Did DIA Director Berrier Hide Chinese Defector Dong From CIA, FBI, and State Department Because Those Agencies May Have Been Penetrated By China?

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | June 23, 2021 In the most important geopolitical story of the moment, a steady stream of reports claim that a high-level Chinese intelligence official named Dong Jingwei (董经纬) has defected to the United States and provided U.S. officials with evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the virus […]

Proof Positive: Coordinated Cyberwarfare Attack Against US By China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan To Steal Election From Trump

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | January 3, 2021 HAMMER INFO:  https://www.blxware.org/ SCORECARD INFO:  https://www.blxware.org/scorecard/index.html  President Trump has the authority, and so too the responsibility, to lift a pair of years-old federal gag orders known as the State Secrets Privilege and Government Protective Order that are preventing CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery from revealing the […]

STEALING AMERICA: ‘Former’ Communist Comey Got SCORECARD Election Hacking Source Code And Knew SolarWinds Was Not Secure

US District Court Judge Richard Leon Confirmed That Intelligence Community Inspector General Had Possession Of Montgomery’s Recorded Testimony And Computer Hard Drives By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | December 18, 2020 FBI Director James Comey demanded that the FBI be given the source code to SCORECARD, the election-hacking application that operates on THE HAMMER […]

FOX News And Rupert Murdoch Knew About THE HAMMER and SCORECARD Since 2013

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | December 6, 2020 For seven years, FOX News and Rupert Murdoch hid from the American people information the cable news network possessed about cyberwarfare weapons THE HAMMER and SCORECARD. THE HAMMER’s application known as SCORECARD was used in a covert operation to steal U.S. elections, according to Dennis […]

General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since Pardon: “The President Has Clear Paths To Victory”; General McInerney: “Most Dangerous Situation Since The Civil War”

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | November 29, 2020 Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (U.S. Army, Ret.) gave his first interview since receiving a pardon from President Trump during a special Friday evening broadcast of Worldview Weekend TV, hosted by Brannon Howse on November 27, 2020. The program also featured General Flynn’s friend Lt. Gen. […]

DHS Cyber Director Chris Krebs And Deputy Director Matt Travis Tied To Clapper Who Commandeered HAMMER / SCORECARD

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | November 13, 2020 Today, a gentleman called into the Rush Limbaugh Show and asked guest host Michael Knowles why DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Christopher Krebs is lying about HAMMER and SCORECARD while highly-respected U.S. Air Force General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) and super attorney Sidney […]

REVOKED: Lisa Deeley, Chairwoman Of Philadelphia City Commissioners Overseeing 2020 Election, Lost PA Notary License In 2018 For Failing To Verify Signatures

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | November 6, 2020 Lisa Deeley, the Chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners who during a press conference today with Mayor Jim Kenney updated the nation about Philadelphia’s ongoing ballot count for the 2020 presidential election, “permanently surrendered her notary license” in 2018 for approving signatures on legal documents […]

Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney USAF (Ret) And The American Report’s Mary Fanning Discuss SCORECARD And THE HAMMER Election Hack On Worldview Weekend With Brannon Howse

https://fastly.cloudinary.com/wvw/video/upload/v1591934042/kgtefrv3nicl6i0hxbgu.mp3   In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER. THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings […]

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