the 1960s and 1970s. Even if these declassified documents are correct, it cannot explain the “true history”. China under its leadership has made the most adequate mental and material preparations, which greatly increased the risk and cost of the Soviet Union’s full-scale invasion of China. History has also completely turned in another direction. The weak will only attract aggression. From this perspective, Is the true defender of peace.

  1. Seeking good and evil, can China be peaceful in the next 10 years?

To interrupt China’s modernization process and deprive the Chinese of their right to development, the great powers have many cards to play. The three most obvious cards are the “Three Islands”, and the Taiwan card is the most effective. When the Taiwan Strait war breaks out, the power to decide is neither in our hands nor in the hands of Taiwan independence elements, but in the hands of the United States and Japan. If a war across the Taiwan Strait breaks out, it is not just a war of reunification, but the deeper level is that the United States and Japan are determined to deprive the Chinese of their right to development, and once again interrupt China’s modernization process, just like the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 in history when Japan invaded China in an all-round way. , Not only cedes land and pays compensation, but what is more essential is that Japan interrupted China’s modernization process and deprived the Chinese of their civil rights.

Therefore, we must view the Taiwan Strait war from the height of a strategic decisive battle. With our current level of force, there is still no strategic decisive battle for the United States and Japan, especially for the United States, because China only has a few intercontinental missiles, and the United States is determined to develop NMD.

To prevent delaying the outbreak of the Taiwan Strait War, we must first raise the Taiwan Strait War to the level of a “symmetrical strategic decisive battle”, which means that if we fail to win the Taiwan Strait War, the consequences will be even worse than the defeat in the Jiawu War. Therefore, if there is no war, it will be done, and war will have to completely destroy Japan and maimed the United States. Only a nuclear war can be competent.

Seeking good for evil, this is the final outcome of our current policy. Seeking evil for good, only with the ability to completely destroy Japan and crippling the United States can we win peace, otherwise the Taiwan issue will not drag on for 10 years, and there will be war within 10 years. !

  1. Hegemony is the essential feature of the existence of great powers

What is a big country? Hegemony means a big country, without hegemony, it is a puppet whose destiny (including the right to development) is controlled by others. Hegemony exists objectively in this Warring States era. “It is not transferred by human will.” The question is whether you realize it or not, whether it is actively pursued or passively approached. All the problems in China, including the Mishima issue, and the development of strategic industries. The problem, the adjustment of the interests of all strata in the country is ultimately a problem of fighting for the hegemony of the Chinese nation.

To contend for hegemony, there must be internal struggles. Internal stability and unity must be achieved. Because of the huge benefits of overseas colonization, the United Kingdom realized the “working class aristocracy” early. The lower class in Japan gains huge benefits. The times are different and the national conditions are different, but the essence has not changed. We must not only look at military and diplomatic issues from the perspective of hegemony, but also look at the adjustment of the internal strata and class interests from the perspective of hegemony. Only* squeezing and exploiting the upper-class elites of the lower strata of the country cannot represent national interests in this Warring States period. They are decadent, declining, and hopeless, and should be restricted and eliminated. Only mature and intelligent upper-levels can represent national interests, that is, implement the “concession policy” internally and lead the lower-levels to jointly obtain overseas interests. Proactively develop).

Annex 2: War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century

(It is said that this article is Chi Haotian’s other speech. Although it has not been confirmed, its discussion on China’s revival strategy is worth reading.)


I am very excited today, because the large-scale online questionnaire we commissioned for shows that our next generation has great hope and there are successors to our party’s cause. When answering the question “Will you shoot at women, children and prisoners of war?”, more than 80% of the people answered in the affirmative, which greatly exceeded our expectations.

I want to focus today on why we should commission to conduct this questionnaire survey of our people. My speech today is a continuation of the last speech. In that speech, I started with the Mishima issue and mentioned that the pastoral “peace and development” for 20 years has ended, and modernization under the saber is the only next step for China. The choice also mentioned that we have huge overseas interests. Today I will make some specific explanations on these two points.

Although the core question of our investigation this time is whether to shoot women, children and prisoners of war, the significance is not limited to this point. At first glance, our main intention is to explore the Chinese people’s attitude towards war: if these future fighters dare to kill even non-combatants, they will naturally kill combatants a hundred times, so the answer to the questionnaire can reflect the people’s attitude towards war. Overall attitude.

But in fact, our real intention is not here. The purpose of the central government’s decision to conduct this investigation is to get the bottom line. We want to understand that if China develops globally, it must be accompanied by the mass death of the population of hostile countries, whether our people can accept it, and whether our people support or oppose it.

Everyone knows that the core idea of ​​Comrade Xiaoping is “development is the last word.” Comrade Jintao also always emphasized that “development is the first priority” and we must firmly hold on to it. But comrades often understand one-sidedly, thinking that it is only limited to our domestic development. In fact, our “development” refers to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Of course, this rejuvenation will not be confined to our current land, but of course it will extend to the whole world.

Why do you say that?

Comrade Liu Huaqing, the leader of the older generation of our party, and Comrade He Xin, a young strategist of our party, have repeatedly emphasized the theory of shifting the center of world civilization. Our slogan for rejuvenating China is based on this idea. You can look through our newspapers and periodicals over the years and check it online to find out who our party first put forward the slogan of national rejuvenation. Comrade He Xin first proposed it. Do you know He Xin? Although he rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs when he gave a report, he was horrible in a fight with others, but his historical perspective is a valuable asset of our party.

This question must be discussed from the beginning.

As we all know, according to the views propagated by Western scholars, all human beings on the earth originated from the same mother in Africa, so it does not matter which ethnicity has racial superiority. However, according to the research of most of our Chinese scholars, we Chinese are different from other races on the earth, not originating in Africa, but originating independently from the present land of China. The familiar Chinese apes in Zhoukoudian is a stage of development of our ancestors. my country’s ongoing “Chinese Civilization Discovery Project” seeks to fully explore the origin, process and development of ancient Chinese civilization. In the past, we always talked about “Chinese civilization up and down five thousand years.” And now, many of our experts who are engaged in archaeological, ethnic culture, and regional cultural and historical research believe that the new discoveries of Northeast Hongshan Culture, Zhejiang Liangzhu Culture, Sichuan Jinsha Site, and Hunan Yongzhou Emperor Shun Cultural Site further clarify the history of China’s early civilization. The state of existence proves that the history of Chinese rice farming culture alone can be extended to 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, thus breaking the theory of “five thousand years of Chinese civilization”. Therefore, we can say that we are “a cultural root system of over a million years, a civilization and progress of tens of thousands of years, an ancient country of five thousand years, and a same entity of China for two thousand years.” This is the Chinese nation that we are proud of and call ourselves “the descendants of Yan and Huang”. If Hitler Germany preached that their Germanic nation was the most superior nation on earth, then our nation is much superior to them.

Due to the long history of our nation, our nation has long spread to the Americas and the Pacific Rim. These are the American Indians and the East Asian races in various regions of the South Pacific.

As you all know, relying on our national superiority, in our great Tang Dynasty, our civilization development was at the peak of the world. No other civilization in the world can stand by our side. We are the center of world civilization. Only because of later self-confidence and isolation, Western civilization surpassed us, and the center of world civilization moved to the West.

When looking back on this history, everyone will naturally be concerned about whether the center of world civilization will return to China again?

Comrade He Xin pointed out in a report to the Central Committee in 1988 that if the world’s dominant center has been located in Western Europe since the 18th century and moved to the United States from the mid-twentieth century, then by the 21st century, the world’s dominant center will be Move to the east of the earth. This “Orient” is of course mainly China.

Similar ideas were actually put forward by Comrade Liu Huaqing as early as the mid-1980s. He pointed out from historical analysis that the center of civilization in the world is shifting from the East to Western Europe, then to the United States, and now it is going back to the East. Therefore, if the 19th century is the British century and the 20th century is the American century, then the 21st century is the Chinese century.

Consciously understanding this historical law and welcoming the arrival of the Chinese century is the historical mission of our party. As you all know, we established a Chinese Millennium Monument in Beijing at the end of the last century. At the moment when the new century came, the leadership of the Party Central Committee held aloft the torch in Zhoukoudian there and held a meeting to welcome the Chinese Century. It was to follow the laws of history. Make the realization of the Chinese Century the goal of our party. Later, we included the great goal of national rejuvenation in the political report of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and we also clearly stipulated in the new party constitution that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation. These are all major developments to Marxism, which embodies the courage of our party. As you all know, Marx and others have never said in the past that the Communist Party is the vanguard of which nation, nor did they say that national rejuvenation can be used as the slogan of the Communist Party. Even if Comrade Mao Zedong is a courageous national hero, he only dared to raise the banner of “World Proletarian Revolution”, but did not dare to shout the slogan of national rejuvenation the loudest.

We must hold high the banner of national rejuvenation to welcome the arrival of the Chinese century. How can we strive to realize the Chinese Century? We must learn from the precious experience of human history, grasp all the outstanding achievements of human civilization, and learn the lessons of other nations.

This lesson is the lesson of the defeat of the Soviet and Eastern parties and the lesson of the defeat of Germany and Japan. There has been a lot of discussion on the lessons of the defeat of the party in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, so I won’t talk about it here. I will only talk about the lessons of Germany and Japan today.

As you all know, Hitler Germany also attaches great importance to the education of the people, especially the younger generation. The Nazi party and government have specially established the “National Propaganda and Guidance Office”, “National Education and Propaganda Department”, “World View Learning and Education Supervision Office”, and “News “Office” and many other propaganda and educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities, instilled in the people of the whole country that the Germans are the best nation, and they must convince the people that their historical mission of the Aryans is to become “ruling the world.” “King of the Earth”. The unity of Germany was much stronger than we are now.

But in the end, Germany failed miserably, and Japan along with it also failed miserably. What is the reason? At the Politburo study meeting that explored the laws of the rise and fall of great powers, we also summarized the experience of Germany and Japan’s rapid development. While we are determined to take the German road to rejuvenate China, we must not repeat the mistakes they made.

The specific reasons are as follows. First, they made too many enemies at once and failed to grasp the principles of each defeat; second, they were eager to achieve success, lacking the patience and endurance to make big things happen; third, they were not ruthless when they should be shot hard, so that they left troubles. . Imagine if Germany and Japan could always neutralize the United States and fight a protracted war on the Soviet front step by step. If they adopted this policy and bought time to pass nuclear weapons and missiles, then they would suddenly and severely attack the United States and the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons and missiles. The United States and the Soviet Union will inevitably fail to resist and surrender. Especially Little Japan made a huge mistake and launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. That little squad did not hit the vital point of the United States, but dragged it into the war and joined the ranks of digging graves for German and Japanese fascists. Of course, if they do not make these three mistakes and win, history will be rewritten. In that case, I am afraid that no people like us are controlling China, but Japan is moving its capital to China and controlling China. Then, it may be Japan’s control of China and the entire Asia, exerting Eastern wisdom, defeating the Western wisdom of the Germans and uniting the world. These are all nonsense, don’t talk about it. . . . .

The fundamental reason is that Germany and Japan failed miserably because history did not arrange for them to be the “kings of the earth”, because in fact they are not the best nation.

Of course, on the surface, the history of China today is surprisingly similar to that of Germany. They all think that their race is the most superior. They all have a history of being bullied by foreign powers and have a vengeance. They all have a tradition of worshiping their authority. They all feel that their living space is seriously insufficient. They all hold high the two banners of nationalism and socialism. Calling themselves “national socialism”, they all worship “one country, one party, one leader, one doctrine.” . . .

But if you really compare Germany with China, in the words of Comrade Jiang Zemin, then it is simply pediatrics! How much population, place and history does Germany have? We wiped out 8 million Kuomintang troops in three years. How many people did they kill in Germany? They extinguished after only more than ten years of imaginary fire, and we were still full of vitality after more than 80 years. Our theory of the transfer of the center of civilization is of course much deeper than Hitler’s theory of the “king of the earth”. The breadth and depth of our civilization determines that we are much smarter than them.

We Chinese are smarter than Germans. In the final analysis, because our nation is superior to them, we have a long history, a large population, and a large area. On this basis, our ancestors left us two most fundamental heirlooms, namely atheism and grand unification. Master Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, is the founder.

These two magic weapons determine that we have stronger vitality than the West. Therefore, the Chinese nation will endure for a long time. No matter how serious natural and man-made disasters and ethnic disasters are, we are destined to “the heavens cannot die, and the earth cannot be buried.” This is our advantage. Take the war situation in response to emergencies. So far, the United States has not been subjugated because the war has not officially reached its homeland. Once the enemy has targeted its homeland, and after the congressional argument is over, the president is authorized to declare war. The enemy has already reached Washington. And what about us? There is no such thing as wrangling. Small

Comrade Ping said, “The party’s leadership decides the problem quickly, and the decision is made. There is no wrangling like capitalist countries. This is our advantage.” Our party’s democratic centralism is based on the tradition of great unification. Although German fascism also emphasized a high degree of concentration, it only focused on the individual power of the head of state, but ignored the collective leadership of the central group. Therefore, Hitler later rebelled against relatives and fundamentally shook the Nazi party’s warfare capabilities.

We are different from Germany because we are completely atheist, while Germany was originally a Catholic and a Christian country, and Hitler was only half atheist. Although Hitler also believed that ordinary people’s intelligence was low, it should be left to the leaders. Although German people also admired Hitler at that time, Germany did not have a long tradition of worshiping “saints” extensively like China. Our Chinese society has always worshiped “saints” because we do not worship any gods. If you worship God, you cannot worship people unless you recognize who is the representative of God, just like some countries in the Middle East. And once you have admitted who is a saint, of course you have to let him lead you instead of supervising and selecting him. This is the basis of our democratic centralism.

So, in the final analysis, only China, not Germany, is a reliable force against Western parliamentary democracy. A Hitler dictatorship emerged in Germany. It may be just a momentary historical misunderstanding.

Having said that, you may be able to understand why we have recently made a decision to further promote atheism. If Western theism is allowed to come to China to hollow out us, if the Chinese people are allowed to listen to and follow God, who else can honestly listen to and follow us? If ordinary people don’t believe that Comrade Jintao is a qualified leader, they question him and want to supervise him. If the members of our church question why we want to lead God in the church, can our party still lead China? !

Germany’s efforts to become the “King of the Earth” failed. In the final analysis, it is because history has not given them this historical mission. But the three experiences of Germany back then are what we should learn when we complete our historical mission and realize national rejuvenation. This is to firmly grasp the issue of the living space of the nation, firmly grasp the leadership of the ruling party, firmly grasp the general direction of being the “king of the earth,” and firmly hold on to these three issues.

Now I want to talk about these three issues.

The first is to focus on the issue of living space, which is the biggest focus of our national rejuvenation. In my last speech, I mentioned that fighting for basic survival resources (including land and oceans) is the root of most wars in history. There will be changes in this information age, but there will be no essential changes. Our per capita resources are much less than in Germany back then. Coupled with the deteriorating effects of economic development and the rapid deterioration of the climate in the past two decades, our resources are severely depleted and the environment is severely deteriorating, especially the problems of land, water and air. Extraordinarily serious. Our sustainable development. Even the survival of the nation is facing serious threats, far more serious than Germany in those days. Anyone who has been to Western countries can feel that their living space far exceeds ours. They are surrounded by large forests along the highway, and we rarely see a few trees along the highway; their sky is often blue and white, and our sky is covered with a black pot; their water pipes can be twisted to drink, and we even pollute the groundwater. You can’t drink without filtering; there are not many people in their streets, and two or three of them live in a small building. We are crowded with people in the street, and a few people in a room. Many years ago, someone wrote a book titled “The Yellow Peril”, saying that when our country reached a population of 1.3 billion, because we all aimed at the high consumption of the American lifestyle, the limited land resources could not carry it, which led to the collapse of the society. Now our population has exceeded this limit and is maintained by imported resources. It’s not that we don’t pay attention to this issue. We have a Ministry of Land and Resources that focuses on this issue every day. However, because the term “living space” has too much connection with Nazi Germany, it is inconvenient for us to speak more publicly, so as to prevent the West from thinking of Nazi Germany and fueling the “China threat theory.” Therefore, when we emphasized that “human rights are the right to exist” according to He Xin’s theory, we deliberately only talk about “survival” without mentioning “space” and avoid using the term “survival space”. Historically speaking, China faced the problem of living space because Western countries rushed to develop ahead of Eastern countries, so they were able to colonize the world, thus occupying an advantageous position in the problem of living space. If we want to solve this problem, we must lead the people to go out and develop abroad.

The second issue is that we must focus on the leadership of the ruling party. We have to grasp this issue better than their National Socialist Party (the Nazi Party). Although they extended the power of the Nazi Party to all aspects of the German state power, they did not emphasize the absolute leadership of the party like we did, and did not regard “the party to manage the party” as our top priority. When Comrade Mao Zedong summed up the “three magic weapons” of our party to conquer the world, he took the construction of our Communist Party and the leadership of the Communist Party as the most important magic weapon.

We now want to consolidate our party’s leading position and strengthen our leadership capabilities. The key is to grasp two things.

One is to promote the theory of the Three Represents and emphasize that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation and not just the vanguard of the proletariat. Many people commented below, “We have never voted for your Communist Party to represent us. How can you call yourself our ‘representative’?”

Don’t worry about this problem. Comrade Mao Zedong said that if you lead the allies to victory and benefit them, they will support you. Therefore, as long as we lead the Chinese people to go out and solve the problem of insufficient living space in China, the Chinese people will support us. At that time, there will be no such thing as “authoritarian” or “dictatorship”. Therefore, whether we can always be the representative of the Chinese people depends on whether we can successfully lead the people out.

Therefore, the second point, whether or not to lead the Chinese people out, is the biggest and key issue related to the leadership of the Communist Party.

Why do you say this way?

Everyone knows that without the leadership of our party, there would be nothing in China. Therefore, always defending the leadership of our party is our highest purpose. Before the “June 4th”, we vaguely realized that as long as we turn China over, we can win the people’s support and love of the Communist Party. Therefore, we must strive for decades of peace to develop China. No matter what kind of doctrine, whether it is a white cat or a black cat, it is a good cat that can develop China! However, at that time, there was no mature consideration about how to deal with international disputes after China developed. At that time, Comrade Xiaoping proposed that the theme of the contemporary world is peace and development. However, the “June 4th” riots sounded the police class for our party and taught us the most memorable lesson. The pressure of China’s peaceful evolution requires us to reconsider the theme of the times. We have seen that neither of the two issues of peace and development have been resolved. The hostile forces in the West always transform the world and China according to their own appearance, trying to use peaceful evolution to overthrow the leadership of our Communist Party. Therefore, there is still the possibility of losing the Communist Party’s status by only engaging in construction and development. The “June 4th” riots almost succeeded in a peaceful evolution. If it were not for a large number of our veteran comrades who were alive and seized the power of Zhao Ziyang’s team at a critical juncture, we would all be locked up and completely dead without face to Marx. Go report. But even though the June 4th hurdle has passed, when our last group of old comrades are dead, without us at the helm, the peaceful evolution still has to come to China, just like the former Soviet Union. In five or six years they put out the Hungarian incident at that time and repelled the Yugoslav iron trust revisionist attack, but they could not withstand Gorbachev 30 years later. The reason is that once the old comrades who beat the world almost died. Then, the Communist Party’s world will be taken away by peaceful evolution.

After the “June 4th” violence, we have been thinking about how to prevent the peaceful evolution of China in order to preserve the leadership of the Communist Party. If we can’t come up with a good solution, China’s peaceful evolution will be inevitable, and we will become sinners of history. After our party’s deep reflection, we finally came to the conclusion: only by transforming the developed national power into a punching force and leading the people to go out, can we win the support and love of the Chinese people for the Communist Party forever, and our party can stand forever. In an invincible place, the people cannot do without the Communist Party, and they will always follow the Communist Party willingly, just like a couplet often written in our rural areas: “Listen to Chairman Mao and follow the Communist Party”!

Therefore, the June 4th riots made us realize that we must closely integrate the construction and development of the country with preparing for war and leading the people to go out! So since then, our national defense policy has taken a 180-degree turn. We are increasingly emphasizing the “combination of peace and war (peace and war).” All our construction and development must meet the needs of war. prepare! What we openly emphasize is still centering on economic construction, but in fact, economic construction is centered on war! We have devoted great efforts to the construction of the “Great Wall Project”, building a strong underground Great Wall capable of fighting nuclear wars near coastal defenses, border defenses, and large and medium-sized cities throughout China, and stocking all necessary war materials. Therefore, we will not hesitate to fight World War III, but we must also lead the people out to ensure the leadership of our party. In any case, we, the Chinese Communist Party, will not withdraw from the stage of history! We would rather want the whole world and even the whole earth to coexist and die with our party than to withdraw from the stage of history! ! ! Isn’t there a “nuclear bundling” theory now? In other words, nuclear weapons bind the security of the entire world together, and everyone will die together. I think there is actually another kind of bondage, that is, the fate of our party is tied to the fate of the whole world. If our Communist Party is over, China will be over, and the world will be over.

The historical mission of our party is to lead the Chinese people out. If we take a long-term view, we can see how history has come: First, China’s long history has created the world’s largest mainland population and overseas Chinese population; second, Western capitalists, who are in charge of profits, are pursuing our world’s largest population. The market will inevitably come to China to invest funds and technology to support our construction and development when we open the door; third, the strength of so many overseas Chinese has created the best conditions for China to introduce foreign capital, foreign technology and advanced experience, making China’s reform and opening up inevitable Can achieve great success; fourth, China’s economic development will inevitably be accompanied by the reduction of China’s per capita living space, prompting China to strive for new living space abroad; fifth, China’s great development will inevitably be accompanied by our military strength. Development has prepared conditions for us to go global and develop overseas. Since Napoleon, the West has had great fears about the awakening of Chinese sleeping lions. But it is unstoppable for the Chinese sleeping lion to stand up and go to the world!

What is the third problem that we should firmly grasp when we complete the historical mission of national rejuvenation? That is, unswervingly grasp the general direction of the “US issue”.

Comrade Mao Zedong taught us that we must determine the correct political direction. What is our biggest right direction? It is to solve the American problem.

This looks amazing, but the truth is very simple.

A fundamental thesis put forward by Comrade He Xin is very reasonable. In his report to the central government, he asserted: China’s revival is fundamentally contradictory to the strategic interests of the West, so it will inevitably be blocked by Western countries. Therefore, only by breaking through the siege of Western countries led by the United States can China develop and enter the world!

If we want to go out and gain a new living space, will the United States agree? First, if the United States resolutely stepped forward to block it, it would be difficult for us to do anything to Taiwan and other countries! Second, even if we lay down some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and even Japan, how much space can it increase for us? It’s trivial! Only the United States, Canada, and Australia have vast land for us to colonize in large numbers.

So solving the “US problem” is the key to solving all other problems. First, this makes it possible for us to colonize there in large numbers and even establish another China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. The Americas were originally discovered by the yellow race, but Columbus credited the white people with the credit. Our descendants of Yan and Huang have the right to enjoy this land! I heard that residents of the yellow race have a very low status in the United States. We are going to liberate them. Second, if the “US problem” is resolved, European and Western countries will succumb to us, not to mention Taiwan, Japan and other small countries. Therefore, solving the “American problem” is the task given to us Chinese Communists by history.

I sometimes think that China and the United States are really enemies on a narrow road. It’s really cruel! Do you remember a movie about Liu and Deng’s army, called “Decisive Battle in the Central Plains”. The film has a famous saying: “The enemy is narrow, and the brave wins!” It was only by this kind of battle that we took the mainland of China. History is destined for China and the United States to fight each other in a narrow way! Although historically speaking, the United States did not invade and endanger China like Russia and Japan, and helped China fight Japan during the War of Resistance, but it will inevitably be the resistance to our national rejuvenation in the future, and it is the greatest resistance! In the long run, Sino-US relations are this kind of life-and-death relationship.

Once an American visited us and advised us to recognize that the Sino-US relationship is an interdependent relationship. Comrade Xiaoping answered them very politely: “Tell your government that there is no such relationship between China and the United States that is dependent on each other, and no one can do without.” In fact, Comrade Xiaoping is too polite to say bluntly, “China and the United States.” It’s a life-and-death relationship between Yuanjialuzhai and life.”

Of course we are not yet at the time to tear our skins with them. Since the reform and opening up, we have to rely on their funds and technology, and we cannot do without the United States. Therefore, we have tried our best to develop relations with the United States, learn from the United States in all aspects, and rebuild our country with the United States as an example. How did we come here in international exchanges over the years? Even if we are to accompany all the smiling faces, even if we are hit on the left cheek and then stretch out the right cheek, we must bite the bullet and hold back and develop our relationship with the United States.

Remember the Wu Xun in the movie “Wu Xun Biography”? In order to accomplish his mission, he endured the pain so many punches and kicks! The United States is the most successful country in the world today. Only when we learn all its useful experiences can we replace it in the future. Although we are now learning from the American accent that “China and the United States are mutually dependent on each other for honor and disgrace,” we must not forget that our history of civilization has repeatedly taught us that one mountain cannot be two tigers. Let us also never forget that the subtext of the “hide our capacity and bide our time” emphasized by Comrade Xiaoping is in the final analysis: For the United States, we must be patient, we must hide our ultimate goal, hide our capabilities, and wait for the opportunity. In this way, we will be clear-headed: why did we not make the national anthem “advance with the times” bring peace to the national anthem, did not make the national anthem away from the theme of war, but in this amendment to the constitution, the first time it clearly stated that [Volunteer March] was us National anthem. In this way, we will also understand why we always chant the “Taiwan issue” without mentioning the “U.S. issue”. Everyone knows the truth of “Mingxiu plank road secretly crosses Chencang”. If ordinary people can only see the small island of Taiwan with their eyes, then you, as national elites, should be able to see the overall situation of our cause. Over the years, we have surrendered such a large area of ​​northern territory to Russia in accordance with Comrade Xiaoping’s deployment.

China, is our Party Central Committee a fool?

We have to go beyond the box in solving the “US problem.” In history, a country defeated another country or occupied another country, but it could not kill all the people of the conquered country. At that time, the killing efficiency of swords and spears and even rifles and machine guns was too low, so it was impossible to just get A piece of land and not the people on that piece of land. However, if we conquer the United States in accordance with this framework, we will not be able to colonize the United States in large numbers.

Only by using extraordinary means to “clear the ground” can the Chinese people lead the past. This is the only way, not a question of whether we are willing or not. What extraordinary means can be used to “clear the market” of the United States? Conventional weapons such as aircraft, artillery, missiles, warships, and the like are not good, nor are highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We will not be so stupid that we will die with the United States with nuclear weapons, even though we clamor for the Taiwan issue at all costs. Only non-destructive weapons of mass murder can keep the United States intact. The development of modern biotechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and new biological weapons are emerging in endlessly. Of course, we are not idle either. Over the years, we have robbed time to master this kind of assassin. We have been able to achieve the purpose of suddenly “clearing the market” of the United States. When Comrade Xiaoping was still alive, the central authorities made the correct decision with a foresight: not to develop an aircraft carrier battle group, but to concentrate on the killer’s trick to exterminate the enemy’s population.

From humanitarian considerations, we should first issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave the Americas and cede the land they now live on to the Chinese people, or at least give half of the United States to the Chinese colonization, because the Americans were first discovered by the Chinese. . But does it work? If this does not work, there is only one way to go: use decisive means to “clear the field” in the United States, and free up the land of the United States at a rapid pace! Our historical experience has proved that as long as we have created a fait accompli, no one in the world can do anything to us, not to mention that the US-led enemy is wiped out, and other enemies have to bow to us.

Biological weapons are extremely cruel. But if the Americans do not die, the Chinese will die. If the Chinese people are trapped to die on this existing land and a major social collapse occurs, according to the calculations of the author of the “Yellow Peril”, the Chinese will die more than half, more than 800 million people! Our loess land carried nearly 500 million people at the beginning of the liberation, and now the open population is more than 1.3 billion. The carrying capacity of this loess land has reached its limit. Maybe one day, if it collapses, it will collapse and the population will die. More than half.

We have to prepare with both hands. If the biological weapon attack is successful, the Chinese people will pay the least sacrifice in the struggle against the United States. However, if it fails or triggers nuclear retaliation by the United States, China may suffer a disaster of losing more than half of its population. Therefore, we must prepare for air defense in large and medium-sized cities. But no matter what, for the future of the party, the country and the nation, we can only go forward boldly! No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are, no matter how much sacrifices have to be made! Even if more than half of the population is dead, it can regenerate, and once the Communist Party collapses, everything will be over! It’s over forever!

China has always changed dynasties in which the cruel wins the benevolent and loses. The most typical case is that the overlord showed kindness and failed to “chase the poor” against Liu Bang, and ended up dying in front of Liu Bang. Therefore, we emphasize that we must take decisive measures at all costs. In the future, China and the United States will encounter each other on a narrow road. If we are soft-hearted, we will be cruel to the Chinese people.

When I talk about this, it is inevitable that someone will ask: What about our millions of compatriots in the United States? They said, aren’t we opposed to Chinese killing Chinese people?

These comrades are very pedantic and unrealistic. If we insist that the Chinese do not kill the Chinese, can we liberate China? As for the millions of Chinese in the United States, this is of course a big problem. So in recent years we are also studying genetic weapons, that is, biological weapons that do not kill the yellow race. But this research is very difficult. In the world’s genetic weapons research, Israel is at the forefront. Their genetic weapons are designed to deal with the Arabs and protect the Israelis. But even they have not reached the practical stage. We have research cooperation with Israel, we can take some of their technology and transform the technology they used to protect the Israelis to protect the yellow race. But their technology is not good enough, and it will be difficult for us to surpass them within a few years. If genetic weapons can break through after five to ten years, we can’t wait. The limited lives of us old comrades can’t wait. Although veteran fighters like me can wait another five years or ten years, those old comrades in the 38th style and the few old Red Army cannot wait any longer. So we had to give up our expectations of genetic weapons. Of course, on the other hand, most Chinese in the United States are our burden. They are accustomed to bourgeois liberalization and cannot easily accept the leadership of our party. If they survive, we will continue to engage in sports to deal with them and reform them. Let us not forget that when we defeated the Kuomintang and liberated mainland China, so many bourgeois and intellectuals raised their hands to support us, but then we still wanted to “anti-rebellion” and “anti-rightist” to clean up and reform them? Some people hid so deeply that they were dug up only after the Cultural Revolution.

History has proven that if any major social change is not done properly, a large number of people will die. Can it be said: The dead are the driving force for the advancement of history? How many people died in the Three Kingdoms Contest? How many people died when Genghis Khan conquered Eurasia? How many people died in the Manchu Pass? Not many people died during the Revolution of 1911, but at least 20 million people died when we overthrew the three mountains and added the “anti-rebellion”, “three-antis” and “five-antis”. …We were worried that some young people would be frightened when they heard about the dead in war. We saw a lot of dead people during the war. We saw a lot of flesh and blood, liver and brain, corpses all over the field, and blood flowing in rivers. We saw a lot. When we arrived at the battlefield, everyone was stunned by killing, because that was the life and death, and the brave victory. It is indeed cruel to ask Americans to die one or two million people, but only this way can be exchanged for the century of the Chinese and the century of the Chinese Communist Party leading the world. We do not want dead people, we are revolutionary humanitarians. But if history requires us to choose: is it dead Chinese or dead American? Is it important to preserve the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people or to preserve the lives of our party? We can only choose the latter. Why do we call us Chinese? Who told us to be members of the Communist Party? From the first day we joined the party, the life of the party is above all else! History will prove that our choice is correct.

Now, when I have finished talking about this, you will probably understand why we want to conduct this online questionnaire survey. In short, our online investigation is to really understand, if one day we secretly use decisive means to “clear the field” in the United States, will it arouse the resistance of our people? Do the people support or oppose it? Our basic judgment is that if the people approve of shooting prisoners of war, women and children, they will approve of “clearing the ground” in the United States. For more than two decades, China has basically been in an age of peace, and a whole generation of people have not been baptized by war. In particular, since the end of the Second World War, the forms of war, the concept of war and the ethics of war in the world have undergone great changes. Especially since the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the communist countries in Eastern Europe, Western ideologies have become worldwide. Occupying a dominant position, Western human nature and human rights views are increasingly infiltrating Chinese youth. Therefore, we were not very sure about the people’s attitude. If our people are basically opposed to our “clearing the market” in the United States, of course we need to have corresponding countermeasures.

Why do we conduct investigations on the Internet instead of administrative channels? Of course there are reasons for this.

First of all, reducing human interference will help to understand the real thinking of the people. In addition, it will not leak secrets and will not reveal the true purpose of our investigation. The most important thing is that those who can participate in online answering questions are mainly groups with a certain cultural background and a certain mind. They are the backbone group and leader among our people who play a decisive role. If they support us, the whole people will follow us; if they oppose us, they will play a dangerous role in the whole society by shouting high and raising the pole.

What makes us very gratified is that they did not hand in a blank paper. Instead, they handed in an excellent score of more than 80 points. This is the outstanding achievement of our party’s propaganda and education for decades.

Of course, there are very few people who are influenced by the West and oppose shooting prisoners of war, women and children. Some of them said: “It’s terrifying to see so many people saying that they have to deal with women, children and children. Are everyone crazy?” Some said: “The Chinese are known to love peace, but they are actually the most cruel nation. The comments are full. The sound of killing and cutting is chilling.”

Although there are too few people holding such views to influence the overall situation, we still have to strengthen our propaganda work in response to such arguments.

This is to vigorously publicize Comrade He Xin’s latest thesis. His latest judgment has been reported to the central government a long time ago, and you can also find it online.

If you search on the Internet with keywords, you can see that Comrade He Xin pointed out in a conversation with the Hong Kong Commercial Daily: “The United States has a huge conspiracy.” According to his knowledge, the Gorbachev Foundation, funded by the United States from September 27 to October 1, 1995, invited 500 of the most important politicians, economic leaders and scientists in the world today, including George. Bush (he was not the President of the United States at the time), Margaret Thatcher, Blair, Brzezinski, and global hotspots such as Soros, Bill Gates, futurist Nesbitt, etc., held a high-level meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco Round table meeting to discuss issues about globalization and how to guide mankind towards the 21st century. According to He Xin, the global elites present at the meeting believe that in the 21st century, only 20% of the global population is enough to maintain the prosperity of the world economy, and the remaining 80% or 4/5 of the earth’s population cannot create new value. Human waste. Participants believed that this excess 80% of the population belonged to the garbage population, and we should gradually try to eliminate them with “high-tech” means.

Therefore, since the enemy is secretly planning to destroy our population, of course we cannot be merciful to them. Comrade He Xin’s report was very timely, which proved the correctness of our tit-for-tat struggle and the wise and correctness of Comrade Xiaoping’s forward-looking and far-sighted deployment of our strategy towards the United States.

Of course, when we are propagating Comrade He Xin’s talk, we cannot publish it in the party newspaper, so as not to alert the enemy, because He Xin’s talk may make the enemy think that the modern science and technology we have, including “clean” nuclear technology, genetics Genetic weapons technology and biological weapons technology can provide powerful means to wipe out their populations on a large scale.

On the last question, I want to talk about the issue of firmly grasping the preparations for military struggle.

We are currently at a juncture of advancement and retreat. Some comrades saw corruption, state-owned enterprises, bad bank debts, environmental protection, social security, education, AIDS, petitions and even riots that are rampant everywhere in our country, and they have shaken their determination to prepare for military struggle. They believe that the issue of political reform should be addressed first, and that our own political reform is the first, and that after the domestic issues have been resolved, then the issue of military struggles with the outside world.

This reminds me of the crucial period of the Chinese Revolution in 1948. At that time, the People’s Liberation Army was drinking horses and the Yangtze River, but the Liberated Area was facing a very complicated situation. Unsolvable problems occurred everywhere, and the central government received urgent police every day. what to do? Should we stop and rectify the rear and inside before advancing, or should we go across the Yangtze River in one go? With his extraordinary wisdom and courage, Chairman Mao issued the march order “carry the revolution to the end” and liberated the whole of China. It turned out that those contradictory problems that seemed “unbelievable” at first were resolved in the surging forward of the revolution.

Now we seem to be at a critical moment when the revolutionary army drank the Yangtze River. As long as we firmly grasp the most fundamental aspect of military struggle preparations, the central government believes that as long as we solve the US problems in one fell swoop, all our domestic problems will be solved. Therefore, our preparations for military struggle are directed at Taiwan on the surface, but in fact they are directed at the United States, far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers and satellites.

Marxism points out that violence is the birth mother of a new society. So war is the midwife born in the Chinese Century. As the war is approaching us, I am full of hope for our next generation.



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