Gross Negligence, Incompetence, Or Treason? DEMOCIDE


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | April 10, 2022

Todd Callender, the attorney representing Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, a U.S. Army aerospace and occupational medicine doctor and flight surgeon, provided Mary Fanning of The American Report with an exclusive video of Dr. Long discussing the Pentagon’s DMED database and her stunning discovery that U.S. military personnel were suffering from “catastrophic” adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I oppose injecting our entire fighting force, and the planet, for that matter, with this gene therapy since the beginning” because she prayed about it, LTC Long, who describes herself as “a Christian and a mother,” stated in her video.

LTC Long also stated in her video:

In 2018, I found myself back in residency in aerospace and occupational medicine. As part of my training, I was required to do a year of research during my masters in public health.

It was during this research that I used the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED). The DMED essentially allows doctors to query trends across the DoD, going all the way back to 1990. You can trend how frequently healthcare professionals across the DoD have diagnosed active duty service members with disease or illness.

Numerous attempts I made to find out the number and types of vaccine adverse events in active duty service members had failed to produce any transparency. I decided to use the DMED to see if the rare things I was seeing in my own, previously healthy, population, was occurring across the DoD.

What I found can only be described as catastrophic. Finding the data was like finding Hunter Biden’s laptop. The implication for the compromise of national security and the depraved indifference for human life was apparent.

Who do you bring evidence like that to? Your chain of command that is 100 percent behind the narrative? The FBI? The police? Who?

I brought the evidence to my attorney, Todd Callender, and within 24 hours, the judge in the Robert v. Austin case, threw the case out like his life depended on it.

Do you understand the implication of leaders continuing to push a DoD-wide vaccine mandate of our military, despite medical leaders having knowledge of this information?

Is it gross negligence, incompetence, or treason?


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