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Déjà Vu: Biden-Obama Arming Enemy Terrorists All Over Again; Biden And Obama Also Turning Over Lithium-Rich Afghanistan To China

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | August 23, 2021

Joe Biden, whose crack-addicted son Hunter has hauled in billions of dollars in deals with Chinese Communist Party-linked companies, has installed Taliban medieval Islamic terrorists to once again control rare earth mineral-rich Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Is Rich In Lithium, A Rare Earth Mineral Used To Produce Electric Vehicle Batteries

As tens of thousands of desperate Americans remain stranded behind enemy lines at this hour, China is decisively and rapidly moving to establish diplomatic and business ties with the Taliban, opening a path for China to exploit trillions of dollars of Afghanistan’s rare-earth mineral reserves, including electric vehicle battery component lithium.

Lithium is in high demand for the production of electric vehicle batteries as the world transitions from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

China has a “stranglehold on [the] electric car battery supply chain,” according to Mining.com.

China is maneuvering to control Afghanistan’s strategically-valuable minerals, such as lithium. Joe Biden’s actions are enabling China’s rapid acquisition of Afghanistan’s resources. Afghanistan’s mineral resources have an estimated value of $3 trillion. Joe Biden just handed over Afghanistan’s natural resources to China.

MarketWatch reported on August 20, 2021:

“Chinese dealmakers have their bags packed, and will arrive on the first flights after the airports open,” said Byron King, geologist and mining and energy writer for Agora Financial…

…Afghanistan may become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” the New York Times in 2010 quoted an internal Pentagon memo as saying…

…“Afghanistan is a long-term play on the best of days and now that the Taliban have ‘won’, it’s more of a long-term play for Chinese interests,” he [King] said…

…He expects that “historians will look back at Aug. 15 as a Western/American/NATO geopolitical tsunami.”

Via regulations and executive orders, the Biden Administration  is pushing hard to kill the U.S. petroleum industry, destroy the petrodollar status as the world’s reserve currency, and force manufacturers of automobiles, light trucks, and diesel heavy trucks to transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric battery-powered vehicles, a win for China.

Déjà Vu: Obama 2.0: Biden Just Armed Taliban Terrorists With Billions Of Dollars Worth Of US Military Hardware

President Obama at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan in 2012

In addition to turning over lithium-rich Afghanistan to the Taliban, and by extension, China, Biden has also armed those Taliban terrorists with billions of dollars worth of American military hardware paid for by the American taxpayer.

Joe Biden’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan has left the Taliban with huge caches of weapons, from M-4 rifles, to Humvees, to Black Hawk helicopters and drones.

According to Fox News, the U.S. spent $85 billion on the Afghan army, and the Taliban have seized 600,000 weapons, 75,000 vehicles, and 200 aircraft.

Biden also handed over Bagram Air Base to the terrorists, a critical central-Asian air base initially built by the Soviets, and greatly upgraded and expanded by the U.S. military.

This breathtaking weapons transfer to America’s terrorist enemies is a repeat performance of what happened when the Obama – Biden administration armed ISIS with Humvees and heavy weapons by withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Obama and Biden also armed ISIS through illegal arms trafficking via Syria.

According to an in-depth December 2017 report from Conflict Armament Research (CAR), the Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration and Saudi Arabia transferred massive additional amounts of weapons from Eastern Europe (former Soviet states) to Syrian fighters, weapons that quickly ended up in the hands of IS, sometimes within the span of only one month. Many of those weapons were anti-armor weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) that were used to target U.S. and coalition troops. The weapons transfers were illegal, violated treaties, and great lengths were taken to conceal the origin of the weapons (including repackaging, reboxing, removal of manufacturer names, etc.)The vast majority of weapons and ammunition used by IS were from China, Russia, and former Soviet states in Eastern Europe.

In other words, Obama and Saudi Arabia participated in a cold-war proxy war on the side of the Islamic Bloc, Russia, and China against the United States and U.S. and coalition troops and Iraqi partner troops.

Perhaps that explains the origins of the stunning Saudi Royal purge that began during the Trump administration on November 4, 2017, in which the Ritz Carlton was turned into a prison for Saudi royals that had been rounded up.

General Michael Flynn, who was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), knew all about Obama’s illegal arming of terrorists via Syrian “rebels” and spoke out about it. Flynn knew too much about Obama’s crimes, so Obama had Clapper fire Flynn.

This is an ongoing, long-term operation by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, raising the very real possibility that Biden’s Afghanistan “fiasco” was no accident.

In 2014, Obama and Biden released five top Taliban commanders known as the “Taliban Five” from Guantanamo Bay prison as part of a “prisoner exchange” for disgraced U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl. In his last email to his parents before he walked away from his unit, Bergdahl wrote “I am ashamed to even be american [sic].” Obama falsely referred to Bergdahl as a “POW.”

Now, one of the Taliban Five, Khairullah Khairkhwa, has reportedly orchestrated the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Nauseatingly Incompetent, Anti-American, or Both?

China bought their man Joe Biden through a stolen election, and in payment,  Biden is certainly delivering to China, and then some. In fact, Biden is helping China achieve its stated goal of global domination.

Hunter Biden was sent in as the Biden family bag man through Hunter’s deals between BHR (Bohai Harvest RST)  and the Bank of China.

“China has sought to build ties with the Taliban despite its own worries about the possible effect on what Beijing sees as Islamist extremists operating in China’s Xinjiang,” Reuters reported.  The Chinese Communist Party imprisons Uyghur Muslims in horrific CCP concentration camps located in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan and elsewhere is sending a clear message to U.S. allies, including Taiwan and Japan, that the United States can no longer be trusted to stand by friends in the event of Chinese aggression.

China recognizes that now is the perfect opportunity to attack Taiwan while the Biden administration exhibits weakness and obedient capitulation to China across the global stage.

Biden Refuses To Hold China Accountable For COVID-19 Or Protect US Power Grid From Chinese Cyber Attack

At home, the Biden regime refuses to hold China accountable for COVID-19 and has yet to issue its 90-day report on the origins of the virus, due within the next few days.

The Biden administration has also refused to take bold action to protect the U.S. power grid, as the Trump administration did, leaving Americans vulnerable to a Chinese or North Korean EMP attack. Biden reversed President Trump’s orders to ban Chinese power grid components, including transformers, from America’s electric grid critical infrastructure.

China Aggressively Attacking US Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla

California-based Tesla, led by eccentric entrepreneur and CEO Elon Musk, manufactures electric cars in China.

“In a surprise move, China’s top battery manufacturer CATL will supply Tesla with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for Model 3 production at its newly built $2 billion factory outside Shanghai,” Mining.com reported in February 2020.

By early 2021, as the Taliban conquered cities and provinces across Afghanistan with increasing speed,Tesla hit an extremely rough patch in the company’s evolving relationship with Chinese authorities. China accuses Tesla of safety problems and spying against China with its vehicle camera. China’s military banned Tesla vehicles from PLA bases and facilities at around the same time that Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with hostile Chinese diplomats in Alaska. In June 2021, several months after the Alaska meeting, rumors flew that Chinese intelligence official Dong Jingwei had defected to the U.S. and that China, during the Alaska meeting, had asked the U.S. to turn over Dong, a spy story that both the CCP and the Biden administration both deny.

Beijing may be moving to take over Tesla’s Chinese market share with CCP-backed electric car makers which can use Chinese lithium-powered batteries.

“Electric vehicle sales in China surged in July as drivers flocked to local auto brands in the world’s largest car market, while those of Tesla plunged after the US group was swept up in a string of scandals in the country,” the Financial Times reported on August 11, 2021.

Thanks To Biden, Afghanistan Is Now Part Of China’s Belt And Road

It is clear that China has an open road to integrate Afghanistan into its ambitious global Belt and Road initiative that gives China hegemony across much of the globe.

One must ask, did Biden turn over Afghanistan to the Taliban and China because the Bidens are compromised by China, through Hunter’s shady business deals and compromising lifestyle, or is it simply Joe Biden’s anti-American stance.

And was the creation of the hostage crisis in Afghanistan that exponentially eclipses President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Iranian hostage crisis as Americans trapped behind enemy lines desperately plead with Biden to allow U.S. military forces to rescue them, simply “collateral damage” for a secret business arrangement between the Bidens and the CCP?

If China, which already unleashed COVID-19 on the U.S. economy, can also control the global electric vehicle and electric battery market and, via Biden, force the U.S. economy to ditch gas and diesel vehicles in favor of electric vehicles running on lithium batteries, China can complete its mission to conquer the U.S. economy and the petrodollar.

At the same time, China can support the Taliban’s terror-state of Afghanistan, which is increasingly serving as a haven for al-Qaeda and ISIS, organizations which can then launch new terror attacks against the United States, as the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

This is World War 3 — full-spectrum unrestricted warfare, and it’s looking like Biden and Obama are once again siding with the enemy while the American taxpayer is picking up the tab.

We’ve seen this play before. This is a repeat performance.

Most are accusing Biden of “bungling” the operation and of being incompetent due to mental decline.

But behind the scenes, is Barack Obama. Did Biden really “botch” the operation, or did Obama somehow control Biden’s daily actions in a way that created the condition for the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s theft of U.S. military hardware.

Is Biden anti-American? His own words speak for themselves.



Obama Tells the Truth: He ordered “training of ISIL forces”

What kind of a man negotiates nukes with the most prolific sponsor of terror in the world, Iran?

What kind of a man stands with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, even giving them aid and comfort through the United States Government?

What kind of man skips the international show of solidarity in Paris following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist massacre?

What kind of a man stands in front of the United Nations General Assembly and declares that free people should not be allowed to criticize “the Prophet Mohammed?”

What kind of a man lies to the American people daily, and never bats an eye?

Barack Hussein Obama, of course. And on Monday, finally, Obama inadvertently told the truth.

From DC Clothesline:

The White House.gov website has corrected an embarrassing mistake made by Barack Obama during his press briefing Monday about the Islamic State when the President said that U.S. forces were “training ISIL.”

During his speech, Obama uttered the line, “with the additional steps I ordered last month, we’re speeding up training of ISIL forces.”

The White House.gov transcript left in the original quote, but placed the word ‘Iraqi’ in brackets after the word ISIL, correcting Obama’s mistake.


The truth was edited-out in the official transcript
The truth was edited-out in the official transcript

Obama’s Treachery and Hillary’s Complicity

The terrorism that threatens Egypt today is because of Obama and Hillary

The fate of Egypt hangs in the balance. A series of terrorist attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS threaten the government of President Abdel El-Sisi, a true Islamic reformer.

If Egypt falls into chaos like its neighbor, Libya, there will be no single person who deserves more blame that Barack Hussein Obama. Every action taken by his administration has destabilized the Middle East by supporting terrorists and the nations that sponsor them. This insane policy began in 2011 with Egypt, the most populous Arab country.

It was in 2011 that the Obama administration issued Presidential Study Directive 11, or PSD-11. This ordered the United States government to consider the Muslim Brotherhood an ally, rather than a terrorist organization.

PSD-11 resulted in the so-called “Arab Spring,” which opened up a multi-continent Pandora’s Box of terrorism and genocide. From Egypt to Libya to Syria, and then to Iraq, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allied the United States with terrorists who were fighting to overthrow stable regimes. Likewise, a Hillary Presidency would mean more terrorism, even more damage to the US-Israeli relationship, and a growing and powerful Iran.

Back to Egypt, on Wednesday ISIS carried out a sophisticated series of attacks targeting the Egyptian military. At least 70 ISIS militants used mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to siege security checkpoints of Egyptian Army and Police in the Sinai Peninsula. The Sinai is used by terrorists to smuggle arms and other supplies to Hamas.

Two days earlier, the Muslim Brotherhood orchestrated a bomb attack that assassinated the top Egyptian prosecutor charged with routing out the Muslim Brotherhood. Hisham Barakat was President Sisi’s top lieutenant in the ongoing legal and court battles with the organization that Sisi’s government has officially labeled a “terrorist organization.”

Word on Egypt's Streets is that Obama is a Terrorist

Word on Egypt’s Streets is that Obama is a Terrorist

Obama’s treasonous redefinition of America’s true enemies led to the removal of American and Israeli ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The subsequent election of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi unleashed a wave of horrific violence and religious purges in Egypt; in particular against Coptic Christians, who make up 10% of Egypt’s population.

A similar catastrophe repeated itself in Libya, where Obama and Hillary used the air power of NATO to decimate the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, paving the way for a Brotherhood takeover. Four years later, Libya remains in civil war. Moreover, there is a proxy war in Libya between Turkey and Qatar, two close Obama allies, and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey and Qatar, back terrorist factions; the UAE is fighting them, with assistance from neighboring Egypt.

The anarchy in Libya has created a migrant crisis in Europe, as refugees flee across the Mediterranean into southern Italy, Spain, and France. Italy fears that ISIS-controlled areas in Libya are being used as a staging ground for an Islamic invasion of Europe.

How did this happen? Look at the extensive network of operatives within the administration who are Muslim Brotherhood, and this huge mess starts to make sense. There’s a reason why the Council on American-Islamic Relations (aka CAIR) is viewed with such suspicion: it is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and a conduit for terror. The same can be said for other Brotherhood-founded Islamic organizations in the United States, many whom employ or have employed key Obama officials.

Hillary’s closest aide for nearly two decades is Huma Abedin, whose immediate family is tied to with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary and Abedin didn’t need encouragement from the administration to empower the Brotherhood in Egypt, only license.

That license was given with PSD-11. God forbid Egypt descends into chaos, again, we can blame Obama and Hillary, who are the two chief American sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

Obama’s Betrayal of America: Stating, and now Proving, the Obvious

Declassified documents again show what everyone knows deep-down – Obama is on the side of the enemy

The crooked, deceitful, and traitorous Obama regime was again revealed on Monday to be lying about what happened in Benghazi, Libya. Documents obtained by Judicial Watch and examined by Fox News prove for all time that the administration was shipping Libyan weapons to Syrian rebels.

Note: Those are the same groups of rebels (al Qaeda, ISIS, “moderate rebels,” etc.) who are committing genocide against Christians and destroying humanity’s cultural heritage in ancient Mesopotamia.

This is also the reason why Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi to begin with. He was working out of a CIA annex in Benghazi, overseeing a sophisticated weapons distribution supply chain to a variety of revolutionary terrorist groups in North Africa and the Middle East.

An Endless number of Investigations – Why?

For those counting, the current Benghazi investigation is the eighth investigation on the topic.

At the core of the myriad (and stymied) investigations of Benghazi is a simple fact: the Obama administration switched sides in the war on terror, and allied the United States with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Congress, showing remarkably bad judgment, rubberstamped what Obama and Hillary demanded: arm Islamic terrorists in order to overthrow secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Obama and Hillary were going to build a caliphate. Libya was their arms grab, and now it’s also an ISIS stronghold and basing ground for the Islamic invasion of Europe.

Think about why there have been so many inconclusive investigations, and apply your common sense. The truth about Benghazi implicates Obama, Hillary, and the Congressional leadership in treason. That is why there is never any resolution with respect to the ongoing Benghazi investigations. Remember that the “investigator” sent by Obama worked for George Soros at the International Crisis Group, and was an Iran sympathizer. Remember that the FBI’s investigation of the scene was delayed by three full weeks.

The government waited three weeks to investigate a terror scene in an American-run compound where a U.S. Ambassador and three others had just been tortured and killed by terrorists!

The Republican leadership in Congress are complicit in the chaos and genocide that define the Middle East today, including Benghazi arms running. What can you say to Obama when you’re his partner in crime?

Check out this video of a Libyan “sea of arms” that were handed to the rebels in that country.

GOP Purged of Muslim Brotherhood Critics

Of all the members of Congress, two stood out as voices against the Muslim Brotherhood: Michele Bachmann and Col. Allen West. For example, they openly questioned Hillary’s “aide” Huma Abedin. In contrast, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, among others, defended Abedin, despite numerous documented family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood including her parents.

Bachmann and Col. West are no longer in Congress. McCain and Graham are. Any questions?

It is plain to see that the Republican establishment (thanks especially to Thomas Donohue’s Chamber of Commerce) is on board with Obama’s agenda. This is likely why Romney couldn’t make an issue of Benghazi in 2012. It was a Republican liability, too.

Confirming the Redundant

Monday, as Fox debuted the new documents, there was a certain triumphalism on the conservative right. But I don’t understand why. The New York Times reported in 2013 that Libyan weapons were making their way into Syria. CNN reported Benghazi’s extensive CIA operation less than a year after the attack.

Monday’s new documents also prove that as far back as 2012, military intelligence was concerned with the rise of ISIS. But even this fact was basically redundant. Remember when Obama ignored all signs of a growing Al Qaeda, dismissively referring to them as the “JV Team”? We already knew Obama didn’t care to hear about the rise of jihadi armies. He helped to build them.

The entire Obama-backed Arab Spring was itself exercise of jihad. The primary beneficiary of the Arab Spring was, and continues to be, the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, the administration is now actively trying to hand a nuclear bomb to bloodthirsty Iran. Obama’s, Hillary’s, and now Kerry’s actions have alienated Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia – America’s three closest allies in the Middle East for generations.

At some point, the facts need to be aligned with plausible a strategy. The strategy in this case is Islamic conquest.

When the Investigators are also the Perps

Ambassador Pickering is not the only suspect character who investigated Benghazi. Republican Mike Rogers was the head of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He, with the Committee, spent months producing the House Intel Committee “report” on Benghazi.

Rogers’ wife, Kristi Rogers, was CEO of Aegis Defense Services LLC, the company contracted by the State Department to provide security for the Benghazi compound. Not only was Mike Rogers’ chairing of the House Intel Committee’s investigation a clear conflict of interest; when the investigation was completed, Rogers and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, without the other Committee members, authored a bogus “Committee Report” on what allegedly happened Benghazi. It was a total whitewash, replete with lies and misinformation.

In effect, Republican Mike Rogers issued an official-sounding government cover-up. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Betrayal of the American People

Recently, the Coalition of Concerned Citizens released a six-part review of the Obama administration’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. The series tells the story of how this Nazi-rooted Islamic party has taken the leading role in the American government, dictating policies that affect Americans and U.S. foreign policy, to the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Did you know?

  • The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine played a significant role in the Holocaust.
  • American intelligence began to establish a relationship with the Muslim Brothers during the early Cold War.
  • Many prominent Obama appointees are directly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, including Hillary Clinton, and her aide Huma Abedin.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood State of Qatar exerts tremendous influence in Washington, hosts a campus of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and funds the preeminent D.C. think tank, the Brookings Institution.
  • Scandals as wide ranging as the IRS targeting of conservatives, law enforcement’s scrubbing of all mention of Islam, DHS militarization of the police, and out-of-control immigration all serve to empower the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • One of Obama’s most critical early political backers was Nadhmi Auchi, an agent of Saddam Hussein who hates Israel.
  • Obama’s mother was a member of an Islamic cult in Indonesia called Subud, and his political mentor was an FBI-identified enemy of the state.

The American public should ask themselves a very simple question: Is it by more than coincidence that the facts all point in one definite direction… at the Muslim Brotherhood?

To read the six part Betrayal Papers, click here.

On Monday, we learned what we already knew. Obama gave Libyan arms to psychopaths (and in this case that word is descriptive, not hyperbole) in Syria. So, what are we going to do about it?

The evidence of what drives this administration is contained in The Betrayal Papers.

Nothing else should require redundant re-confirmation, like was reported on Monday, for people to wake up. The time to demand an immediate resignation of Obama and his entire cabinet is now!

Obama is Giving us the Finger… it’s actually the ISIS Salute

The country certainly is on fire.

Whether it’s Baltimore, Maryland or Garland, Texas, anarchists are out in force. Is it spring fever? The natural warmth of the season exciting emotions so hot that they burn… well, cars and buildings.

In Baltimore, rioting and destructive “protestors” took to the street after the so-called Mayor gave them license and a “space to destroy” in the city. After a night of devilish inferno, 144 cars were torched, 200+ businesses were destroyed, and 15 structures were set aflame by gangland arsonists given the reputed respectability of civil rights protesters by a fork-tongued public official.

The Chicago-based cult known as the Nation of Islam, among the most successful prisons gangs since the 1950s, was there to help along the violence. Baltimore exemplifies the pattern of deviant behavior brought to courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is how Obama reacted to Baltimore, which had just been subjected to state-sponsored arson. Thus spoke Zarathustra: “And one burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again, and the thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way I think have been lost in the discussion.”

For those of us who still cling to our common sense, it’s only expected that violent mob rule in the middle of downtown Baltimore would overshadow peaceful demonstrators causing no trouble.

Meanwhile in Garland, Texas, two American jihadis traveled down from Phoenix, Arizona to crash a Mohammed cartoon contest with guns and bombs. In what will go down as the first ISIS attack on America soil, the Texas police saved the day. The two terrorists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, were regular attendees at a Phoenix mosque. (Not for nothing, the Nation of Islam’s founder, Elijah Mohamed, purchased a sprawling home in Phoenix in 1961. They’ve had a prominent base there ever since.) Simpson was on the FBI terrorist watchlist and had been released from custody by an Obama-appointed judge.

I remember as a child they used to pass out crayons at Friendly’s so we could draw on the paper tablecloth. Now I guess a few wrong strokes with a Crayola is enough to get you killed. Imagine these people, would you? But I digress.

The targets at the Draw Mohammed event included Geert Wilders, the most prominent anti-Islamic invasion politician in Europe. He’s someone who speaks truth about the existential threat to Western civilization posed Islamic jihad. There is an ongoing genocide in the Middle East as the Islamic State is busy liquidating Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities. They’re also enthusiastically killing Muslims who don’t eagerly participate in the endless carnage.

Geert sees the reality across the Mediterranean in Libya, in Syria, and in Iraq. He realizes that Europe will share this fate if something is not done soon. Because he defends Europe, Geert is a prime target.

Also targeted at this gathering of first amendment and liberty supporting Americans were Pamela Geller, who was hosting the event, and Robert Spencer. To say nothing of their incredible bravery, Geller and Spencer are two of the most prolific popularizers and intellects who helped to shape the modern American understanding of Islam.

The two Garland assassins, despite being armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor, were thankfully shot and killed by a traffic cop with his pistol. The man was hired to provide additional security for the event. God bless him and God bless Texas.

Obama is yet to directly address the foiled attack. Press Secretary Josh Earnest squeaked out “There is no act of expression, even if it’s offensive, that justifies an act of violence.”

Well thanks, Josh. There was no mention of ISIS. No mention of the explosion in Islamic terrorism under Obama’s watch. No mention of open borders. No mention of the insane, murderous hatred of people drawing cartoons.

Finally, in Queens, New York on Sunday, another cop was shot and later died from the injuries. He was just 25 years old.

To recall, in December last year, a member of the Black Guerilla Family gang assassinated two NYPD officers. This Black Guerilla Family is the same gang now rioting in Baltimore, and is an affiliate of the Nation of Islam. And the killer was previously employed by the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim Brotherhood umbrella organization of the United States.

Where are the calls to stop the Islamic terrorism that is now burning our cities, killing our cops, and attempting political assassinations? Where is the Congress on this? Where is the media?

What has infected the body politic?

Here’s a guess, spelled out in pictures. Obama isn’t on our side. He’s sides with the arsonists.

Exhibit 1: Below: A picture of ISIS giving their 1-finger salute. (Apologies if you’re upset easily by severed heads. This is now the norm in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.)

isis heads

Exhibit 2: A picture of Brooklyn College students giving their ISIS 1-finger salute, as they praised the Islamic State during a Pamela Geller speech.

brooklyn college isis

Exhibit 3: Below: Obama giving his 1-finger salute, as he walked off stage at an African summit at the State Department.

obama isis salute

A closer look - notice the faces in the background

A closer look – notice the faces in the background

A special thanks to Denise Simon at Founders Code for unearthing so many of the critical facts around these riots in Baltimore.

P.S., here is my late submission for the Draw Mohammed contest.

ceci n'est pas un potus

Qatar Awareness Campaign – Raytheon

Thomas A. Kennedyqatar_awareness_campaign_logo
Raytheon Company
870 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451-1449

Dear Dr. Kennedy:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar. Raytheon, a major American military contractor and leading manufacturer of guided missiles, is set to be a substantial provider of sophisticated weapons systems to the terrorist-sponsor State of Qatar for many years; and has just reaffirmed their commitment to supply Qatar with surface-to-air missiles.

Qatar, however, is no mere sponsor of random terror. Not only was Doha home to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Indeed, Qatar is the principal country that supported the so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings, which saw the demise of Mubarak, Gaddafi, and nearly – possibly still – Bashar al-Assad. The relevant point to consider regarding these revolutions is, cui bono? More

Qatar Awareness Campaign – Lockheed Martin

Marillyn A. Hewsonqatar_awareness_campaign_logo
Lockheed Martin
6801 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817-1877

Dear Ms. Hewson:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar. Lockheed Martin, a major American military contractor, has been one of the largest suppliers of sophisticated weapons systems to the terrorist-sponsor State of Qatar for several years.

For the better part of 2014, one of Qatar’s creations – the genocidal Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) – has been on the warpath in Syria and Iraq. The media reports are gruesome and horrifying: beheaded children, entire villages massacred, ancient Christian and Yazidi communities exterminated, and surrendered soldiers murdered in ways reminiscent of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen. This is a genocide, and it is going on right now! More

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