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MG Paul Vallely’s Message for 2015

To all my friends, supporters and all who are Americans First,
MG Paul E. VallelyWe continue to witness America at a crossroads. Our country has been ‘fundamentally changed’ for the worse by the forces of the Progressives, the Socialists, the elites, the entrenched power brokers, the main stream media, and the supporters of our enemies. I cannot stand by idly nor should you. 2015 is a pivotal year for our country and will present challenges and threats that will be unparalleled in our history.

The new members of Congress must ensure they do not align themselves with the Establishment politicians but maintain their individuality and pledge to be “Americans First” for which they were elected over partisan political parties. We must take back our nation; re-establish and restore the Republic and our way of life. We must re-double our efforts now in 2015 to ensure success on the long road back to the ideals our forefathers laid before us. We truly need new leadership in all branches of our government.

We must peer into our souls and find the strength to Stand Up and be Americans first once again, to shun the mechanisms of power and party, and to support leaders who act first as Americans. We must cast aside those who lead only for personal gain, power, and party.

Please join me today and support our efforts at Stand Up America (founded in 2005 because we were witnessing the accelerating decline of America; the dismantling of our Constitution, and the destruction of the very fabric of our society).

Our mission has been to educate and inform Americans and others to uncover and expose wrong doing and focus on the ‘Realities’ of the world and help right our ship of state based upon constitution. To do this, I need your help. WE must restore the Republic.

Since Obama was first elected, our diplomatic and military influence, power, reputation is at a new low around the world. The morale and readiness of our Military has now hit dangerous levels. Vladimir Putin, the Mullahs of Iran and the Radical Jihadists of the Islamic State are on the offensive.  Iran continues its destiny to be the hegemonic power of the Middle East.  Leading from behind is for “losers”

China is challenging everyone in the Pacific over islands, international shipping lanes, and its economy will pass our own as the world’s greatest this year. And yes, Al Qaeda and ISIS are alive and well as they and the Muslim Brotherhood march across the world in their global Caliphate efforts.

2 thoughts on “Support Stand Up America and its America First Project and The Glacial Forum

  1. I’ll do what I can to help save this country. I truly miss the one I grew up in with all its imperfections but it was a great place to live. Sometimes I feel like my best option is to leave but come back to the reality that I need to do everything I can to make this a better place for my child and soon to be grandchild.

  2. Woodrow Wilson repented after his actions but I fear this country kept following the same scenario and here we are I fear too late and so little time. Americans are at sleep watching “dancing with the stars” while our country is in peril no doubt we need strong leadership not theatrics. We must all do our part for all that lost their lives to protect her. Question is can we survive another year and 1/2 of this plundering and lack of leadership?

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