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The Chinese Military, its Links to U.S. Funding and the Laboratory Origin of COVID-19

The nexus between China and the U.S.

According to his biography posted on the website of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Fudan University in Shanghai, China, Dr. Shibo Jiang is Professor and Director, Institute of Medical Microbiology.

He obtained his MS and MD degrees from the First and Fourth Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), respectively.

In 1987-1990, he received his postdoctoral training in the Laboratory of Cellular Physiology and Immunology, the Rockefeller University in New York.

From 1990 to 2010, he had worked in the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute of the New York Blood Center as Assistant Member, Associate Member, Member, and Head of Viral Immunology Laboratory.

Since 2010, he has worked as a professor in the Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Virology, Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

That description is neither accurate nor complete.

The military links

As recently as November 3, 2020, in an article published with Peter J. Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine, Shibo Jiang indicated his professional address is not China’s Fudan University, but the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute, New York Blood Center, New York, NY, 10065, USA.

That article is found in the Results section of research grant 4R01AI098775-05 for $1,165,855 entitled “RBD [receptor binding domain] RECOMBINANT PROTEIN-BASED SARS VACCINE FOR BIODEFENSE” and awarded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in which Shibo Jiang is listed as a Principal Investigator.

That research grant includes collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, home of the Department of Defense-funded Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases, which houses a BL-4 high containment facility for viral research.

The results of the above-mentioned research grant would be shared with the U.S. Army’s Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and, presumably, also with the Chinese military.

Also found within the Results section are articles published by Shibo Jiang in collaboration with institutions and scientists associated with the PLA as well as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, alleged by many, including officials in the U.S. government, as the origin of the COVID-19 virus.

One 2016 Shibo Jiang article entitled “A RECOMBINANT RECEPTOR-BINDING DOMAIN OF MERS-COV IN TRIMERIC FORM PROTECTS HUMAN DIPEPTIDYL PEPTIDASE 4 (HDPP4) TRANSGENIC MICE FROM MERS-COV INFECTION” lists as co-authors, two graduates of China’s PLA Military Medical Universities, Yusen Zhou and Guangyu Zhoa, who are long-time associates of his and scientists in the State Key Laboratory of Pathogen and Biosecurity, Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China.

A second 2017 article entitled “CROSS-NEUTRALIZATION OF SARS CORONAVIRUS-SPECIFIC ANTIBODIES AGAINST BAT SARS-LIKE CORONAVIRUSES” was written together with the “bat woman” Zheng-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In fact, during the period 1997-2016, when Shibo Jiang was a Principal Investigator on U.S. research grants amounting to more than $17 million, the vast majority coming from Fauci’s NIAID, he was also receiving support from the Chinese government and actively collaborating with Chinese research institutions including those of the PLA.

Shibo Jiang and Yusen Zhou of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China. are listed as co-inventors on at least eight U.S. patents, the references supporting those patents, for example, 9889194, was research funded by Fauci’s NIAID.

Shibo Jiang’s collaboration with China’s military is extensive.

In 2002, he published an article on Hantaan virus with the Department of Microbiology, the Fourth Medical University of the PLA, Xi’an, China.

Also in 2002, Shibo Jiang published an article with long-time associate, Shuwen Liu of the First Medical University of the PLA’s Key Lab for Drug Screening in Guangzhou, China, a study funded by grant R01 AI46221 from Fauci’s NIAID.

In 2003, Shibo Jiang published an article with the Department of Microbiology, The Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, China.

In 2004, he published another article with the Department of Microbiology, The Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, China, one which led to his initial work with the Chinese military on the first SARS pandemic of 2002-2004.

In May 2004, Shibo Jiang published a study on SARS with the First Military Medical University, Guangzhou, China, which was funded by grants from the Chinese National Foundation of Natural Sciences (No 30340015), Military Foundation of Medical Science (No 03F016‐2) and Foundation of Natural Sciences of Guangdong Province (No. GD2003‐80).

Between 2005 and 2010, SARS research articles by Shibo Jiang conducted in collaboration with Yusen Zhou of the State Key Laboratory of Pathogen and Biosecurity, Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China are too numerous to list here, all of which were funded by Fauci’s NIAID.

In a 2014 article, Shibo Jiang was working with the Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China.

In 2017, Shibo Jiang conducted research with the Translational Medicine Center, PLA Hospital No. 454 and the Department of Epidemiology, Medicinal Research Institute, Nanjing Military Command.

Until his recent death, Yusen Zhou’s collaboration with Shibo Jiang continued into the COVID-19 pandemic, publishing a July 30, 2020 Science article together with institutions associated with China’s military.

From 2012 to 2020, Shibo Jiang published twelve scientific articles with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and eleven articles between 2013 and 2020 with the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston Texas.

During the period between the first SARS pandemic in 2002-2004 and the 2019 COVID-19 outbreak, Shibo Jiang also had extensive collaborative research with many of the major U.S. coronavirus research laboratories, such as his 2015 joint project with the University of North Carolina, the University of Minnesota and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

COVID-19’s unique furin polybasic cleavage site

Based on the available scientific evidence, the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) was the product of “gain of function” research, not a natural transmission from animal hosts to humans.

Gain of function research is defined as when a naturally-occurring virus is genetically or otherwise manipulated to make it either more contagious, more lethal, or both.

There are only two reasons for conducting gain of function research, (1) to understand the structural features and actions of a virus in order to create a vaccine in anticipation of a potential new disease outbreak or (2) to create a biological weapon, or both.

The road leading to the COVID-19 pandemic began during the first, far less widespread and deadly SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) pandemic of 2002-2004 (SARS-CoV-1), which also originated in China.

It is important to note that prior to the 2002-2004 SARS outbreak, the Chinese PLA largely considered coronavirus a veterinary disease, particularly in working dogs.

After the onset of the November 2002 SARS pandemic originating in Foshan, Guangdong, China, the PLA would play an outsized role in human coronavirus research.

Much of the PLA effort during and immediately after the 2002-2004 SARS pandemic would be centered in the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, part of the Nanjing Military Command.

After 2009, publications from that institution involving coronaviruses went underground, virtually disappearing, only to resurface prominently in the controversy involving the origin of COVID-19.

Four key players in the COVID-19 saga, either working in or having connections to the PLA Third Military Medical University in Chongqing were the Chinese military-trained scientists Bing Ni, Yuzhang Wu, Guangyu Zhao and Yusen Zhou.

The latter two, through their association with Shibo Jiang, would be instrumental in opening China’s coronavirus research programs to the vast resources of U.S. laboratories and federal funding.

During that initial SARS outbreak and continuing to the COVID-19 pandemic, extensive gain of function and related research was conducted both in the U.S. and in China, sometimes by the Chinese PLA.

A vast number of coronavirus experiments were conducted by Chinese scientists working in U.S. laboratories, much of which was funded by U.S. taxpayers, especially via Fauci’s NIAID.

By matching the unique features of the COVID-19 virus with the research conducted by those scientists, in those institutions, often in collaboration, a roadmap leading to the pandemic may be constructed.

The COVID-19 virus has a number of unusual structural features that cannot be easily explained as products of a normal evolutionary process.

The most distinguishing and unique structural feature of the COVID-19 virus is the furin polybasic cleavage site.

The presence and importance of polybasic cleavage sites in the lifecycle of coronaviruses has been well-known since the 1980s.

Furin and other protease cleavage sites are widely known to increase both the infectivity and pathogenicity of coronaviruses.

The coronavirus “spike” glycoprotein binds to the human cell and initiates virus to cell fusion, allowing the virus to hijack the cell’s synthetic capabilities to replicate itself.

The COVID-19 virus spike has two main components. The S1 component of the spike contains the receptor binding domain (RBD) that binds to the human angiotensin converting enzyme-2 receptor (ACE2), while the S2 segment of the spike contains the fusion-regulating element.

At the S1-S2 junction is a furin polybasic cleavage site, which is responsible for separating the S1 and S2 sections, and facilitating fusion with the cell.

The COVID-19 virus polybasic cleavage site is a short sequence of the amino acids, proline-arginine-arginine-alanine-arginine-serine or “PRRARS,” where the cleavage occurs between R and S with the preceding basic arginines accelerating the reaction.

Although the R-S segment is present in many coronaviruses, there is no identified natural origin for the PRRA sequence. None of the closely related bat coronaviruses has such a structure in that position and the genomic nucleotides that codes for it, a double cytosine-guanine-guanine or CGG-CGG sequence is extremely rare.

It is far more likely that the PRRA sequence of COVID-19’s furin polybasic cleavage site was artificially inserted.

Experiments that may have led to the presence of COVID-19’s furin polybasic cleavage site

In 2004, during the first SARS pandemic, an important patent entitled “INSERTON OF FURIN PROTEASE CLEAVAGE SITES IN MEMBRANE PROTEINS AND USES THEREOF” was filed.

As of today, there have only been twenty-three scientific citations of that patent. One is by Shibo Jiang and his Chinese military-trained colleague Shuwen Liu.

In 2005, Shibo Jiang together with his colleagues Yuxian He and Yusen Zhou from the State Key Laboratory of Pathogen and Biosecurity, Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China, stated there was no observed cleavage between the S1 and S2 components of the first SARS virus.

By 2007, the same group of military investigators led by Shibo Jiang concluded that cleavage, in fact, did occur in the first SARS virus and it was correlated with infectivity.

In 2009, a research group from Cornell University confirmed the correlation between cleavage sites and SARS infectivity.

Then, in 2013, came what many might consider the smoking gun.

Despite having the innocuous title “SIMULTANEOUS EXPRESSION OF DISPLAYED AND SECRETED ANTIBODIES FOR ANTIBODY SCREEN,” Shibo Jiang and his military-trained colleague Shuwen Liu, demonstrated the artificial insertion of a furin polybasic cleavage site similar to that found in the COVID-19 virus.

That study was directly funded by the Chinese government and a private Chinese biotech company, while Shibo Jiang was also being funded by Fauci’s NIAID.

Perhaps coincidentally, between 2012 and 2020, Lixin Zheng, a scientist working in Fauci’s own NIAID laboratories, was conducting joint research with the PLA’s Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038, China.

The PLA’s Third Military Medical University in Chongqing has long been considered a focal point of coronavirus research.

Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan claims that the COVID-19 virus originated in laboratories overseen by China’s PLA, using bat coronaviruses ZC45 and/or ZXC21 collected from Zhoushan, China and used as the viral “backbone” for genetic engineering.

Those bat coronaviruses were originally isolated and characterized between July 2015 and February 2017 under the supervision of the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China and the Research Institute for Medicine of the PLA Nanjing Military Command.

Shibo Jiang has collaborated with the PLA Nanjing Military Command and the Wuhan Institute of Virology has multi-level links to the PLA and both are connected to each other.

To be continued.

*Note added below by author the day after initial publication:

One scenario for the onset of the pandemic could have been an accidental direct release of the COVID-19 virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Another possibility involves an accident related to vaccine development.

Many vaccines contain live, but “attenuated” viruses, that is, weakened viruses insufficient to cause disease, but similar enough to an actual infection to initiate an immune response and the production of antibodies.

Live-attenuated vaccines are used for childhood diseases like measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. Because live-attenuated vaccines are so similar to the natural infection, they produce a strong and long-lasting, even a life-time immune response.

Live-attenuated vaccines can also be less expensive and more quickly produced, but they can be risky if the attenuated virus “reverts” back to its pathogenic state.

During the 2002-2004 SARS pandemic, the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducted tests of an inactivated SARS virus vaccine on rhesus monkeys.

It is possible that the COVID-19 pandemic began when a live attenuated vaccine for the laboratory-created COVID-19 virus reverted back to its pathogenic state in presumed immunized individuals or laboratory animals.

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic Was Covered Up by US Government Officials, US Scientific Authorities and Their Chinese Counterparts

by Lawrence Sellin, PhD
March 4, 2021

Already by the end of January 2020, elements within the U.S. government and the U.S. scientific establishment were becoming increasingly concerned that the American people might learn the truth about the origin of the COVID-19.

That is, it was an artificial virus created in a laboratory in the People’s Republic of China with the assistance of U.S. scientists and funding from the U.S. government.

In addition to pressure coming directly from the Chinese Communist Party, there was, no doubt, similar coercion being brought to bear on susceptible and compliant people in Washington D.C. by international financial interests, whose investments in China would be placed in jeopardy if it was widely accepted that China manufactured the COVID-19 virus.

Similarly at stake were the careers of prominent members of the U.S. scientific establishment, who could be considered complicit or potentially culpable.

There was also the likely loss of trust by the American people in the integrity of science overall.

Like their partners in China, what U.S. government officials and members of the U.S. scientific establishment feared most was accountability.

That was the primary selfish motive for the cover-up they appeared to have initiated.

It began on February 3, 2020, when a meeting was held at U.S. National Academy of Science, led by Kelvin Droegemeier, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy; D. Christian Hassell, Senior Science Advisor, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health.

The original emails related to the February 3, 2020 meeting are found in the following link:

Attendees included other U.S. government staff members from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Institutes of Health and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most of the participating scientists either had long histories of collaborative coronavirus research with China or were later associated with a robust support of China and the theory that COVID-19 originated as a naturally-occurring disease outbreak.

According to the Statement of Task and Work Plan, which were distributed before the meeting, it was already decided that the COVID-19 pandemic originated as a natural-occurring or “evolutionary” event and that arguments to the contrary needed to be countered.

That is, it was the responsibility of U.S. government officials and members of the U.S. scientific establishment to provide a continuous stream of evidence to support a preordained outcome, one that protected China, international financial interests and themselves from potential complicity or culpability.

As revealed in their own emails, the deliberations by the scientists involved in preparing a response to the February 3, 2020 meeting were primarily focused on suppressing any discussion that the COVID-19 virus might have originated in a laboratory.

Yet, the efforts to create a narrative that the COVID-19 pandemic was a naturally-occurring transmission from animals to humans for which no one is to blame went far beyond the response to the February 3, 2020 meeting.

Before the ink was dry on that response, Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, on February 6, 2020, separately contacted selected scientific participants from the February 3, 2020 meeting in order to launch a public relations campaign in scientific journals in support of China, the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic was a naturally-occurring event and to condemn a laboratory origin as a conspiracy theory.

The statements made in these emails are stunning and can be construed as conspiratorial.

The original emails related to the February 6, 2020 letter are contained in the following link:

Not surprisingly, none of the U.S. government officials or members of the U.S. National Academy of Science were copied on the email exchange.

More surprisingly, however, Daszak included Lin-Fa Wang, who previously worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was considered by some as a conduit to the Chinese Communist Party.

Daszak’s own words in that email exchange suggest that his public relations campaign was supported if not initiated by China and that Daszak’s and  the others’ continued research collaboration with China was at risk:

“This letter is carefully worded to avoid political statements, and we have been told [by China?] would go a long way to supporting continued collaboration in this outbreak.”

I hope you are willing to sign on to this – your voice will be very influential, particularly in keeping these critical bridges open between the USA and China. You should know that the conspiracy theorists have been very active, targeting our collaborators with some extremely unpleasant web pages in China, and some have now received death threats to themselves and their families. They have asked for any show of support we can give them.”

On March 7, 2020, an article appeared in the British medical journal The Lancet entitled “Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19,” co-authored by some of those on Daszak’s February 6, 2020 email, which stated:

“We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

That initial effort was followed by a flood of China-promoted and Western media articles supporting the contention that the COVID-19 pandemic was naturally-occurring.

Since then, there have also been reports that scientific and medical journals were censoring views opposed to a natural explanation for the origin of COVID-19.

It has been a highly successful public relations campaign.

No less than the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States has blindly accepted the scientific “conventional wisdom” promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, issuing the following April 30, 2020 statement:

“The Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified.”

Remarkedly, compared to the overwhelming evidence that the COVID-19 virus was a laboratory creation, there has never been conclusive scientific evidence to support a natural origin.

Yet many appear content endorsing the naturally-occurring narrative, mostly out of ignorance, vested interests, political pressure or simply an unwillingness to accept the ugly truth.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired from an international career in business and medical research with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security. His email address is

New Evidence Shows U.S. Government and the American Scientific Establishment Involved in Cover Up of COVID-19’s Origin

Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D 
March 4, 2021

International financial interests and the global scientific establishment have never wanted the true source of the COVID-19 virus to be revealed, despite the fact that its laboratory origin was suspected early after the onset of the pandemic.

There is now evidence that elements within the U.S. government coordinated with selected members of the U.S. scientific community, no doubt with the blessing of international business and the media, to protect China from responsibility and, in doing so, protected their own interests.

By January 13, 2020, there were already comments on the internet that the COVID-19 virus was manufactured in a laboratory in China and that U.S. scientists may have helped Chinese scientists obtain the knowledge to do so, specifically in the laboratory of Dr. Zheng-Li Shi at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with the assistance of Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina.

On January 26, 2020, respected investigative reporter and defense expert, Bill Gertz, in his Washington Times article wrote:

“The deadly animal-borne coronavirus spreading globally may have originated in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan linked to China’s covert biological weapons program.”

On February 3, 2020, Kelvin Droegemeier, a product of the Republican establishment and then Director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), wrote a letter to Dr. Marcia McNutt, president of the National Academy of Sciences, asking:

“the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to rapidly examine information and identify data requirements that would help determine the origins of 2019-nCoV, specifically from an evolutionary/structural biology standpoint.”

Oddly, his concern was precipitated by an obscure, non-peer-reviewed and already retracted Indian study “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Hag.”

In retrospect, that article appears to have been a scientific strawman, suggesting that other government motives were involved, but what they were remains unclear.

Nevertheless, based on the scientists enlisted to formulate a response to OSTP’s request, the outcome of Droegemeier’s inquiry was preordained, that is, the complete absolution of China’s responsibility.

Those scientists were Kristian G. Andersen (Scripps Research Institute), Ralph Baric (UNC School of Public Health), Trevor Bedford (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute), Aravinda Chakravarti (New York University School of Medicine), Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance), Gigi K. Gronvall (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), Tom Inglesby (Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security), and Stanley Perlman (University of Iowa).

By citing a scientific article from the Wuhan Institute of Virology stating the disease outbreak “started from a local seafood market,” the National Academy of Science’s letter to OSTP unequivocally supported the contention made by China’s Communist Party government that the COVID-19 pandemic was a naturally-occurring transmission from animals to humans

Additionally, the three presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommended that the United States continue to work closely with China, in particular, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Most of the scientists consulted for the National Academy of Science response had long histories of collaboration with China and/or were later associated with a robust support of China and the theory that COVID-19 originated as a naturally-occurring event.

In some important respects, the final National Academy of Sciences response dated February 6, 2020, bears little resemblance to the original draft, dated February 4, 2020. (see “OSTP NAS emails 2” PDF)

According to the email exchanges between the National Academy of Science and the consultant scientists, there appeared to be a clear effort by the scientists to support the naturally-occurring theory and to eliminate or downplay any mention that the COVID-19 virus was engineered, had unique human binding characteristics, might mutate towards higher infectivity and possessed a furin polybasic cleavage site not found in any related coronavirus.

Subsequently, scientists consulted for National Academy of Sciences response began their own public relations campaign to support China and the theory that the COVID-19 virus was a natural transmission from animals to humans.

On March 7, 2020, Peter Daszak and Stanley Perlman were authors on an article in the British medical journal The Lancet, which stated “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

On March 17, 2020, Kristian G. Andersen appeared as senior author on the article “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2,” which claimed that the COVID-19 virus was “not a purposefully manipulated virus.”

On September 21, 2020, Gigi K. Gronvall was part of a Johns Hopkins University team that wrote a criticism of Chinese whistleblower, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who presented evidence that the COVID-19 virus was created in a laboratory.

It is also well-known that Ralph Baric has been a long-time collaborator with Zheng-Li Shi, the “bat woman” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including conducting experiments involving highly dangerous “gain of function” research.

As recently described by Neil Patel in the Daily Signal, Peter Daszak, the sole U.S. representative on the World Health Organization team investigating the origin of the COVID-19 virus, is also a close associate of Zheng-Li Shi and was a key figure in directing American taxpayer funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Daszak even organized a public relations campaign to paint the lab leak hypothesis as a “conspiracy” before any thorough investigation had been conducted. His spokesperson later said the goal was to protect the lab’s scientists, but ultimately and, perhaps intentionally, the beneficiaries were China, international financial interests and the global scientific establishment.

To be continued.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired from an international career in business and medical research with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. His email is 


China’s Cyberwarfare Attack On 2020 US Election Tied To Mitch McConnell’s CCP-Connected Wife Elaine Chao

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | February 19, 2021

Elaine Chao, the Taiwanese-born wife of now-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), failed to disclose during her federal confirmation process that she served on the board of directors of the Multa Communications Corporation, also known as Multacom. Multicom is a California company that entered into multiple joint ventures with Chinese state-owned telecom companies China Unicom and China Mobile Tietong.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses owned by China Unicom and China Mobile Tietong, according to a forensic data analysis, were used to conduct a cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. election and to switch votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. This was an act of hybrid warfare via cyberwarfare against the United States.

These CCP-owned source IP addresses used to launch China’s cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. election belong to Multicom’s CCP joint venture partners China Unicom and China Mobile Tietong.

Chao Concealed Board Membership At Multicom, Internet Company In Joint Ventures With CCP Telecoms

Elaine Chao concealed her membership on Multicom’s board of directors from the United States government, including from the U.S. Congress and from U.S. intelligence agencies that conduct national security background investigations of presidential senior cabinet nominees. Upon Senate confirmation, these senior cabinet officials receive top secret security clearances to access classified secrets.

In spite of Chao’s decades of deeply troubling business, financial, political, and familial connections with Chinese Communist Party leaders and state-owned enterprises, including CCP telecom and internet companies, Chao’s husband Senator Mitch McConnell dismissed all claims brought forward by the Trump administration and his Republican Senate colleagues that dangerous foreign adversaries such as China hacked into the 2020 U.S. election as “conspiracy theories.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell now has more problems than just his blatant betrayal of President Trump and the American voter. His wife’s dubious relationship with the CCP casts a shadow over McConnell’s bona fides to govern anything in the United States of America, much less the Republican caucus of the U.S. Senate.

An August 9, 2020 Wall Street Journal report revealed that “National security adviser Robert O’Brien said Sunday that Chinese hackers were targeting U.S. election infrastructure in the lead up to the Nov. 3 presidential election, making a new claim about the level of Beijing’s activity in the election.”

“Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called for senators to reject the effort to ‘overturn’ the election during a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6,” the Washington Post reported.

“President Trump claims the election was stolen. The assertions vary from particular native allegations to constitutional arguments to sweeping conspiracy theories,” Senator McConnell contended during his rambling, confusing January 6th speech before fellow Senators. “But my colleagues, nothing earlier than us proves illegality anyplace close to the large scale — the large scale — that may have tipped your complete election.”

McConnell’s own family has deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party and to CCP-owned telecom companies that, according to a forensic data analysis, own IP addresses from which a massive cyberwafare attack was launched from China targeting the 2020 U.S. election in order to flip votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

McConnell’s Wife Chao Tied To Chinagate, Multacom, PLA Intelligence, Chinese Cyber Espionage Ring, According To China Experts

In an October 4, 2014 opinion piece at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Curtis Ellis, senior adviser at America First Policies and Harry Wu, who was a Chinese-American human rights activist imprisoned for 19 years in 12 different Chinese labor camps, wrote:

Besides her family friendship with Beijing’s communist bosses, [Senator Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine] Chao had ties to the company at the center of the Chinagate money laundering scandal, another firm in partnership with an intelligence-gathering front for the People’s Liberation Army, and an Internet company, Multacom, subsequently linked to a notorious Chinese cyberespionage ring.

Curtis Ellis wrote at the Huffington Post in December 2014:

Conservatives warned of China’s threat to our national security, but McConnell ignored these concerns and voted to open the door to more investment in the communist country, as Clinton asked …

… Al Gore was married to Tipper, not Chao, when he took illegal campaign contributions from foreign nationals in the Chinagate scandal. The man convicted of laundering campaign money for Gore also directed dollars to McConnell. (He eventually returned the money.)

Harry Wu died in 2016. Fellow Chao critic Curtis Ellis, who advised the Trump 2016 campaign and transition team, passed away this week on February 14, 2021.

Chinese-American human rights activist Harry Wu (L) and Curtis Ellis, Senior Adviser at America First Policies (R)

When Do ‘Mistakes’ With Intent Become Deception?

Elaine Chao, who served as Chair of the Federal Maritime Commission and later as U.S. Secretary of Labor and U.S. Secretary of Transportation, failed to disclose as part of her confirmation process that she had served on the board of directors of California-based tech company Multacom beginning on July 1, 2000.

A representative for Chao said “the lack of disclosure was an inadvertent omission.”

Netsol Technologies, Inc. was established in 1995. In a January 10, 2000 filing with the California Secretary of State, Netsol Technologies announced that it had changed its name to Multa Communications Corporation (Multacom).

The Los Angeles Times reported on June 19, 2000:

Privately held Multa Communications Corp. said it recently raised $13.5 million from a private sale of 6 million of the company’s shares at $2.25 each. Multacom Chief Executive Abbey Silverstone said the money raised came mostly from investors in China and Taiwan.

The communications company, based in Industry [California], will use the proceeds to expand its network in the United States and Asia as well as fund the purchase of transoceanic lines.

The Los Angeles Times subsequently reported on August 5, 2001:

Bob Hong, a Taiwan-born entrepreneur who has been doing business in Asia for two decades, said he convinced Chinese officials that his firm, Multacom Corp., would be a more trustworthy partner than the larger multinationals vying for their business.

“AT&T. they want to dominate the market [in China] so they are a threat,” said Hong, chairman of the board of Multacom. “We are sincere and we really want to be a partner.”

Multacom, a broadband provider based in Industry [California], has formed a joint venture with China Railway Telecom, which has 74,000 miles of fixed lines and 26,000 miles of fiber-optic cable previously used for communication within the Ministry of Railways…

…Multacom also has signed an agreement with China Unicom to provide broadband connections between the United States, China and Taiwan. The Chinese telecom firm serves the China side and Multacom provides the connection within the U.S…

…Multacom officials–who are partners with Taiwan’s giant Chunghwa Telecom–said they hope to be among the first to offer direct telecom services between the two longtime adversaries once the door is opened.

According to the forensic data analysis presented at The American Report, and subsequently in the ‘Absolute Proof’ documentary, China Unicom owned Internet Protocol addresses where the cyberwarfare attack originated and targeted IP addresses of government offices in the United States that were handling election data and switched votes from Trump to Biden.

The forensic data analysis shows that China Unicom, a CCP company linked through Multacom to Mitch McConnell’s wife Secretary Elaine Chao, hacked into multiple Pennsylvania precincts, including the Philadelphia County election office.

In 2018, China Unicom entered a 5G partnership with Huawei, that was, according to the forensic data analysis, also involved in the cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U..S Election.



John B. Judis, former senior editor, The New Republic

Senior Editor of The New Republic John B. Judis wrote in the magazine’s April 23, 2001 issue:

The third set of questions is the most troubling of all. While at the Heritage Foundation, Elaine Chao served on the board of directors of numerous corporations. Several, including the Millipore Corporation and Protective Life Corporation, have invested in the Chinese market. But none is as committed to China as a California start-up, the Multa Communications Corporation, or Multacom for short. Multacom, a broadband network service provider, offers direct Internet links between China and the United States through MultaNet China, a joint venture with government-owned China Unicom. The PRC-owned company owns 51 percent. Multacom’s cable lines are being laid through another joint venture with another Chinese government company, the China Railway Telecommunications Center. [China Railway Telecommunications is now known as China Mobile Tietong]

On January 15, a few days after Bush nominated Chao to be secretary of labor, Multacom issued a press release praising Chao for her service to the company. It said she “had served as a member of the board of directors for Multacom since July 1, 2000.” Bob Hong, chairman of Multacom’s board, said, “The staff at Multacom, both in the U.S.A. and Asia are all very excited and proud of Ms. Chao’s nomination.” And Hong personally confirmed to me that she was a director. There is only one problem: Multacom does not appear on the financial disclosure report that she submitted to the Office of Government Ethics on January 29 [,2001], even though the form requires under law that she disclose every position she held with “any corporation, firm, partnership or other business enterprise,” whether compensated or not. Did Chao list Multacom under another guise? Or did she exclude it? And if she did, was it because its fortunes were so closely linked to the Chinese government? I called Chao’s office to inquire, and, at her aide’s request, sent a written question. I never received a response.

The South China Morning Post reported on May 16, 2001:

Judis claims his most ‘troubling’ question relates to Ms. Chao’s service on the board of the Multa Communications Corporation, a Californian Internet start-up, known as Multacom. The company runs direct Internet links between the mainland and the US in a joint venture with China Unicom. Her role does not appear in official disclosure documents filed before taking up her latest role in the Bush cabinet.

A spokesman for Ms. Chao reportedly described the lack of disclosure as an inadvertent omission. He stated Ms. Chao was only on the board briefly and ‘never received any money from the company, and her only involvement was one half-hour conference call’.

Senator McConnell And Wife Elaine Chao Deeply Tied To CCP Through Her Father James Chao, Former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin, And Former Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa

The Chao family has long enjoyed access to communist China’s top leaders.

According to a June 2, 2019 New York Times profile of Elaine Chao and her family:

Mr. Chao [Elaine Chao’s father James Chao] got exceptional access. In 1984 he was invited to Beijing to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the People’s Republic and meet with the country’s top leader, Deng Xiaoping, according to materials at a museum in Shanghai dedicated to Mr. Chao’s wife, Ruth Mulan Chu Chao, who died in 2007.

Elaine Chao’s father James Chao, founder of the Foremost Group shipping company, went to school with and has maintained a lifelong friendship with former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin. Jiang Zemin took over China following the bloody 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Elaine Chao, her father James Chao, and CCP General Secretaries Xi Jinping (current) and Jiang Zemin (former).

While she was serving as U.S. Secretary of Labor, a cabinet position that does not routinely entail overseas diplomatic missions, Elaine and James Chao met with People’s Republic of China Premier Wen Jiabao on August 23, 2008 at the Zhongnanhai Leadership Compound in Beijing, stated a WikiLeaks-obtained-and-released U.S. State Department cable marked “Sensitive But Unclassified Please protect accordingly.”

Elaine Chao submitted her resignation letter from her position as President Trump’s Secretary of Transportation on January 7, 2021, citing the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot as the reason for her early exit.

Chao’s family members including her father James Chao and her younger sister Angela Chao, through business interests and board memberships including at the Bank of China and of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, continues to maintain close connections to the Chinese Communist Party, continuing through the November 2020 election, and on into 2021 and the future.

The Louisville Courier-Journal, Sunday, April 22, 2001

CCP’s China Unicom Entered Joint Venture With Spain’s Telefónica With $1 Billion Mutual Investment; Telefónica Invested In Spain’s Scytl; Telefónica And Scytl Launched “OpenSeneca, a partnership to transform digital democracy”; Scytl Contracted To Perform 2020 US Election Night Reporting

Telefónica S.A. CEO Cesar Alierta shaking hands with China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing.

In 2009. China Unicom and Spain’s Telefónica announced a $1 billion mutual investment and strategic alliance agreement.


“The Board is pleased to announce that on 21 October 2009, the Company and Telefónica completed the mutual investment of the equivalent of US$1 billion in each other,” China Unicom’s Board of Directors declared in an official announcement.

As of April 2019, approximately a year and a half before the 2020 U.S. election, China Unicom’s joint venture with Spain’s Telefónica was ramping up even more, according to a Telefónica press release:

Madrid, April 22nd 2019.- China Unicom, Telefónica and JD Digits announced that JD Digits has made a strategic investment, through a capital increase, in Smart Steps Digital Technology Co. Ltd. [“Smart Steps”], the big data company established by China Unicom and Telefónica in 2015. The investment of 100 million yuan (around 13.2 million euros) grants JD Digits a 16.7% stake of the company. China Unicom and Telefónica will hold a 45.8% and 37.5% stake respectively. The investment implies a post-money valuation of the JV of around 80 million euros, more than a 5-fold growth since Telefonica’s initial investment.

On February 24, 2016, eight and a half months before the 2016 U.S. election, Telefónica and Barcelona-based election night reporting (ENR) firm Scytl simultaneously announced that they had together launched “OpenSeneca, a partnership to transform digital democracy.”

“We have been an investor in Scytl for many years and have seen how they have been consolidating their business and growing internationally, leveraging business opportunities as these arise,” Ana Segurado, Global Director of Telefónica Open Future stated in Telefónica’s announcement.

“Scytl provided to city, county, and state clients across the United States…Election Night Reporting (ENR): ENR is a platform that provides visual representation of votes that have been tabulated by state and local elections officials,” according to a November 2020 statement issued by Scytl.

“Allegheny County [Pennsylvania] has contracted with Scytl to display County election results in a manner that is transparent and simple for both the general public and users who are interested in detailed data and analytics,” Allegheny County stated in an official Allegheny county document uploaded to the county’s website and dated October 27, 2020. “Allegheny County began using Scytl for election results during the 2016 General Election.”

China Unicom’s Spanish strategic alliance partner Telefónica previously owned a stake in and remains in a brand license agreement with Czech telecom company 02. The American Report exclusively reported on January 11, 2021 that “an IP address owned by O2 Czech Republic, a Czech company offering mobile communications and internet access services, hacked into a Michigan IP address on November 3 [,2020], according to the data analysis.”

On November 3, 2020, An IP address owned by Huawei Cloud targeted an IP address owned by Allegheny County elections, according to the data analysis. As previously mentioned, China Unicom entered a 5G partnership with Huawei in 2018.

Shipping Cargo For The CCP

The Foremost Group, James Chao’s shipping company, “has almost no footprint left in the United States, save for a modest corporate headquarters in Midtown Manhattan,” the New York Times noted.

“The Washington Post reported that McConnell’s wealth increased sevenfold in 10 years, from $3.1 million in 2004 to $22.8 million in 2014. According to The Post, the couple received an inheritance after Chao’s mother passed away in 2007,” Business Insider reported.

Former Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in the People’s Republic of China (de facto U.S. Ambassador to China) President George H.W. Bush, Elaine Chao, and Senator Mitch McConnell

The New York Times reported on May 13, 2014:

Mr. McConnell had come to Washington in the 1960s as an intern, and later was an aide in the Senate. He befriended Stuart Bloch, a public interest lobbyist against the Vietnam War who wore a cape and Borsalino hat. (“You have to distinguish yourself,” he explained in a phone interview.) The conservative and liberal young men hit it off, sharing dinners and celebrating each other’s birthday.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s long-time friend Stuart Bloch.

“Washington lawyer Stuart Bloch, the longtime friend who set McConnell and Chao up in the 1990s, calls Chao a “tiger wife,” according to The Atlantic. Sources have asked whether he should also have called her a spy.

Stuart Bloch flashing the peace sign.

“Horowitz paints Chao as McConnell’s energetic, accomplished partner-in-crime”

The New York Times also reported:

But Ms. Chao is less partisan in her socializing. This year, she was a host of a dinner to welcome Penny Pritzker, Mr. Obama’s top donor, to the administration as commerce secretary. She spent the evening next to Valerie Jarrett, the president’s closest adviser. “I remember looking across the table and seeing the two of them just laughing,” said Catherine Reynolds, a philanthropist and event co-host.

New York Times reporter Jason Horowitz writes, “Those who have encountered [Elaine] Chao describe her as an unapologetically ambitious operator with an expansive network, a short fuse, and a seemingly inexhaustible drive to get to the top and stay there.” “Horowitz paints Chao as McConnell’s energetic, accomplished partner-in-crime,” according to The Atlantic.

McConnell’s Sister-In-Law Angela Chao On Board of The Bank Of China, Connected To Hunter Biden’s BHR That, According To A Cybersecurity Source, Supplied Computers For China’s Cyberwarfare Attack On 2020 U.S. Election

Senator McConnell’s sister-in-law Angela Chao, Elaine Chao’s younger sister, serves on the boards of the Bank of China and China State Shipbuilding Corporation, both of which are powerful CCP state-owned enterprises.

The New York Times wrote:

In a rarity for foreigners, Angela and James Chao have served on the board of the holding company for China State Shipbuilding, a state-owned enterprise that makes ships for the Chinese military, along with Foremost and other customers. Angela Chao is also on the board at the Bank of China, a top lender to the shipbuilder.

Chao’s Sister Angela On Bank Of China Board With Senior Chinese Communist Party Officials, Says Peter Schweizer

Peter Schweizer wrote in his 2018 book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends:

As the Congressional Research Service notes, “All of China’s banks share a common governance system, involving senior bank officers, board of directors, and a board of supervisors. The senior bank officers are members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and are appointed by the CCP. The officers are also assigned ranks in the Chinese government’s hierarchy, ranging from the equivalent of a bureau chief to a vice minister.” As a result, the bank’s board of directors includes all senior Chinese officials and one lone Dutch banker. But now they would be getting a new member: Senator McConnell’s sister-in-law, Angela Chao.

Chao’s Troubling Hunter Biden BHR Connection

“Rosemont Seneca was formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, by Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, and others,” a U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs report states.

“Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China created a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR),” according to the New York Post.

“BHR’s website says it is the cross-border investment arm of a state-approved Chinese private equity firm and is supported by some of China’s largest financial institutions, including the Bank of China,” Reuters reported on October 3, 2019.

The American Report exclusively reported on February 8, 2010:

Computers in China used to conduct a cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. election by switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden were purchased by Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (BHR), sources say.

The investment fund BHR was founded in 2013.  Hunter Biden joined the BHR board of directors and took an equity stake while his father was Vice President.

Elaine Chao Reportedly Behind Firing Of Heritage Foundation Analyst Opposed To Bill Clinton’s Scheme To Close US Navy Base In Long Beach, CA And Lease It To China’s COSCO Shipping

Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Long Beach Naval Station in Southern California

Elaine Chao initially served as a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, between 1996 and 2001, after previously serving as Chair of  the Federal Maritime Commission from 1988 to 1989 and Deputy Secretary of Transportation from 1989 to 1991.

Around the same time, or shortly before, Chao began working at Heritage, President Bill Clinton, between 1995 and 1996, schemed to hand over the former Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Long Beach Naval Station in Long Beach, California to communist Chinese state-owned shipping company COSCO via a lease from the City of Long Beach.

COSCO’s lease went through, but the deal was eventually cancelled via Congressional action in 1998.

On April 15, 1997, California Republican Representative Duke Cunningham was recognized for 60 minutes to speak on the floor of Congress about the topic of “COSCO: A COMMUNIST CHINESE-OWNED COMPANY (C-SPAN VIDEO). According to the Congressional Record, Representative Cunningham stated:

Mr. Speaker, President Clinton took a personal role in promoting the interests of COSCO. At the same time he was cutting over 100 warships from the U.S. fleet, drawn up by the Bush administration, a 23 percent cut. The symbolism could not be anymore stark.

Richard Fisher, senior policy analyst with the Asian Studies Center of the Heritage Foundation, noted the real security concerns of Long Beach Steel in a Washington Times column on April 13. His main point is given below.

If it so desires, the Chinese leadership can direct that COSCO assets be put at the disposal of the People’s Liberation Army, the PLA, or the main espionage organ, the Ministry of State Security, the MSS. Do we really want a subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China, a future superpower, to have such large presence at a port on our own coast, one of the only two West Coast ports with a dry dock large enough to repair our aircraft carriers?

Mr. Speaker, I would say that we do not. It is one of the reasons that the gentleman from California [Mr. Duncan Hunter] and I offered a bill to stop this takeover by a Communist power of U.S. territory.

Paul Sperry, in a June 16, 2001 article at World Net Daily titled “Chao’s pro-China coup at Heritage, reported:

A Heritage Foundation military analyst who sounded warnings about Chinese threats to U.S. security was shown the door after Elaine L. Chao, the conservative think tank’s top Asian studies adviser, complained about his policy writings, WorldNetDaily has learned.

Chao’s views on China have come under closer scrutiny after President-elect Bush picked her to head the Labor Department. As a Cabinet member, she would have top-secret clearance and be in regular contact with national security officials…

…Some reports by the ousted Heritage analyst — 16-year veteran Richard Fisher Jr. — were footnoted in the declassified version of the bipartisan Cox Report, which documented Chinese espionage at U.S. defense labs, while warning of the CMC’s goal of modernizing the People’s Liberation Army to project power out past the mainland’s waters, targeting U.S. allies like Taiwan and even the U.S.

The Cox Report also rankled Chao, Heritage insiders say.

“Elaine Chao was part of the deal that got Rick Fisher fired from Heritage,” said a congressional aide who’s worked with him on China matters. “She pushed him out not because of free-trade issues, but because he raised national security concerns over China.”

A Heritage insider agreed: “She was not supportive of any of his writings on the Chinese military.”

China State Shipbuilding is constructing advanced warships for the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

Chinese warships connected to the family of Senator Mitch McConnell and James Chao are already challenging U.S. Navy sailors and aviators as China expands its Anti Access/Area Denial (A2AD) operations across the South China Sea.

While she was U.S. Labor Secretary, Chao reportedly trashed hard-working Americans and argued that foreign workers are simply better. According to the Denver Post, Chao told a Parade Magazine interviewer that “American employees must be punctual, dress appropriately and have good personal hygiene. They need anger-management and conflict-resolution skills, and they have to be able to accept direction. Too many young people bristle when a supervisor asks them to do something.”

For whose side are Senator Mitch McConnel and his “tiger wife” Elaine Chao really playing, the United States of America or the People’s Republic of China?

Did Senator McConnell and his wife have any knowledge of or involvement in China’s cyberwafare attack on the 2020 U.S. election that switched votes from President Trump to Joe Biden?

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who were both caught by the FBI in close, multi-year relationships with Chinese spies, are pikers compared to Secretary Elaine Chao and Senator Mitch McConnell.



Attacks On Dennis Montgomery, HAMMER And SCORECARD, ‘Absolute Proof,’ Have CIA Connections

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | February 14, 2021

Larry Johnson, writing at the Gateway Pundit, attacked “Absolute Proof” and former CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery. Joe Hoft, referring to Montgomery in another recent Gateway Pundit article, wrote “We don’t know who’s paying him.”

Conversely, the question should be asked, who is paying Larry Johnson and The Gateway Pundit to put out disinformation about CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and to bury the story about Barack Obama’s intelligence chiefs John Brennan and James Clapper who illegally commandeered THE HAMMER to spy on Donald Trump and millions of other innocent Americans.

Dennis Montgomery’s one-time attorney Michael Flynn stated yesterday during an exclusive interview with The American Report that Montgomery is the real deal.

The characterization of CIA contractor turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery that Montgomery’s former attorney Michael Flynn provided to The American Report stands in direct opposition to the false narrative that ex-CIA operative Larry Johnson, along with Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit are attempting to sell to the public.

Johnson’s false version of reality that The Gateway Pundit has chosen to publish is a blatant attempt to discredit CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and “Absolute Proof,” the documentary about the 2020 election fraud. Why would they attempt to obfuscate the truth to the American people?

Attorney Flynn explained that he was shown Montomgomery’s top security clearance by the U.S. Department of Justice Assistant Director, Civil Litigation, Carlotta Wells and United States Justice Department counsel Rafael Gomez. The DOJ verified Montgomery’s top security clearance to attorney Michael Flynn. Montgomery’s TS/SCI security clearance with access to SAP allows Montgomery access to the highest level of intelligence information.

Attorney Michael Flynn stated that he met with DOJ attorneys Wells and Gomez to discuss Dennis Montgomery’s State Secret Privilege (SSP) and Government Protective Order (GPO). The SSP and the GPO had been invoked against Montgomery as a government muzzle. The government did not want the American people to know what Dennis Montgomery had to say about the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER or about its vote theft application SCORECARD.

The CIA holds no charter to spy on the American people. The CIA utilizing THE HAMMER to spy on the American people is grossly outside the U.S. Constitution and well beyond the rule of  law.

The attacks now being propagated against Dennis Montgomery are based upon old, recycled disinformation and outright lies. Some of those individuals propagating that false information are well aware of what they are doing.

Montgomery’s Former Attorney Michael Flynn Says State Secrets Privilege and Government Protective Order Were Illegally Invoked Against Montgomery; “Montgomery couldn’t tell the truth because he was being threatened by Brennan … A Truly Evil Man”

Attorney Michael Flynn said the government lifetime muzzle on Montgomery was illegal. According to Flynn and Montgomery, U.S. government attorney Rafael Gomez stated that if the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) and the Government Protective Order (GPO) were invoked to cover up government malfeasance then both the SSP and the GPO are illegal.

Flynn stated that if Dennis Montgomery had not initially been completely transparent, he believed it was because Montgomery was being threatened by John Brennan. Flynn said that “Brennan was truly an evil man.”

CIA Director John Brennan

“Montgomery couldn’t tell the whole truth because he was being threatened by Brennan,” attorney Flynn stated.

U.S. Army Colonel Phil Waldron (Ret.) pondered the dubious nature of the U.S. government’s October 26, 2020 response, a week before the 2020 election, to Dennis Montgomery’s request to file a Bivens claim. Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Addington responded that Montgomery was still under the SSP and the GPO which Montgomery has been under for a mere 5,089 days. It is no small matter that the U.S. government reminded Montgomery one week before the election that he remained under a government muzzle.

Another Attack Dog — The “Inherently Duplicitous” Mike Zullo

Attorney Michael Flynn also mentioned another one of the attack dogs going after Dennis Montgomery — Mike Zullo. Flynn said that “Mike Zullo was inherently duplicitous” and that he has told others “never to trust Mike Zullo.”

Purported detective Mike Zullo is the individual who covertly recorded Dennis Montgomery and Tim Blixseth in what we dubbed “The Whistleblower Tapes.”

Zullo has stated that those audio recordings were never supposed to have been made public. Those recordings, that were somehow released from U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom, also revealed the existence of THE HAMMER.

Tim Blixseth, the now-ex-husband of Montgomery’s one-time business partner Edra Blixseth, can be heard on The Whistleblower Tapes stating:

About three or four months ago, this guy [Montgomery] is showing me 900 million phone calls. And I see myself in there. I see people I know, I mean I see Donald Trump in there a zillion times …

… Montgomery was such a brilliant computer guy, he figured out, it started in 2004, they built this supercomputer in Reno, Nevada, long, far away from CIA headquarters but they were a contractor … Then, in 2009, the CIA came back to my ex-wife [Edra Blixseth] and to Montgomery and said “look, we want to do this the right way. What will it take?” He [Montgomery] says it’s gonna take about five million dollars worth of computers. They said “O.K. We’ve got a place called Fort Washington, Maryland. It’s disguised as a naval research center, but it’s the CIA cyber headquarters of the world.” So they said, “you’ve got to come back there and build it. You’ve got to be there for a year.” So Montgomery goes back there and he builds what they call “The Hammer.” And that’s what the government nicknamed it, “The Hammer.” And it’s so god damned powerful it, it does a billion combinations a minute of passwords.

Blixseth ended up in solitary confinement in prison for a year after being put into involuntary bankruptcy with his $1.6 billion fortune greatly impacted. Others, however, benefited. Blixseth points to Lanny Breuer, partner and comrade to Eric Holder.

Attorney Flynn names Lanny Breuer as “another evil government insider.” Breuer worked closely with Eric Holder. Both are attorneys at Covington & Burling. Those who gained from Blixseth’s fortune were connected to government insiders.

The U.S. government has been running a campaign to discredit Dennis Montgomery in order to cover up their own bad behavior. As far as HAMMER goes, they don’t want to admit its existence because it was supposed to be a foreign surveillance tool but was instead turned illegally on America.

WikiLeaks published the CIA Hacking Tools in their Vault 7 release. Those tools included The Hammer.

The CIA stole the keys to the kingdom — and they want to keep the weapon.

Former CIA Officer Larry Johnson, At The Gateway Pundit, Rehashes False Narrative That HAMMER Does Not Exist And Dennis Montgomery Defrauded The CIA

Larry Johnson

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, who was not read into the SAP program HAMMER, has made spurious claims at The Gateway Pundit that the super surveillance system HAMMER does not exist.

Johnson is attempting to sell his narrative about Dennis Montgomery while simultaneously neglecting to disclose the existence and content of his relatively recent phone conversation with Montgomery.

Following a particularly odd phone conversation with one of these reporters during which ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson lost his cool and began screaming, Dennis Montgomery phoned Johnson to offer clarity to the confused and seemingly upset former CIA agent.

Larry Johnson told Montgomery that Johnson’s CIA contact had confirmed to him that HAMMER does not exist — though few intelligence personnel have ever been read into the HAMMER Special Access Program (SAP).

Johnson told Montgomery that he had a CIA guy who could confirm his assertions that HAMMER did not exist. Montgomery responded, “put him on a three-way call now.”

Montgomery offered to put his own guy who was read into the HAMMER SAP program in touch with Johnson’s supposed CIA contact. Johnson quickly reneged and then claimed that his man had “now retired.”

According to Montgomery, Montgomery said “I’ve got a hundred guys. Where are your contacts in CIA, DIA, U.S. Air Force, Special Operations Command, DoD, Homeland Security? Why is it Larry, that it is the CIA who you seem to be representing?”

That is when Johnson demurred and hung up the phone.

Johnson now vacillates between saying that HAMMER does not exist to claiming that HAMMER does exist but that Montgomery did not build HAMMER. Robert Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for THE HAMMER.

It does not appear that Larry Johnson was ever seeking confirmation or real knowledge about Dennis Montgomery and THE HAMMER, which brings to mind an old adage, “Once CIA — Always CIA.”  This suggests that Johnson was simply sent in to discredit Montgomery, the same way by which reporters at Playboy and the New York Times had previously been sent in to discredit Montgomery.

However, CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen’s September 10, 2020 National Geographic television special “Bin Laden’s Hard Drives” confirmed that everything Montgomery had said was right, and that Playboy and the New York Times were dead wrong.

Montgomery’s Testimony To The FBI And DOJ

Dennis Montgomery gave sworn and videotaped testimony to the FBI and the DOJ on December 3, 2015, under immunity, about THE HAMMER and SCORECARD.

Montgomery stated:

I had to produce ten years of financial records, including banks, credit cards, checking accounts, tax records for me and any company I owned as part of my immunity to the FBI … they sure know where I got my money from. They told me my records were accurate.

I had to produce ten years of the same records for my 1991 IPO [NASDAQ Initial Public Offering]. I had to produce 20 years for my TS/SCI agreements.

Look at this microscope I have had to live under and not one entity found one mistake in any of them.

Montgomery states he also passed two polygraph tests — one for the CIA and the other for the DoD.

The American Report previously reported:

Military sources told The American Report that “THE HAMMER” features multiple echelons of safeguards and sign-offs to prevent intelligence personnel, up to and including the President of the United States, from using the system for unlawful domestic surveillance.

Brennan and Clapper bypassed those safeguards, setting up an even more powerful HAMMER system in Fort Washington [Maryland] and illegally re-purposed the foreign surveillance tool for domestic surveillance, turning America into a Stasi-style police state.

Montgomery built THE HAMMER with computers supplied by Robert Mueller’s FBI and the DoD.

However, according to whistleblower Montgomery, The HAMMER  was illegally commandeered by Brennan and Clapper in February 2009 under the Obama administration and illegally turned against the American people.

Admiral Lyons And General McInerney Brought The American Report’s Exposé On THE HAMMER To America’s Radio Airwaves

Four-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) and U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) brought our exposé on THE HAMMER to Operation Freedom radio with host Dr. Dave Janda on March 19, 2017. The following day, March 20, 2017, FBI Director James Comey launched the hoax Trump Russian collusion investigation.

Admiral Lyons, onetime Command-in-Chief of the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet, passed away in December 2019. As he lay on his deathbed, Admiral Lyons reached over to his old friend General McInerney and said “Tom, THE HAMMER is the key to the coup.”

Admiral Lyons had confirmed HAMMER with his own military intelligence sources. Admiral Lyons served on the advisory board to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), where THE HAMMER resided and was used as a foreign surveillance tool to track terrorists and foreign adversaries. Admiral Lyons was key in the development of the U.S. Navy’s Red Cell, an elite team of U.S. Navy SEALs that tests the vulnerabilities of Navy bases to terror attacks.

Former DIA Director General Michael Flynn Agreed With Cybersecurity Expert Whom The New York Times Refers To As “The Smartest Man In The Room” About THE HAMMER

Others have weighed in on the efficacy of THE HAMMER, including the onetime Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the highly-decorated general who received a pardon of innocence from President Trump. The Deep State attempted to muzzle U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.) for four long years, in their outrageous coup d’état scheme, the hoax Russian collusion investigation run by bad actors in the DOJ and the FBI.

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

General Michael Flynn, one-time Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), stated that he agreed with Dr. Navid Nasharev-Nia’s sworn affidavit regarding the 2020 U.S. election.

Dr. Navid Nasharev-Nia

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, who the New York Times said is known as “the smartest man in the room,” stated in his sworn affidavit, signed November 25, 2020:

I have advanced training from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)…

…I am employed by a large defense contractor as a chief cyber security engineer…my expertise spans 35 years of performing technical assessment, mathematical modeling, cyber-attack pattern analysis, and security counterintelligence linked to FIS [foreign intelligence service] operators, including China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. I have worked as a consultant and subject-matter expert supporting the Department of Defense, FBI and US Intelligence Community (USIC) agencies such as the DIA, CIA, NSA, NGA, and the DHS I&A supporting counterintelligence, including supporting law enforcement investigations.

The USIC has developed the Hammer and Scorecard tools, which were released by WikiLeaks and independently confirmed by Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF, retired), Kirk Wiebe, former NSA official, and Dennis Montgomery, former CIA [contractor]…The Hammer and Scorecard are capabilities are tradecrafts used by US intelligence analysts to conduct MITM [Man-in-the-Middle] attacks on foreign voting systems, including the Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) Democracy Suite and [Election] Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines without leaving an electronic fingerprint…

In my expert opinion, I conclude the following:

…I conclude that FIS [foreign intelligence services] and other operators were involved to influence the outcome of the 2020 election.

A Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) cyber attack was carried out by covert operators using sophisticated tools, such as Hammer and Scorecard…

…I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden.

Terry Turchie, who served as the first Deputy Assistant Director of the newly-created Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, says that the FBI and the DOJ have been corrupted.

The American Report previously reported:

FBI General Counsel James Baker, testifying under oath before a joint Congressional committee, stated that he took possession of Dennis Montgomery’s evidence. Baker dispatched FBI Special Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett to the FBI Miami Field Office in August 2015 to pick up Montgomery’s computer hard drives.

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker

Baker testified before Congress in October 2018:

Can I just — I’m turning to the Bureau to describe this. So his client was an individual named Dennis Montgomery, who I believe, to the best of my recollection, he said that he had been a U.S. Government contractor and, in the course of that work, had come across evidence of unlawful surveillance by the government of Americans — and including government officials — and wanted to give that information to the Bureau, which eventually did take place.

Baker confirmed that Montgomery had provided his FBI agents with evidence that government officials were conducting unlawful domestic surveillance of Americans, including other government officials.

The American Report also previously reported:

Irvin Charles “Chuck” McCullough III, who served as the Intelligence Community Inspector General from 2010 to 2018, received the 47 computer hard drives and sworn testimony that Dennis Montgomery provided to the FBI in 2015 under immunity agreements.

According to a March 3, 2018 opinion by U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon in the case DENNIS MONTGOMERY, et al., Plaintiffs, v. JAMES COMEY, Defendants:

At the status conference in this case, counsel for the Government defendants represented to this Court that the “hard drives are in a secure facility with the [I]ntelligence [C]ommunity’s Office of Inspector General” and that there was “no risk” that they were “going to be destroyed anytime soon…

…Plaintiffs’ primary argument on this point is that, without preservation of the hard drives and the interview tapes, they “will lose the material evidence in this case.” Pls.’ Mot. 18. But as I have already explained, the Government has represented to this Court that there is a litigation hold preventing the destruction of either the hard drives or the interview tapes.

Judge Richard Leon’s opinion where he references Montgomery’s hard drives runs counter to the false claims of others that there were no hard drives.

FBI Receipt For Computer Hard Drives That Dennis Montgomery Turned Over To The FBI In 2015

The Gateway Pundit Falsely Presented This Palatial Home As Belonging To Dennis Montgomery

Screenshot From ‘The Gateway Pundit’

Just a cursory look at real estate records would have proven to the Gateway Pundit that Montgomery has not lived in this home for over seven years. The new owners put several million dollars of improvements into the home. The Gateway Pundit presenting this as Montgomery’s home is at the very least dishonest.

The Gateway Pundit’s Supposed Expert Yaacov Apelbaum Weighs In About THE HAMMER and ‘Absolute Proof’ Without Proof

On February 8, 2021, The Gateway Pundit published a dubious article by Larry Johnson titled “A Closer Look at the Hammer and Scorecard.” Johnson relies on someone named Yaacov Apelbaum in an attempt to discredit forensic evidence that The American Report published and that Mary Fanning presented in “Absolute Proof” showing that China and other foreign adversaries conducted a cyberwarfare attack against the 2020 U.S. Election.

According to Johnson’s article, Apelbaum stated:

The values in the fields titled “SOURCE ID” and “TARGET ID”, which have a MAC address format were most likely created with a random number generator. A sampling of these MAC addresses yielded no results of known network card manufacturers.

By definition, however, all MAC addresses are random — none repeat.

Yaacov Apelbaum, the self-described cybersecurity expert challenging the credentials of CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and The American Report’s exclusive exposés on HAMMER and SCORECARD, purportedly co-founded a private ‘facial recognition’ company called XRVision with Guy Ron, a former research and development lead at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, based upon reviews of the LinkedIn profiles of Apelbaum and Ron.

Apelbaum and Ron’s company XRVision is headquartered in Singapore, a notorious surveillance police state that maintains close ties with communist China.

According to’s OneZero:

XRVision’s claims are implausible and nearly impossible to verify, as the company does not seem to have any relationship to the facial recognition industry or academia. Unlike many other companies operating in the space, it has not published research publicly, it has not seemed to appear at recent academic conferences, it does not appear to have public federal government contracts, and it does not list any information about clients or its technology online.

Montgomery actually has government contracts which prove that he provided facial recognition software to the U.S. military.

Montgomery’s company eTreppid Technologies provided facial recognition software to U.S. Special Operations Command.

Ron studied information systems and engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and received an MBA from Rutgers.

Guy Ron

Apelbaum’s LinkedIn profile shows him belonging to the following LinkedIn groups: Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Intelligence and National Security Alliance, Information Security, The Intelligence Community. There is no evidence, however, that Apelbaum has ever worked for any U.S. intelligence agency.

Apelbaum’s XRVision Connected Through Luxembourg-Based Boundary Holding To Italian Defense Contractor Leonardo

XRVision was funded between 2016 and 2018 with startup money from several investors including Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg-based fund invested in artificial intelligence, and an organization called the Mekong Business Initiative, according to private equity and venture capital data published by Seattle-based Pitchbook Data Inc, a unit of Morningstar.

The founder of Boundary Holding is Rajat Khare, and the president is Ms. Shweta Khare. Both Khares were educated in India, according to their biographies.

One of Boundary Holding’s co-investors is MBDA Missile Systems, according to Pitchbook. MBDA is a joint venture owned by BAE, Italy’s Leonardo, and Airbus.

Apelbaum’s attacks on Montgomery are being promoted at the Gateway Pundit by Joe Hoft, twin brother of Jim Hoft. Joe Hoft has spent time working in Singapore, where XRVision is headquartered.

“Joe’s career positions have involved attending and presenting at corporate and not-for-profit board meetings and audit committee meetings at locations around the world (including the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Bermuda),” according to a biography on his website

Joe Hoft, who spent nearly a decade living in Hong Kong, worked as (Vice President) Head of Asia Pacific Global Audit Services, Reinsurance Group of America. Reinsurance Group of America’s Asia Pacific operations include branches in Shanghai and Beijing, China.

Montgomery Has Plenty Of Bonafides; Why Would Johnson, Apelbaum, And The Gateway Pundit Be Motivated To Claim Otherwise?

Montgomery and his work is a ““known known,” and has been confirmed by multiple cybersecurity experts, former NSA officials, multiple federal judges, the former general counsel of the FBI, and former U.S. military intelligence officials.

It is not clear what former CIA officer Larry Johnson, Yaakov Apelbaum of Singapore’s XRVision, and The Gateway Pundit are up to when they deny an obvious truth, that Montgomery is the real deal. Or, perhaps, considering the CIA’s involvement, it is perfectly clear.




Chinese Computers Used In Cyberwarfare Attack On 2020 U.S. Election Purchased By Hunter Biden’s Chinese Investment Firm BHR, Sources Claim

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | February 8, 2021

Computers in China used to conduct a cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. election by switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden were purchased by Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (BHR), sources say.

The investment fund BHR was founded in 2013.  Hunter Biden joined the BHR board of directors and took an equity stake while his father was Vice President.

“In response to a question from The Post, White House press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that Hunter Biden was still an investor in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., known as BHR,” the New York Post reported on February 5, 2021.

An Act Of War

China’s cyberwarfare attack on the U.S. presidential election was an act of war perpetrated to carry out a coup inside the United States by denying President Trump a second term. Joe Biden was installed after China’s cyberwarfare attack stole millions of votes from President Donald Trump, according to cybersecurity sources.  Many of Joe Biden’s 43 executive orders signal a realignment with Beijing’s communist regime. The Biden White House is back in business working with Beijing, just as the Obama-Biden White House did.

BEIJING, CHINA – APRIL 18, 2011 — Vice President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, laugh together after a banquet dinner at the Great Hall of the People. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

BHR was established in 2013 shortly after Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden flew to Beijing aboard Air Force Two.

Several companies BHR has substantial investments in were the same companies that have been exposed as having intruded into the 2020 election via a cyber attack.

IP addresses owned by those Chinese companies targeted the 2020 U.S. election. Hunter Biden holds direct ownership in those same companies, according to a forensic data analysis by U.S. government cyber security contractors.

Information regarding Hunter Biden and BHR was supplied to the FBI in 2015. The names of the Chinese companies identified and provided to the FBI were the very Chinese companies that attacked the US election. Also, the Ukrainian company where Hunter Biden had once held a stake was also involved in US election interference.

A forensic data analysis shows that internet protocol (IP) addresses owned by Chinese telecom and tech companies including Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, China UniCom, U-Cloud, and China Mobile Tietong hacked into IP addresses owned by county and state offices handling election data in battleground states during the 2020 U.S. election on November 3 and 4. The American Report broke the original story about foreign election interference.

Hours After Biden’s Inauguration, Chinese Telecom Companies Targeted By Trump, Involved In Cyberwarfare Attack On 2020 Election, And Delisted By The New York Stock Exchange Asked To Be Reinstated 

CNBC reported on January 4, 2021:

The New York Stock Exchange said it no longer plans to delist three Chinese telecommunications giants: China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. Four days earlier, the NYSE said it planned to drop those listings to comply with a November executive order from President Trump. Trump sought to bar American companies and individuals from investing in firms that allegedly aid the Chinese military.

“After a surprising U-turn in which the US stock exchange changed its mind it eventually settled on delisting them,” Yahoo News reported.

On  January 20, 2021, the same day that Joe Biden was inaugurated, Yahoo News reported that “three Chinese telecom giants [China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom] have asked the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to review its decision to delist them.”

“China’s big telecom carriers asked the New York Stock Exchange to rethink their planned delisting, the latest twist in a to-and-fro about whether they should be allowed to trade in U.S. markets,” the Wall Street Journal reported on January 21, 2021. “The requests came hours after Joe Biden was sworn in as the new U.S. president.”

IP addresses of additional U.S. adversaries and other foreign countries also participated in the cyberware attack on the election, according to the data analysis, but IP addresses in China played the biggest role.

Absolute Proof

The American Report investigative journalist Mary Fanning subsequently highlighted that data analysis and presented additional data and video of the cyberattack happening in real time in the documentary film Absolute Proof, the executive producers of which were Fanning, Mike Lindell, and Brannon Howse. Leading video hosting services YouTube, owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc., and Vimeo quickly removed Absolute Proof from their platforms yet the documentary still went viral. Facebook labeled posts sharing Absolute Proof as “False Information checked by independent fact-checkers” and is actively suppressing distribution of those posts. Recent figures show that over 70 million people have viewed the video.





Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic: WATCH NOW




EXCLUSIVE: Proof China, Russia Hacked 2020 Election: IP Addresses In China, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic Hacked PA, NV, MI, GA Battleground States Raw Data Analytics Show

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | January 11, 2021

Raw data analytics exclusively obtained by The American Report show that during the 2020 presidential election internet protocol (IP) addresses in China, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, and the Czech Republic hacked into IP addresses in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan and Georgia.

IP addresses owned by Chinese telecom enterprise Huawei Cloud and Huawei’s headquarters hacked into IP addresses in Pennsylvania on November 3, 2020, the data analysis shows.  A Huawei-owned IP address also hacked an IP address in Michigan.

IP addresses owned by Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator China Unicom also hacked into IP addresses in Pennsylvania on November 3.

IP addresses owned by Chinese internet provider ChinaNet hacked into IP addresses in Nevada on November 3, according to the data analysis.

Aliyun Computing Co. owns several IP addresses that hacked into IP addresses in Michigan on November 3, the data analysis shows. Aliyun, also known as Alibaba Cloud, “is the cloud computing unit of Alibaba Group,” according to TechCrunch.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has not been seen for weeks.

Image: Alibaba founder Jack Ma (image credit Wikimedia Commons / World Economic Forum)

An IP address owned by Kaspersky Lab – Moscow hacked into an IP address in Michigan on November 3, according to the data analysis. Kaspersky is a Russian software and cybersecurity firm. Kasperky Lab was co-founded by Eugene Kaspersky and his now-ex-wife, Natalya Kaspersky.

Image: Eugene Kaspersky (L) and Natalya Kaspersky (R)

Eugene Kasperky, the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, served in the Soviet military intelligence service and is a graduate of The Technical Faculty of the KGB Higher School, now known as Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science, part of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, widely known as the FSB.

Natalya Kaspersky is now the CEO of Russia’s InfoWatch Group and has a reported net worth of $270 million. “Natalya Kaspersky’s Snoop-Proof Phone Helps Putin Thwart Spies,” according to Bloomberg.

President Trump banned Kaspersky from all U.S. government networks when he signed the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). “The ban, included as part of a broader defense policy spending bill that Trump signed, reinforces a directive issued by the Trump administration in September that civilian agencies remove Kaspersky Lab software within 90 days,” Reuters reported on December 12, 2017. “The law applies to both civilian and military networks.” U.S. District Court Judge for the U.S. District of the District of Columbia Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, former Presiding Judge of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court), upheld President Trump’s ban after Kaspersky Labs sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Christopher Krebs, a senior cyber security official at the Department of Homeland Security, told reporters that nearly all government agencies had fully removed Kaspersky products from their networks in compliance with the September order,” according to the Reuters report. President Trump “terminated” Krebs in mid-November 2020 after Krebs claimed the 2020 election was the most secure election in history.

An IP address owned by the University of Stuttgart, a research university in Germany, also hacked into an IP address in Michigan on November 3, according to the analysis.

Amazon Data Services in Toronto, Canada owns an IP address that hacked into a Michigan IP address on November 3, according to the analysis.

Dominion Voting Services is based in Toronto. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a major provider of cloud services for U.S. elections.

“Scytl products and services are hosted on Amazon Web Services,” according to Scytl.

IP addresses owned by Seznam, a search engine based in the Czech Republic, as well as an IP address owned by O2 Czech Republic, a Czech company offering mobile communications and internet access services, hacked into IP addresses in Michigan on November 3, the analysis shows.

China’s Shanghai UCloud Information Technology Company Limited owns an IP address that hacked into a Michigan IP address on November 3, according to the data analysis.

On November 4, 2020, Aliyun Computing Co. and ChinaNet, both based in China, hacked into IP addresses in Georgia, according to the data analysis.





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