Deliver Us From Evil. Amen

By Mary Fanning | June 25, 2016

BREXIT was a repudiation of collectivism and the end to the 43-year debate against unelected European Union bureaucrats imposing stifling regulations on a foreign nation.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) spoke out against the EU: “I can speak on behalf of the majority of British people in saying that we don’t know you, we don’t want you and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better.”

Farage led the way to freedom for his nation. The British Brexit takes back its sovereignty for itself, for freedom, for their own economy –for their own self-directed future.  Lord Christopher Monckton pointed out that under the European Union Great Britain suffered its worst markets in 650 years.

BREXIT is a repudiation of the control and regulations from 27 unelected faceless commissars in Brussels who were not required to live under the laws they enacted and who had no interest in the rights of the British citizen.

The British through BREXIT have announced their preference to govern themselves. Imagine that!  The chains that bind have been broken and tossed aside for freedom and independence.

Should the leaders of the Remain faction or any other globalists try to reinstitute their policies they will gain the well-earned wrath of the British people.  Many who were in the Remain faction were looking for the same exit only in a slightly more prolonged fashion fearing the financial repercussions.

The BRITS never embraced the Euro having retained their own British currency which will facilitate a far easier and less complicated transition back to a fully sovereign nation.

Cameron failed the British people. He had promised to renegotiate the terms of the European Union in 2015 assuring his citizens of the fundamental changes to come.

Though that was simply a reelection ploy worked out appropriately enough in a Chicago O’Hare pizzeria with then Foreign Secretary William Hague.  In the end, no reforms came and that failure set the BREXIT win in motion. The British people finally said ENOUGH! The Trump phenomenon in America helped to break the binds of political correctness.

The progressive globalist movement (read communist) that has swept Western Europe, and America, have been rebuffed and will crumble.  Thank God!
Uncertainty and anxiety drove yesterdays British markets down 9% but by day’s end markets were only down 3%. However, volatility is here to stay for awhile.
There will be bumps in the road as Great Britain rides back to freedom and other nations also move to regain their sovereignty.

Expect the ripple effect in Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Italy as nations regain their footing in repudiating the 1957 Treaty of Rome, now shown to be nothing more than a failed political project enacted by the untrustworthy lot of evil social engineers of the political-media establishment-class.

The European Union as a centralized economic unit could never have worked as there was no centralized political power. The EU is 27 different countries with different cultures and different languages.  The artificial construct of the European Union was doomed to failure from its very beginnings.

Immigration was the lightning-rod for a vast array of grievances against the EU. The Brits rejected the same globalization policies Barack Obama is selling in AMERICA “of building a country within our country.”

The Brits resented the regulation of their lives and of their country by a foreign entity. They rejected the EU’s political policies of multiculturalism, political correctness, and burdensome taxation.  They particularly rejected the flooding of the UK with violent Muslim refugees that never assimilated and excessive immigration into their country.

BREXIT is a rejection of the forced immigration of Muslim men into their country via Angela Merkel’s open-door policy that led to hordes of Muslim men in the UK and the great strife that came along with them.  The Muslim pedophile rings of Bradford and other no-go zones has fully exposed the ill fit of the European Union regulating rape and crime into the UK where politicians turned a blind eye to the lawlessness showing their heartlessness to the systematic rape of over 1500 young British girls by Muslim gangs of cabbies.

Political Correctness and Globalism died today telegraphing that British leaders had better wake up and stand with and for the rights of their own citizens.

The Fabian socialists who “set the world afire to mould it to their heart’s content” have been defeated.

The globalist movement of today guided by Nazi collaborator George Soros, and failed US President Barack Hussein Obama, among other soulless globalists, as originally conceived by the Keynesian pedophile and baby-killer Margaret Sanger with their band of godless misfits, has thankfully come to an end.

May they and those who follow in their footsteps rot in hell.  Long may the Union Jack fly.

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