The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing — With John B. Wells On Ark Midnight Live — Release Date October 30, 2021


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | October 31, 2021

The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing — With John B. Wells On Ark Midnight Live“ was a Saturday, October 30, 2021 special episode of the syndicated radio program Ark Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells and featuring guests General Thomas McInerney, Colonel Phil Waldron, General Paul E. Vallely, Colonel Lawrence Sellin, PhD, and Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report.

Listen here to the entire program Ark Midnight Live — The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing — Release Date October 30, 2021:

General McInerney (Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 1)

Former U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney (Ret.) started off the program with an update and analysis of the upcoming Tuesday, November 2, 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election between Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe (former governor of Virginia) and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.


General McInerney stated:

Probably around 11:00, 11:30 at night sometime [Tuesday, November 2] I’m going to tell you, because I now know, and your listeners have got to understand, the Democrats are going to deliberately use cyberwarfare, HAMMER and SCORECARD, the top secret CIA program that was stolen by Obama, and they are going to use it on the Virginia and the New Jersey elections.

McAuliffe is going so bad in Virginia, he’s nine points behind now, and he is going to be slipping the next day or two to double digit, so they are absolutely desperate because they look at all of their success dependent upon this election. And I am going to give you sources, that somewhere around 11:00 or 11:30 at night [Tuesday], I am going to tell you that the Chinese Communist Party out of China is in several precincts in Virginia. And I will give you the precincts specifically: maybe Alexandria, maybe Virginia Beach, maybe parts of Richmond, but I will give you exactly where they are hacking. And the American people must know that is their game plan now because there is no chance that this election can be won.

Now, the President, former President Trump, put out just a couple of days ago in the Wall Street Journal, talking about why it is so important, and I’ll swing back around to Virginia, but he was talking about Pennsylvania, and how it was rigged, and I am going to give you some very specific things so people understand how it was rigged.

First of all, there were 71,893 mail-in ballots that were returned after 3 November 2020 at 8:00 pm. None of these should have been counted according to the U.S. Constitution. They were late. Another 10,515 mail-in ballots from people who do not exist in the Pennsylvania voting records. Twenty thousand excess voters not yet accounted for by the Pennsylvania Department of Elections. In other words, there were more votes than voters. Then hundreds of thousands of votes unlawfully counted in secret while G.O.P. poll watchers were thrown out. And then 39,771 people voted who registered after the 19 October deadline.

So what you saw when President Trump led by commanding 785,000 votes until you get into the wee hours, start getting past midnight, eleven o’clock, midnight, and into the early morning hours, is when all of these shenanigans happened, and when they start using the cyberwarfare.

They are going to do that, I am telling you right now, just like I told the American People with the Steve Bannon show on the afternoon of 2 November, Monday 2 November 2020 that they were going to use cyberwarfare in the form of HAMMER and SCORECARD, the codeword names for the vote stealing, and I predicted what happened in the election. And I didn’t predict it by states. I am going to predict it by states what is going to happen Tuesday night [November 2, 2021]. It is going to happen in both Virginia and in New Jersey.  So that’s very important. I gave you a recount of how they used the voting, all of those votes, when President Trump had that huge lead of 785,000 votes, and how they were able to swing it around.

So, it is very important, where people are sitting here, and the Republican consultants, John, are bragging and they are smug that it is going to be a runaway in Virginia, and it will be if it’s legal, but, it’s not going to be legal. Once Obama stole HAMMER and SCORECARD and started using it — he’s used it in his election when he won Florida in 2012, and they planned on using it in 2016 for Hillary — I can’t tell you, but it was thwarted. It’s going to hopefully be thwarted again this time. But they use so many different forms, and I listed them all to you, the many different ways that they use, six different ways I mentioned were used, to include seven if you include the cyberwarfare…

…In Georgia, they now disclosed this week that one million mail-in ballots were ordered by the election commission in Georgia, this was in 2020, November, that’s why it is so important we have these audits, one million mail-in ballots were ordered when it was too late to send them out…many of them when in that video when the told the people in Fulton County that they had a flood and they dismissed all of the supervisors and the poll watchers, and started pulling them out from underneath the tables. So those mail-in ballots were not even folded in the envelope — they were just pulling them out. So those are the things that they took advantage of the COVID-19 differences created because of the 2020 election.

And look at what we’ve got. Look at what we’ve got, and I am going to quote President Trump, just less than an hour ago, he was on [Fox News Justice with] Judge Jeanine, and he pointed out that of the 1.4 million people who have come over the borders so far, the open borders that the ‘O-Biden,’ notice I said the ‘O-Biden’ Administration has got open borders, that number, John, he is saying, it’s the first time I’ve heard it, should be times seven, which would mean that there are at least 9.8 million, almost 10 million people coming in the borders, which we have no control of, 20 percent of them have COVID19 or other diseases, but most of all, they are bringing in the massive influx of fentanyl, and as you know, there are almost 100,000 Americans killed in 2020, deaths due to fentanyl, it was 97,000.

John, we’ve had two biological attacks. COVID-19, which was a deliberate biological attack by the Chinese on the world, and specifically the U.S., and we have lost now, so far, 700,000. That’s more people than we lost in World War II.

Colonel Waldron (Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 1)

U.S. Army Colonel James P. (Phil) Waldron (Ret.), who served in the U.S. Army for 30 years, is a decorated combat veteran with extensive experience in the Middle-East and Afghanistan, and has extensive operational experience in Cyber/Computer Network Operations. Colonel Waldron discussed the national security crisis at along the southern border between Mexico and the United States, with a focus on the record amount of human trafficking, also known as slavery.

Colonel Waldron’s website Eagles Nest Sanctuary can be found at

Colonel Waldron told host John B. Wells during the second half of the Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 2:

Our team was working counter-human trafficking before we started working on the election integrity issues. We didn’t really start working on elections until August of 2020. Before that we were working counter-human trafficking operations here in Texas. Since then, obviously, I’d say elections have consequences. The rape slave trafficking, the forced labor, the human trafficking…

Human trafficking is really a polite way of saying modern day slavery. There are more people in slavery, in bondage, in rape slave trafficking, in forced labor and debt bondage now, in our current state, which is supposed to be enlightened and kind and nice and peaches and cream…

…There are more people in slavery now than in any time in human history.  Yes, there are more people, but basic human nature does not change. There are bad guys out there that take advantage of people. I wouldn’t even venture to tell you all of the things that we uncover on the dark web that we have seen with our own eyes, about children, boys, girls, young women, young men, old women, old men, the things that are done to people for the sexual gratification of over-privileged people is amazing.

We are linked up now with folks in Arizona. [We] try to create a united front of communications sharing — information about tactics, techniques, procedures of these rape slave traffickers and exactly what they are doing so that we can make a better impact…

…That’s really one of the main components of what the cartels and other elements along our southwest border are executing, and it’s not just southwest border, it’s a global operation.  We call them TCO’s in the military — Transregional Criminal Organizations, and these are multi-trillion dollar transregional criminal organizations that we are facing, that a local county sheriff is facing, and the Texas DPS, the Arizona Rangers…

Americans Please Contact and Donate:

General Vallely (Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 2)

Former Deputy Commanding General for the US Army Pacific General Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), a West Point graduate who served in Vietnam and other overseas theaters, spoke about Mexican cartels operating along the southern border of the United States and about the fact that the United States Department of Defense has not drawn up war plans to engage and defeat those cartels as they invade the United States.

General Valley’s website:



General Vallely explained some of the key points of a detailed military plan that he and other retired U.S. military officers have jointly developed and previously proposed to the U.S. Defense Department as a contingency plan to confront the heavily-armed Mexican cartels that are actively penetrating the U.S. border. The situation has become critical because under Joe Biden the tempo of the Mexico cartels’ operations have accelerated and “ intelligence reports indicate cartel groups want to capture and occupy US towns along the border,” the very definition of a foreign military invasion.

  • America is under attack at our southern border. Intelligence reports indicate cartel groups want to capture and occupy US towns along the border.
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is saying that apprehended aliens are not being tested for COVID-19.
  • We can no longer play defense on the US side of the Border. Time to play Offense and neutralize the Cartels.
  • If I were the Commander-in-Chief, I would have my national security staff and military commanders plan and execute a covert special operations strategy that would take down the Cartels and secure the southern border.
  • The plan is basic and involves advanced unconventional/conventional war planning. This combines the best use of our special ops, drone and air assets that will encompass intelligence, targeting, structural organization of our forces to accomplish the mission, base operations, offensive and defensive operations.
  • Once again, the entire area is festooned with upheaval, violence, and lawlessness as it was in 1846 [Mexican–American War].

Colonel Sellin, PhD (Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hours 2 and 3)

U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin (Ret.), PhD, a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq who spent a significant part of his Army career assigned to Fort Detrick, the U.S. Army base in Maryland that hosts major elements of the U.S. biodefense program, discussed COVID-19 and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) biowarfare programs.

Colonel Sellin told John B. Wells during the second half of Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 2:

The rapid evolution of China’s biowarfare strategy and what we will actually face in the future…

…The structure of China’s biowarfare program exists on three levels…

The core level is secret and military and is comprised of military research centers and military hospitals.

Layered on top of that are Chinese universities and Chinese “private research centers” like the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In China, there is no difference between civilian and military research. China uses that middle layer to access laboratories and research centers outside of China to acquire skills and knowledge and techniques which they draw back into the biowarfare program.

In the 1990s China began what I call “scientific chain migration.”  They would send over Chinese Communist Party scientists and in particular People’s Liberation Army scientists to the United States. Once they established themselves, they would invite their colleagues until they reached this critical mass of people such that they could easily move these skills and knowledge and technologies back to China and eventually filter into China’s biowarfare program.

Colonel Sellin’s interview also covered:

  • How U.S. scientists and U.S. funding were involved with China in the development of COVID-19 (Fauci and others) and the CCP’s 14th Five Year Plan and its agenda for future total biotechnology dominance.
  • Specifically, all the factors that drove China to create COVID-19 have not slowed, but have accelerated and are not being addressed by the U.S. government.

China’s New Concept of Bio-based War Includes Vaccines With “Backdoors” As Bioweapons:

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones (Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Hour 3)

The American Report’s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones joined John B. Wells to discuss the national security threat that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, faces at Florida’s Port Canaveral, where the Port Canaveral intermodal cargo container terminal is leased and operated by Middle Eastern company GULFTAINER.



FL Gov Lt Cdr DeSantis Vs Gulftainer: Naval Officer Faces Port Canaveral Container Terminal NatSec Disaster From Mideast Co Tied To Iraq, Iran, Russia Amid Supply Chain Crisis — The American Report


Lieutenant Commander DeSantis served on active duty in Iraq as a JAG lawyer assigned to SEAL Team One.

FL Gov Lt Cdr DeSantis Vs Gulftainer: Naval Officer Faces Port Canaveral Container Terminal NatSec Disaster From Mideast Co Tied To Iraq, Iran, Russia Amid Supply Chain Crisis

GULFTAINER is co-owned by Hamid Dhia Jafar, the brother and business partner of notorious Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar (a.k.a. Abou Timmen), Saddam Hussein’s prized nuclear weapons mastermind.

Mary Fanning stated:

John, it is important to understand Governor DeSantis fought in Iraq, and he probably more than any governor in this country understands the danger of Iraq.

The Obama-Biden Administration set the table, brought Gulftainer into the Port of Canaveral, gave them a 35-year lease without the benefit of the required National Security Threat Analysis and CFIUS review. Those are both required in order to take a lease at one of our ports, but most importantly, at a critical infrastructure port, this should never have been allowed…

…As we looked into GULFTAINER, we determined that GULFTAINER was owned by Hamid Dhia Jafar, and we found documents — no one has ever admitted to this — but the Emir of Sharjah is the 50 percent owner of GULFTAINER.

So they were given a 35-year lease at Port Canaveral, truly 1000 feet from our nuclear submarine turning basin. Our nuclear submarines, our Trident submarines, are the most important leg of our nuclear triad that is put in place to protect this country should we ever need it.

When we looked into GULFTAINER, we found that Hamid Dhia Jafar has been under investigation for the ‘Oil-For-Superweapons’ program. He was funding Saddam’s and his brother Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar’s, who was Saddam Hussein’s nuclear mastermind, he was funding their nuclear WMD programs. So we knew that that was under investigation at three congressional committees and at the U.S. Treasury Department as well.

So, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar was on the Pentagon’s Blacklist. That means he was wanted for capture or kill.

So, under the Biden and Obama administration, they brought these folks in and planted them inside the wire at our ports.

Just previous to them coming into the United States, into Port Canaveral, they had gone into a joint venture with ROSTEC / ROSOBORONEXPORT. That is a Russian company and they export the CLUB-K Cargo Container as a Trojan Horse cargo container that opens via satellite. It has a ten-year shelf life and it launches Kalibr missiles that can be tipped either with nuclear, biological, chemical, or an EMP weapon. Now, Americans understand that an EMP weapon is a ‘civilization killer.’ This is no small matter what the Obama / Biden administration has done…

…It is clear that the Obama administration put the enemy inside the wire with purpose. Understand also that our radar points north and east. That means that once something shoots, launches inside the wire, inside our country, we have no ability to shoot it down.

Alan Jones noted:

So, let’s just put a couple of different current events together. Earlier tonight Colonel Phil Waldron talked about the border, and he talked about the folks that are coming over the border right now in an invasion, a lot of them are military-age men.  They are not necessarily coming from Mexico. They are coming from Africa, they may be from the Sudan or Somalia, coming possibly from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Well, during the Obama administration, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies purchased massive amounts of ammunition — you know, NATO rounds, .224, where did all that go? And these military-aged men that are coming across the border, if they are matched up with arms like ‘Fast and Furious’ type of weaponry and ammunition, put that together with then GULFTAINER potentially bringing in Club-K containers that look like intermodal cargo containers but they can be put on trains, tractor-trailers, and positioned all over the United States, with the capability of an EMP, they could simultaneous to an overrun of the border with troops from everywhere from China to the Middle East to Africa running over our southern border, possibly coming down from Canada, and then hitting our electrical grid with electromagnetic pulse weapons which would destroy our civilization — you know, you lose refrigeration, you lose diesel and gas pumping, you lose communications — and then the vulnerability of our nuclear triad, which goes back to the Cold War, this is our nuclear deterrent, so it’s a combination of the missile silos like you have in North Dakota, a combination of our strategic bombers which would be the B-52s, the B-1s and the B-2s which we have a limited number of bases now for those, and then our ‘boomers’ which are the ballistic missile submarines which are on the east coast in Kings Bay, Georgia, and the west coast, Kitsap, next to Seattle.

We only have a limited number of submarines. A certain number of them sit in base at the home port. And if they are taken out by cruise missiles from the Club-K, then all the subs we have left are the ones that are on patrol in the Pacific, or in the South China Sea, or the Atlantic Ocean. We don’t know how much capability Russia and China has now to hunt down our subs. So, it’s really like the thin line — the nuclear triad is what protects us. That’s the last line of defense.

So if we our losing our southern border, we are losing our northern border, our bases — our sub bases, our long-range bomber bases — are potentially within range of these very sophisticated Kalibr cruise missiles that can launch from these containers and we have people that were working with Russia, with Saddam Hussein, they are closely connected to Iran, running our ports, where we have all of these containers coming in.

The entire supply chain is a disaster. We have got millions of containers, we don’t know what is in them.

We have a shortage of microchips. If we ever have to go to war, how are we supposed to build tanks and airplanes if we don’t even have enough chips to build a Ford F-150? We are not in a good place right now.

Mary Fanning then noted that “the first thing Obama did when he came into power when he stole the election with HAMMER and he stole the state of Florida, was he cancelled Future Combat Systems,” the U.S. Army’s biggest weapons modernization program since World War II.

Mary Fanning continued:

He completely cancelled it. When Ash Carter came in, the one thing that was left was NLOS, that’s Non-Line-of-Site ‘missiles in a box.’ We had put 13 years of R&D, $1.7 billion, just into NLOS. NLOS was cancelled by Ash Carter. Ash Carter comes from a radical background, just like everyone in the Obama Administration, which is being replicated right now. Ash Carter cancelled NLOS and within 30 days Russia showed up with it and they renamed it the Club-K. This is what we are looking at.

John B. Wells responded:

This is really, really disgusting. It appears, at least, the numbers are all over the place, this secretive Chinese billionaire bought 140,000 acres in Texas. A Chinese general buys 180,000 acres of Texas, 120,000 acres. Then it turns out that in May it was stopped because he says he was going to build a wind farm, but it just happens to be next to Laughlin Air Force Base, the biggest fighter pilot training base in the country, they say…

…It looks like we are being backed into a corner by traitors within our own government, starting with you Obama.

Mary Fanning responded:

George Washington said, ‘the time is near at hand, which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.’ And I suggest that time is right now.

As they are coming over our southern border, when they are sending in, look at Obama, or Biden  — Biden can’t do anything, so it’s Obama who is the puppet master here — look at how they let the Taliban decide who was coming into America as they send an army of almost 200,000, who knows how many it is, and now we have just seen that two of them are ISIS terrorist cells that they shipped over here.

Make no mistake, this is a communist revolution inside our own country, and the American people must wake up. They must understand what is taking place, and the administration is in power because they stole the 2020 election.

We have proven in Arizona that it was stolen there.  We proved that those who came in to do the audit, hired by Maricopa County, were in fact connected to the intelligence community.

As General McInerney said, and General Vallely, the CIA must be dismantled, just like the FBI. They are both corrupt institutions right now. It is time for the American people to take back their nation, because truly we are looking at whether we are going to be free men or slaves.

And when we understand what China has said, with General Chi [Haotian’s] two speeches to the CCP, that they are going to take America, and that it is either them or us, and they have no problem killing one to two hundred  million Americans right now.

John B. Wells replied:

No, they don’t, and as a matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, have you pondered the meaning of the word slave?

…The kind of slavery we are looking at, let me put it to you this way. If they want your wife, they take your wife. You got nothing to say, because you are a slave. If they want to kill her right in front of you, they will. If they want to rape you, the man of the  house, they will. Why? Because they can. Why is that? Because you are a slave. You don’t have any rights. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? You must ponder this deeply…

…Do you understand that if the whole country, who believes in God, was to throw themselves down on their knees and beg Father God Almighty in Heaven to forgive our stupidity, our sloth, and our complete disregard for what we have, maybe He will save us.

But I’ll tell you what, Mary and Alan, at this point, I am not entirely convinced that there is enough will to do it. I am afraid we are going to have to taste some real pain, I mean real pain, before the American public at large is willing to throw these traitors out and deliver unto them the punishment that is due traitors throughout history. And I don’t mean just taking their bank account, I mean stringing them up, publicly.  This is the only way to stop this. Because trust me, the other side, they will do it to you, and you won’t be looking real good when you take your place on the gallows either.

Now that might be a little strong for some people, but — “oh, let’s go all civilized, and just oh, that’s just too dreadful guys, let’s switch it over.”

No. Grow up, wake up, look this threat in the eye, and prepare to get it on, because you are going to get it on, whether you want to or not.

Mary Fanning replied with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Asked for a final comment, Alan Jones added:

Barack Obama went to Occidental College with a Pakistani student named Wahid Hamid, who was the managing partner of The Abraaj Group, which one of the founding shareholders is the owner of GULFTAINER, the brother of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind.

“We are in it up to our necks,” John B. Wells concluded. “Be prepared for anything.”

Contact Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:


(850) 717-9337




Listen here to the entire program Ark Midnight Live — The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing Saturday, October 30, 2021: 



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