Protest Gulftainer’s Operation of Port Canaveral

Gulftainer Takes over Operations of Port Canaveral

  • Gulftainer (UAE-based company), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Crescent Group, obtained a 35 year lease to operate Port Canaveral through secret a deal with the Clintons.  Because this deal is based on a lease (i.e., not outright ownership), it received no national security review.
  • The deal was summarily rubberstamped by Treasury Secretary (and Clinton insider) Jacob Lew.
  • Gulftainer was implicated by Iraqi officials for delivering weapons to Iranian-backed terrorists in Iraq (the Badr Brigade).  They were also stopped by the IDF for transiting weapons to Hamas in Gaza.
  • The dedication is scheduled for June 12.
*   Overpass at Cape Canaveral flyover above Port entrance (where SR 528 BEACHLINE  becomes SR A1A)
*   Boats inside harbor in front of Gulftainer Container Terminal (West Turning Basin) for those who have marine craft. It would be impressive to have a parade of boats.
Please bring signs bearing message you want to convey, colorful balloons (red/white/blue ?), and American Flags.
Wear sunscreen, parasols or umbrellas (there’s no shade in any of these locations), water, food, and any other comfort items you might need.) Let’s make it as colorful as possible to gain public and MEDIA attention.
Stand with us!
Andrea Shea King
Cape Canaveral, FL
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