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Generals’ Intelligence Briefing: Gen. McInerney, Gen. Vallely, Col. Sellin, Mary Fanning And Alan Jones Weigh In With John B. Wells On Caravan To Midnight Radio

September 21, 2021

Generals’ Intelligence Briefing,” was the focus of discussion during a special September 18, 2021 episode of the syndicated radio program Caravan To Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells and featuring guests General Thomas McInerney, General Paul E. Vallely, Colonel Lawrence Sellin, PhD, and Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report.

During the three hour broadcast, available now in audio streaming format, former U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General Thomas McInerney (Ret.), former Deputy Commanding General for the US Army Pacific General Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin (Ret.), a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and The American Report’s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones joined John B. Wells to discuss the Biden Administration’s Afghanistan fiasco and General Mark Milley’s secret phone calls to his counterpart in China’s People’s Liberation Army.


“After twenty years, the Taliban is twenty times stronger than they were twenty years ago,” General McInerney declared.

Responding to General Milley’s phone calls to China, General McInerney said “that is treasonous activity. That goes all the way back to Benedict Arnold…General Milley has disgraced every general and flag officer…in the history of this country.”

General Vallely, during a discussion of the Biden Administration’s policy of mandatory vaccinations for millions of American workers and members of the U.S. military, predicted that “the tipping point will be reached at some point. There will be a tipping point.”

Colonel Sellin covered the Biden Administration’s disastrous drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed zero terrorists and instead killed ten civilians, including a USAID contractor who had assisted United States and seven children.  By leaving American citizens behind enemy lines, the Biden Administration “saw this as an opportunity to help the Taliban,” Colonel Sellin observed.

Mary Fanning discussed the FBI’s history of failures to protect U.S. national security and the FBI’s apparent disinterest in Gulftainer. Gulftainer is the Middle Eastern cargo container and seaports management company owned by the brother and business partner of Saddam Hussein’s former nuclear weapons mastermind Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar. The Obama-Biden Administration refused to conduct mandated CFIUS and and National Security Threat Analysis investigations of Gulftainer and allowed Gulftainer to build a cargo container terminal at Port Canaveral, adjacent to U.S. Navy submarines and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Listen here to the entire Caravan To Midnight program “Afghanistan: Invasion Or Planned Handover?”





North Korea’s ‘Railway-Borne Missile System’ Resembles Russia’s Club-K Container Missile System; Club-K Linked To Obama-Biden Gulftainer US Seaports Deals

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | September 17, 2021

On September 15, 2021, North Korea tested a new “railway-borne missile system,” according to North Korean state television. U.S. allies South Korea and Japan detected two ballistic missile launches. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the missile tests, according to France’s UN ambassador.

North Korea’s new train-launched missile system resembles Russia’s Trojan Horse Club-K Container Missile system. The Club-K launches Russian Kalibr cruise missiles from intermodal cargo containers transported aboard ships, trucks, and trains. The Club-K’s missiles can deliver nuclear, EMP, chemical, biological, and conventional payloads at up to supersonic speeds.

North Korea’s ‘Railway-Borne Missile System’ (Image: North Korean State Media)

Russia’s Club-K Container Missile System Looks Identical To A Commercial Intermodal Cargo Container And Can Be Transported Aboard Ships, Trucks, And Trains

Russia’s Club-K Container Missile System mounted to a flatbed rail car

Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan fiasco and surrender of Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base to the Taliban demonstrated to the entire world that his allegiance, and Obama’s allegiance, is to America’s adversaries China, Pakistan, and the Taliban, not to the United States.

Pakistan is the primary sponsor of the Taliban, and China is the main sponsor of Pakistan and North Korea.

Gulftainer is the Middle-Eastern-based seaports management company owned by the brother of Saddam Hussein’s former nuclear weapons mastermind Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar. Gulftainer entered into a joint venture with ROSTEC/ROSOBORONEXPORT, Russia’s state-owned exporter of the Club-K.

After Gulftainer entered into the joint venture with Russia’s exporter of the Club-K, the Obama-Biden administration brought Gulftainer inside the wire by approving Gulftainer’s 35-year cargo container terminal lease at Florida’s Port Canaveral, adjacent to U.S. Navy Trident Submarines and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The Obama-Biden administration approved Gulftainer’s 35-year Florida seaport terminal lease without conducting the required CFIUS review and National Security Threat Analysis of the deal.

Obama And Biden’s Shady TIGER Grants Set The Table For Gulftainer To Establish Operations At U.S. Seaports, Placing The US At Risk From Russian, Chinese Club-K Container Missile Systems

The American Report previously reported in the November 2, 2020 article “Shady Biden Port Deals  Placed US At Risk From Russian, Chinese Club-K Container Missiles; Biden’s TIGER Grants Set The Table For GULFTAINER”:

No amount of “plausible deniability” can cover for the fact that the Bidens are compromised by Red China and deeply involved in handing over U.S. strategic seaports to shadowy foreign front companies operating on behalf of America’s most lethal adversaries, the governments of Russia and China.

Joe Biden used Department of Transportation TIGER GRANTS to set the table for GULFTAINER, a foreign company linked to Russia, China, Iran, the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein and Saddam’s Iraqi WMDs, [and North Korea] to take over shipping container terminals at two U.S. strategic seaports, one in Florida and another in Delaware…

…The Obama/Biden administration installed a CFIUS (Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States) ‘gatekeeper’ to ensure that GULFTAINER and their secretly-negotiated U.S. port deals were never subjected to the required CFIUS national security reviews and the required National Security Threat Analysis that involves all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. Those security reviews were bypassed. The National Security Threat Analysis never happened. Those 17 U.S. intelligence agencies were never notified by CFIUS staff at the U.S. Treasury department that GULFTAINER was attempting to take over container terminals at strategic U.S. seaports. Or, these CFIUS staff members, whom the Obama administration had installed, were complicit…

…President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden established the TIGER GRANT program in 2009 under the umbrella of the so-called Recovery Act. Biden and Obama quickly began steering millions of taxpayer dollars through the U.S. Department of Transportation to seaport and container terminal projects that would later benefit GULFTAINER.

GULFTAINER operates as a front company for U.S. adversaries.

The CFIUS gatekeeper installed by the Obama-Biden regime was Aimen Nabi Mir, former two-time president of the youth wing of the Islamic Society of America (ISNA).

We previously reported at The American Report in an October 2017 article titled “EXCLUSIVE: Obama Appointed Islamic Society Official To Approve Russian Uranium Sale and Gulftainer Port Deal”:

ISNA is one of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. and was named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial.

Further, Aimen Mir is the son of Kashmir-born physician Dr. Ghulam Nabi Mir, an ISNA Founders Committee member. Dr. Mir is also the president of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), an Islamic platform Dr. Mir uses to aggressively advocate for Kashmir’s secession from India in order to join Pakistan. WKAF’s Secretary General “Dr.” Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, is a convicted felon, also from Kashmir, who served as a Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) operative inside the United States.

Pakistan is the primary sponsor of the Taliban and a close ally of China, the main sponsor of North Korea.

North Korea Connected To Gulftainer Owner’s Brother And Business Partner Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar; North Korea Planned To Build Missile Factory In Iraq

Dr. Jafar’s Iraqi nuclear weapons and missile programs worked closely with North Korea, according to the New York Times.

The American Report previously reported in the 2018 article titled “Doomsday Soccer Balls: Iranian And North Korean Nukes Mirror Dr. Jafar’s Iraqi ‘Beach Ball’; Iran Telegraphs Intent”:

Dr. Jafar’s Iraqi “Beach Ball” shares many key design characteristics, not only with the Iranian orb-shaped nuclear weapon, but also with the spherical nuclear device with which Kim Jong-un posed in photos first seen in February 2017 on North Korean television…

…North Korean scientists also collaborated with Iraqi WMD experts.  The isolated communist regime planned to build a factory near Baghdad to produce Rodong missiles capable of delivering Dr. Jafar’s nuclear “Beach Ball.”  According to The New York Times the North Koreans pulled out of the Iraq missile factory project because things were getting “too hot” as America prepared to take military action against Saddam’s brutal regime in 2003.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un appeared on North Korean television with what appears to be a spherical miniaturized nuclear weapon

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un appeared on North Korean television with what appears to be a spherical miniaturized nuclear weapon. (Image: Korean Central News Agency, Wikipedia)


Since Obama/Biden Took Office, North Korea Has Entered America’s Backyard; North Korean Freighter Ships Previously Sailed Caribbean Sea, Gulf Of Mexico Near The U.S. Coast, Smuggled Weapons Missile Components From Cuba, Turned Off Transponders To Conceal Identity And Location

Blacklisted North Korean freighter Mu Du Bong sailed near the Texas coast and was confiscated by Mexican authorities

Forbes reported in a 2014 article titled “North Korean Ship Tests the Waters Near America’s Shores”:

It’s not often that North Korean-flagged freighters turn up near America’s shores, but when they do, they deserve attention. North Korea has a prolific record of arms smuggling, narcotics dealing, counterfeiting, terrorist ties and missile and nuclear proliferation. So, let’s hope U.S. authorities are keeping a close eye on a North Korean cargo ship called the Mu Du Bong, which late last month called at Cuba, then vanished from the commercial shipping grid for more than a week. This past Thursday, July 10, the Mu Du Bong reappeared at Havana, then began steaming north of Cuba, and as of this writing is cruising the Gulf of Mexico, not all that far from the Mexican port of Tampico — or for that matter, the coast of Texas.

The previous year, another North Korean freighter, the Chong Chon Gang, was caught smuggling weapons, including surface to air missile components and Soviet-built MiG fighter jets, out of Cuba.

According to Forbes:

The U.N. report describes how the Chong Chon Gang set out in mid-2013 from North Korea, took on fuel in a Russian Far East port, crossed the Pacific and transited the Panama Canal into the Caribbean. The ship then disappeared from the commercial shipping grid by switching off its onboard transponder, the Automatic Identification System (AIS), with which vessels for reasons of maritime safety are required to signal their identity and real-time location.

38 North reported:

The Chong Chon Gang episode combines two of North Korea’s maritime smuggling modus operandi: the use of shipping containers and bulk carrier vessels owned by North Korean companies. The United Nations Panel of Experts has documented the use of shipping containers for North Korea-related consignments of embargoed dual use or military goods that may be used for missile production or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs…These consignments, falsely declared and transported anonymously for much of their journey aboard container vessels owned by some of the world’s biggest shipping lines, blend into the huge volumes of container traffic that depart East Asia for Middle Eastern, European and African markets on a daily basis.

If a North Korean freighter ship carrying missile launchers concealed inside rail cars or intermodal cargo containers sails undetected in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, it could strike U.S. targets, including U.S. military bases and major cities such as Houston and Miami.

If North Korea smuggles a container missile launching system aboard a major shipping line, it could end up inside the United States.

These serious national security incidents involving North Korean ‘ghost’ freighter ships sailing with transponders turned off while smuggling Cuban weapons near United States shores did not stop Barack Obama from visiting Cuba in 2016, where he and wife Michelle attended a baseball game and did ‘the wave’ with fellow Marxist revolutionary Raúl Castro.

Another Obama-Biden Technology Transfer To America’s Enemies? Russia’s Club-K Uses Technology Almost Identical To 92 Percent Completed U.S. Army NLOS-LS ‘Missiles In A Box’ System That ‘Coincidentally’ Obama And Ash Carter Cancelled At The Same Time That Russia Announced Club-K

The technology used in Russia’s Club-K appears identical to technology developed for the U.S. military under a program called the Netfires XM501 Non-Line-of-Sight Launch System (NLOS-LS), also known as “missiles in a box.” NLOS-LS was part of the U.S. Army’s Future Combat Systems, the largest U.S. Army modernization program since the Second World War.

In 2010, the Obama-Biden Administration’s Under Secretary of Defense Ash Carter cancelled Future Combat Systems and NLOS-LS, even though NLOS-LS was 92 percent complete. By scrapping NLOS-LS, Obama and Ash Carter threw out 13 years of “missiles in a box” research and development that had cost $1.1 billion.

Russia immediately announced that they had ‘developed’ their own version of the NLOS-LS, which Russia called the Club-K.

The timing of Obama and Carter’s 2010 cancellation of the U.S. Army’s NLOS-LS and Russia’s 2010 unveiling of their own version of that system, the Club-K Container Missile System, coincided within only a few weeks.

Under Secretary Carter canceled NLOS-LS against the advice of nine U.S. House Armed Services Committee members and two retired U.S. Army four-star generals who helped develop the system.

Retired four-star U.S. Army general, Paul Gorman, who with DARPA developed Netfires NLOS-LS, stated that NLOS-LS could have saved the lives and limbs of U.S. troops stationed at forward operating bases in Afghanistan that were constantly under attack by Taliban fighters.

General Gorman cited the “growing human costs, not only in lives lost, but also in the ever-expanding numbers of wounded warriors.”

We previously reported at The American Report in our September 8, 2018 article titled “Saddam’s Revenge: Ash Carter, NLOS-LS, Russia’s Club-K, Iran, KGL, and Gulftainer and how they converge to put America in mortal danger”:

The arrival of NLOS-LS “Missiles in a Box” system was highly anticipated by the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy communities that understood the urgent need to replace 40-year old weapons technology with state of the art futuristic weapons systems that could save lives and win battles. The NLOS-LS was to be a crucial component for the U.S. military’s future success — from the mountains of Afghanistan, to the seas of the Persian Gulf near Iran, to the littorals (shallow waters) found around the world and along America’s coastal zones.

U.S. weapons showing up in the hands of adversaries became commonplace under Obama and Biden. In 2021 Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban.

In another Obama-Biden transfer of U.S. defense technology to America’s enemies, Biden surrendered Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base to the Taliban terrorists, awarding them $82 billion worth of taxpayer-funded military equipment and technology.

The End Game


Obama and Biden did not protect America and her national security. Nor are Biden and Harris protecting America and her national security.

Obama and Biden sold out America.

Biden and Harris are selling out America too.




AFGHANISTAN: Invasion Or Planned Handover? Gen. McInerney, Gen. Vallely, Col. Sellin, Mary Fanning And Alan Jones Weigh In With John B. Wells On Caravan To Midnight Radio

September 5, 2021

Afghanistan: Invasion or Planned Handover,” was the focus of discussion during a special September 4, 2021 episode of the syndicated radio program Caravan To Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells and featuring guests General Thomas McInerney, General Paul E. Vallely, Colonel Lawrence Sellin, PhD, and Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report.

During the three hour broadcast, available now in audio streaming format, former U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General Thomas McInerney (Ret.), former Deputy Commanding General for the US Army Pacific General Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin (Ret.), a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and The American Report’s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones joined John B. Wells to discuss the Biden Administration’s Afghanistan fiasco and the current national security crisis facing the United States.

The program covered the Biden Administration’s disastrous surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the threat presented by the Taliban’s allies China and Pakistan, the stolen 2020 U.S. election, and what Americans can do on the homeland front.

Colonel Sellin provided an in-depth history lesson on Afghanistan and in particular the strategically-important Pakistani province of Balochistan.

Mary Fanning noted during the final segment of the program [Hour 3 podcast, timestamp 25:14]:

Let’s go with what Colonel Sellin just said: Balochistan. That’s very strategically located. It’s very important to China because now they will have access to the Arabian Sea, working with Iran, their partner, and also with Afghanistan, if they take over the rare earth minerals there.

It’s more than that though.

What we just saw today was breathtaking. As they interviewed General Milley, he started telling that we are going to be partners with the Taliban, these are going to be our new allies. So we’ll rehabilitate General Milley and we’ll pretend that the Taliban are our friends rather than also part of the terrorist group.

As you remember, the Holy Land Foundation trial, they told who the terrorist groups were. The Taliban is no different. They all come under Islam. This is the same people as ISIS, ISIS-K, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda. They are all terrorists. And for them to be rehabilitating the Taliban and say that these are our new allies and trading partners is a nifty little trick because what you are doing is saying “oh these are our partners, this wasn’t treason against Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution of arming the enemy, so now we’ll just say that the Taliban are our ‘allies.’ That way we didn’t just arm the enemy and leave our troops dead on the ground and leave Americans behind.”

This is breathtaking what is taking place in this country, and it goes back to the stolen election.They could not have gotten away with this if this election had not been stolen and the fact is we knew that via cyber warfare the election was stolen and the information, the data has been verified, and it shows that who stole this last election of 2020? Well, that would be China, our adversary China.


Listen here to the entire Caravan To Midnight program “Afghanistan: Invasion Or Planned Handover?”


Déjà Vu: Biden-Obama Arming Enemy Terrorists All Over Again; Biden And Obama Also Turning Over Lithium-Rich Afghanistan To China

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | August 23, 2021

Joe Biden, whose crack-addicted son Hunter has hauled in billions of dollars in deals with Chinese Communist Party-linked companies, has installed Taliban medieval Islamic terrorists to once again control rare earth mineral-rich Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Is Rich In Lithium, A Rare Earth Mineral Used To Produce Electric Vehicle Batteries

As tens of thousands of desperate Americans remain stranded behind enemy lines at this hour, China is decisively and rapidly moving to establish diplomatic and business ties with the Taliban, opening a path for China to exploit trillions of dollars of Afghanistan’s rare-earth mineral reserves, including electric vehicle battery component lithium.

Lithium is in high demand for the production of electric vehicle batteries as the world transitions from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

China has a “stranglehold on [the] electric car battery supply chain,” according to

China is maneuvering to control Afghanistan’s strategically-valuable minerals, such as lithium. Joe Biden’s actions are enabling China’s rapid acquisition of Afghanistan’s resources. Afghanistan’s mineral resources have an estimated value of $3 trillion. Joe Biden just handed over Afghanistan’s natural resources to China.

MarketWatch reported on August 20, 2021:

“Chinese dealmakers have their bags packed, and will arrive on the first flights after the airports open,” said Byron King, geologist and mining and energy writer for Agora Financial…

…Afghanistan may become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” the New York Times in 2010 quoted an internal Pentagon memo as saying…

…“Afghanistan is a long-term play on the best of days and now that the Taliban have ‘won’, it’s more of a long-term play for Chinese interests,” he [King] said…

…He expects that “historians will look back at Aug. 15 as a Western/American/NATO geopolitical tsunami.”

Via regulations and executive orders, the Biden Administration  is pushing hard to kill the U.S. petroleum industry, destroy the petrodollar status as the world’s reserve currency, and force manufacturers of automobiles, light trucks, and diesel heavy trucks to transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric battery-powered vehicles, a win for China.

Déjà Vu: Obama 2.0: Biden Just Armed Taliban Terrorists With Billions Of Dollars Worth Of US Military Hardware

President Obama at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan in 2012

In addition to turning over lithium-rich Afghanistan to the Taliban, and by extension, China, Biden has also armed those Taliban terrorists with billions of dollars worth of American military hardware paid for by the American taxpayer.

Joe Biden’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan has left the Taliban with huge caches of weapons, from M-4 rifles, to Humvees, to Black Hawk helicopters and drones.

According to Fox News, the U.S. spent $85 billion on the Afghan army, and the Taliban have seized 600,000 weapons, 75,000 vehicles, and 200 aircraft.

Biden also handed over Bagram Air Base to the terrorists, a critical central-Asian air base initially built by the Soviets, and greatly upgraded and expanded by the U.S. military.

This breathtaking weapons transfer to America’s terrorist enemies is a repeat performance of what happened when the Obama – Biden administration armed ISIS with Humvees and heavy weapons by withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Obama and Biden also armed ISIS through illegal arms trafficking via Syria.

According to an in-depth December 2017 report from Conflict Armament Research (CAR), the Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration and Saudi Arabia transferred massive additional amounts of weapons from Eastern Europe (former Soviet states) to Syrian fighters, weapons that quickly ended up in the hands of IS, sometimes within the span of only one month. Many of those weapons were anti-armor weapons such as anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) that were used to target U.S. and coalition troops. The weapons transfers were illegal, violated treaties, and great lengths were taken to conceal the origin of the weapons (including repackaging, reboxing, removal of manufacturer names, etc.)The vast majority of weapons and ammunition used by IS were from China, Russia, and former Soviet states in Eastern Europe.

In other words, Obama and Saudi Arabia participated in a cold-war proxy war on the side of the Islamic Bloc, Russia, and China against the United States and U.S. and coalition troops and Iraqi partner troops.

Perhaps that explains the origins of the stunning Saudi Royal purge that began during the Trump administration on November 4, 2017, in which the Ritz Carlton was turned into a prison for Saudi royals that had been rounded up.

General Michael Flynn, who was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), knew all about Obama’s illegal arming of terrorists via Syrian “rebels” and spoke out about it. Flynn knew too much about Obama’s crimes, so Obama had Clapper fire Flynn.

This is an ongoing, long-term operation by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, raising the very real possibility that Biden’s Afghanistan “fiasco” was no accident.

In 2014, Obama and Biden released five top Taliban commanders known as the “Taliban Five” from Guantanamo Bay prison as part of a “prisoner exchange” for disgraced U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl. In his last email to his parents before he walked away from his unit, Bergdahl wrote “I am ashamed to even be american [sic].” Obama falsely referred to Bergdahl as a “POW.”

Now, one of the Taliban Five, Khairullah Khairkhwa, has reportedly orchestrated the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Nauseatingly Incompetent, Anti-American, or Both?

China bought their man Joe Biden through a stolen election, and in payment,  Biden is certainly delivering to China, and then some. In fact, Biden is helping China achieve its stated goal of global domination.

Hunter Biden was sent in as the Biden family bag man through Hunter’s deals between BHR (Bohai Harvest RST)  and the Bank of China.

“China has sought to build ties with the Taliban despite its own worries about the possible effect on what Beijing sees as Islamist extremists operating in China’s Xinjiang,” Reuters reported.  The Chinese Communist Party imprisons Uyghur Muslims in horrific CCP concentration camps located in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan and elsewhere is sending a clear message to U.S. allies, including Taiwan and Japan, that the United States can no longer be trusted to stand by friends in the event of Chinese aggression.

China recognizes that now is the perfect opportunity to attack Taiwan while the Biden administration exhibits weakness and obedient capitulation to China across the global stage.

Biden Refuses To Hold China Accountable For COVID-19 Or Protect US Power Grid From Chinese Cyber Attack

At home, the Biden regime refuses to hold China accountable for COVID-19 and has yet to issue its 90-day report on the origins of the virus, due within the next few days.

The Biden administration has also refused to take bold action to protect the U.S. power grid, as the Trump administration did, leaving Americans vulnerable to a Chinese or North Korean EMP attack. Biden reversed President Trump’s orders to ban Chinese power grid components, including transformers, from America’s electric grid critical infrastructure.

China Aggressively Attacking US Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla

California-based Tesla, led by eccentric entrepreneur and CEO Elon Musk, manufactures electric cars in China.

“In a surprise move, China’s top battery manufacturer CATL will supply Tesla with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for Model 3 production at its newly built $2 billion factory outside Shanghai,” reported in February 2020.

By early 2021, as the Taliban conquered cities and provinces across Afghanistan with increasing speed,Tesla hit an extremely rough patch in the company’s evolving relationship with Chinese authorities. China accuses Tesla of safety problems and spying against China with its vehicle camera. China’s military banned Tesla vehicles from PLA bases and facilities at around the same time that Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with hostile Chinese diplomats in Alaska. In June 2021, several months after the Alaska meeting, rumors flew that Chinese intelligence official Dong Jingwei had defected to the U.S. and that China, during the Alaska meeting, had asked the U.S. to turn over Dong, a spy story that both the CCP and the Biden administration both deny.

Beijing may be moving to take over Tesla’s Chinese market share with CCP-backed electric car makers which can use Chinese lithium-powered batteries.

“Electric vehicle sales in China surged in July as drivers flocked to local auto brands in the world’s largest car market, while those of Tesla plunged after the US group was swept up in a string of scandals in the country,” the Financial Times reported on August 11, 2021.

Thanks To Biden, Afghanistan Is Now Part Of China’s Belt And Road

It is clear that China has an open road to integrate Afghanistan into its ambitious global Belt and Road initiative that gives China hegemony across much of the globe.

One must ask, did Biden turn over Afghanistan to the Taliban and China because the Bidens are compromised by China, through Hunter’s shady business deals and compromising lifestyle, or is it simply Joe Biden’s anti-American stance.

And was the creation of the hostage crisis in Afghanistan that exponentially eclipses President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Iranian hostage crisis as Americans trapped behind enemy lines desperately plead with Biden to allow U.S. military forces to rescue them, simply “collateral damage” for a secret business arrangement between the Bidens and the CCP?

If China, which already unleashed COVID-19 on the U.S. economy, can also control the global electric vehicle and electric battery market and, via Biden, force the U.S. economy to ditch gas and diesel vehicles in favor of electric vehicles running on lithium batteries, China can complete its mission to conquer the U.S. economy and the petrodollar.

At the same time, China can support the Taliban’s terror-state of Afghanistan, which is increasingly serving as a haven for al-Qaeda and ISIS, organizations which can then launch new terror attacks against the United States, as the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

This is World War 3 — full-spectrum unrestricted warfare, and it’s looking like Biden and Obama are once again siding with the enemy while the American taxpayer is picking up the tab.

We’ve seen this play before. This is a repeat performance.

Most are accusing Biden of “bungling” the operation and of being incompetent due to mental decline.

But behind the scenes, is Barack Obama. Did Biden really “botch” the operation, or did Obama somehow control Biden’s daily actions in a way that created the condition for the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s theft of U.S. military hardware.

Is Biden anti-American? His own words speak for themselves.





Watch “YOUR WAKEUP CALL,” the new movie about the threat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) presents to the United States, featuring U.S. Army Colonel Phil Waldron (Retired).



PODCAST: Sarah Westall Interviews Mary Fanning, Executive Producer Of ABSOLUTE PROOF And ABSOLUTE PERIL

PODCAST:  Sarah Westall interviews Mary Fanning, Executive Producer of ABSOLUTE PROOF and ABSOLUTE PERIL, on the August 7, 2021 broadcast of Sarah’s “Gamechangers” podcast.

Executive producer of Absolute Proof, Mary Fanning, rejoins the program to discuss her documentaries and what those messages are for Americans and the world. She also discusses the current state of affairs today and where we are headed if we do not fight back immediately. Lastly we discuss what Trump meant when he said he was returning in August. You can learn more about Mary Fanning and her great work at


AT&T’s CNN Dismisses China’s Hack Of 2020 Election As ‘BIG LIE’, Attacks Mike Lindell, Yet CNN’s ‘Expert’ Harri Hursti In AT&T’s HBO 2020 ‘Kill Chain’ Documentary Proved US Voting Machines Hackable, Connected To Internet

“Axios On HBO” With Chris Krebs Labeled President Trump A “Domestic Threat” For Pushing “Election Disinformation”

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | August 9, 2021

AT&T / WarnerMedia’s CNN unit is attacking My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s claim that communist China hacked into the 2020 U.S. election via the internet and flipped the election outcome to steal the presidency from Donald Trump and install Beijing’s preferred candidate Joe Biden.

“AT&T has been in China for more than 30 years,” according to AT&T’s own website. “AT&T China has strong technical expertise with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen.” AT&T’s deep and long-term business ties to the CCP and Chinese telecom units puts tremendous pressure on CNN to bury Lindell’s assertions that China hacked the 2020 election and to discredit Lindell’s upcoming ‘Cyber Symposium.’

CNN’s And HBO’s Parent Company AT&T Is In Bed With The Chinese Communist Party And Xi Jinping

CNN’s parent company AT&T and the CCP’s state-owned China Telecom established a joint venture in 2000 and renewed that joint venture in 2017, the same year President Trump was inaugurated.

  • CNN’s parent company AT&T Has Operated In China For Over 30 Years 

  • CNN’s parent company AT&T In Joint Venture With CCP’s State-Owned China Telecom

  • Cybersecurity Experts Linked China Telecom, CNN’s and HBO’s parent company AT&T’s joint venture partner, To Cyberwarfare Attack Targeting 2020 U.S. Election

CNN’s parent company AT&T and the CCP’s state-owned enterprise China Telecom established a profitable cooperation agreement.

Cyber security experts uncovered forensic data showing that some of the cyberwarfare attacks targeting the 2020 U.S. election originated with internet protocol (IP) addresses owned by China Telecom.

CNN dismissed the idea that China hacked into the 2020 election as “complete nonsense,” despite the fact that CNN’s affiliate, AT&T / WarnerMedia’s HBO unit produced documentaries showing that U.S. voting machines can be hacked by foreign adversaries and are connected to the internet.

One would have to believe their lying eyes as they watched votes flip in real time from Trump to Biden on CNN’s live broadcast of the 2020 U.S. election returns.

CNN And HBO, In Concert With Obama’s Former CIA Director John Brennan, Aggressively Pushed Discredited Trump Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory That Putin And Russian Intelligence Services Helped Trump Win 2016 Election

U.S. media and telecommunication conglomerate AT&T’s WarnerMedia, and WarnerMedia’s CNN and HBO units, used CNN’s cable channels and HBO’s cable and streaming platforms to propel the now-discredited and wildly-false narrative that Russia engaged in election hacking during the 2016 election in order to successfully install so-called “Russian agent” Donald Trump. Across wall-to-wall coverage spanning several years, CNN pushed that false Trump Russian collusion narrative. Perhaps “Russia, Russia, Russia” should have been “China, China, China and CNN.”

The eight-minute CNN segment aired on Anderson Cooper 360 on August 6, 2021 and featured discredited CNN reporter Drew Griffin interviewing Lindell.

One of the “experts” whom CNN and Drew Griffin referenced is Harri Hursti, which was completely ridiculous considering that Hursti was featured in two documentaries broadcast by CNN’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO, in which Hursti exposes that election machines are connected to the internet and can be hacked.

A 2017 CNN report featured a former Obama administration Department of Homeland Security adviser warning that “the 2020 election will be hacked no matter what we do.”

HBO’s 2020 Documentary “Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections” Exposed That U.S. Election Computers Can Be Hacked By Foreign Adversaries And Demonstrating How Voting Machines Connect To The Internet 

In 2020, CNN’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO, released two election-related documentaries during the run-up to the November election. Both documentaries attempted to make the case that Russia hacked the 2016 election.

The HBO documentary, “Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections,” featuring Harri Hursti, laid out how election machines were hacked, suggesting that the 2016 election was stolen, all while often alluding to the fake news conspiracy theory that Russia helped Trump win the 2016 election.

HBO’s March 2020 documentary “Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections” confirmed in detail the many ways, including via the internet and WiFi, by which U.S. voting machines and election systems are vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments.

Husti proclaimed in a “Kill Chain” bonus clip that “America has been very successful at exporting everything, including exporting election technology, which is broken. So, U.S. actually, by their actions, or the actions of the companies, have made their allies vulnerable. And that scares the living shit out of me.”

HBO’s Kill chain also featured Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, who ran for U.S. president in 2020,  expressing concern that the voting machines are susceptible to hacking attacks.

The theme of the entire “Kill Chain” documentary appeared to be designed to convince HBO’s viewers that Russia hacked the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win — a conspiracy theory which of course would serve the additional purpose of compelling Joe Biden supporters to vote in greater numbers in an effort to stop Russia from supposedly “helping Trump win” again in 2020.

This is propaganda at its worst.

Hursti stated during a March 2020 interview that he worked on “Kill Chain” for three years, which suggests that production began in 2017, President Trump’s first year in office.

On March 26, 2020, just about six months before the 2020 election, HBO released the documentary “Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections.”

Kill Chain heavily features cyber security expert Harri Hursti. At the very least, Hursti appeared to be  trying to push the narrative that the Russians stole the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

This is the same Harri Hursti that CNN mentioned as one of CNN’s “experts” who determined that Mike Lindell’s assertion that China hacked the 2020 U.S. election is “complete nonsense.”

Yet, CNN’s assertions are nonsensical.

Of note, the Kill Chain producers claim to have reached out to Dominion Voting Systems yet never heard back. Dominion never sued HBO, though Dominion filed a lawsuit against Mike Lindell for over one billion dollars.

American election technology is “broken” and nations using it are “vulnerable”, according to Harri Hursti in a bonus clip from HBO’s Kill Chain documentary released in 2020 by CNN’s corporate affiliate HBO. Yes, this is the same Harri Hursti whom HBO’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary CNN, just consulted with for their hit piece targeting Mike Lindell.

Either America’s election systems are “broken” as Hursti said in 2020, or “the November election was the most secure in United States history” as the abruptly-terminated CISA Director Chris Krebs’ Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council attempted to sell to the American people.

“Axios On HBO” Teamed Up With Chris Krebs, The Former CISA Director Who Had Just Been Fired By President Trump, To Designate President Trump As “A Domestic Threat” Spreading Election Disinformation



So which is it? CNN and HBO can not have it both ways. The U.S. election system is not both “broken” and “the most secure in United States history.”

One might think that a coordinated disinformation campaign of this magnitude might be considered sedition.

Appearing on “Axios on HBO” in December 2020, Chris Krebs stated:


So certainly, the president [President Trump] is a big part of the disinformation that’s coming out there about the rigged election…Republican leadership needs to stand up and say this is not — this is just not what we need to be telling the American people right now. We need to be restoring confidence in the election. We need to be restoring confidence in democracy…

…what would we do if the Russians were doing this?


So is Donald Trump a domestic threat?


There is disinformation that he is spreading. I mean, disinformation is one type of threat.

Disinformation is a threat to America, and Chris Krebs is a known disinformation agent.

Once again, Krebs is functioning as a purveyor of the discredited Trump Russian collusion narrative. At what point does Krebs’ disinformation and propaganda become sedition?

Last summer, four months before the 2020 election, FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly warned Americans and U.S. businesses about the dangers presented by the Chinese government’s ongoing  cyberattacks against the United States.

CNBC reported on July 7, 2020:

In blistering remarks Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray slammed the Chinese government for its use of espionage and cyberattacks against the United States which has amounted to what he called “one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.”

“The stakes could not be higher, and the potential economic harm to American businesses and the economy as a whole almost defies calculation,” Wray said of the Chinese government during an address at the Hudson Institute.

The democrats and CNN, when it’s convenient for them, argue that U.S. election systems are vulnerable to hacking by Russia that, they falsely claim, helped Trump win the 2016 election.

When confronted with evidence that China hacked the 2020 election to help Joe Biden win, democrats and AT&T’s subsidiary CNN suddenly claim that the entire concept of foreign adversaries hacking U.S. elections is a conspiracy theory, and that even talking about it must  be banned across all media, including social media. Stalin would have been proud, as Stalin did the same thing —Stalin controlled the narrative.

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party,” Joseph Stalin famously declared.

HBO attempted this, despite the fact that Joe Biden rarely emerged from his basement and though Biden could only attract a handful of supporters to his rare public appearances, including campaign events during which Biden was accompanied by Barack Obama.

Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris, of course, had such anemic voter support that she ended up dropping out of the Democratic primary race in December 2019. Harris is today most known for her failure to address the crisis along the open U.S.-Mexico border.

HBO’s 2020 Documentary Miniseries “Agents Of Chaos” Featured Former CIA Director John Brennan Declaring That Russia Influenced The 2016 Election And “Helped Mr. Trump become president”

On September 23 and 24, 2020, six weeks before the election, CNN affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO, broadcast a two-part documentary called Agents of Chaos. In Agents of Chaos, HBO collaborated with former CIA Director John Brennan to push the narrative that Vladimir Putin and Russia’s intelligence services interfered in the 2016 election and successfully installed Russia’s so-called preferred candidate, Donald Trump. It is important to note that CNN affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO, released “Agents of Chaos” in September, 2020, eighteen months after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released in March 2019. Special Counsel Mueller’s detailed report found no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Yet, democratic operatives continue to push the demonstrably false “Russia, Russia, Russia” Trump-collusion narrative.


…That’s why something of that scope and scale and gravity requires the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to authorize it and to direct his security services to do it…

…I think their primary objectives, uh, undermine the integrity of the election, hurt the incoming president, and, uh, if possible, get somebody into the Oval Office who’d be more amenable to Russian overtures…

…Yes, they did succeed. Absolutely they succeeded…They certainly, I think, helped Mr. Trump become president.

HBO’s 2006 Documentary “Hacking Democracy”

For fifteen years, CNN’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO has been exposing the reality that electronic voting machines in the United States are vulnerable to hacking.

It is worth mentioning  once again that AT&T is in bed with the CCP and Chairman Xi.

In 2006, CNN’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary HBO, broadcast “Hacking Democracy,” an early documentary that presented evidence that voting machines are hackable. Now, however, CNN dismisses election hacking as “THE BIG LIE.”

CNN’s Lou Dobbs program broadcast a feature story about “Hacking Democracy.”

In 2019, CNN Affiliate, AT&T’s Subsidiary HBO’s Political Satire Program “Last Weekend With John Oliver” Exposed The Weak Condition Of U.S. Election Cybersecurity And The Fact That Voting Machines Use Modems To Connect To The Internet

As reported by Real Clear Politics, HBO’s political satire program “Last Weekend with John Oliver” in 2019 mocked U. S. electronic voting machines’ poor cybersecurity record and made the case that voting machines are connected to the internet via modems.

Now, in 2021, only eight months later, HBO’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary CNN, while hoping their viewers have short memories, is awkwardly trying to reverse the narrative on CNN’s and HBO’s previous reporting, in a thinly veiled all-hands-on-deck effort to save the collapsing communist Biden-Obama regime.

CNN, more than most, participated in the fake Russia Collusion false narrative against President Trump. CNN’s hands are not clean. As the whole country is well aware, CNN anti-Trumper legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s hands are also unclean.The globalist network is obviously biased, anti-American and anti-Trump.

Perhaps AT&T’s defense contracts with the Pentagon and the NSA should be reviewed. “AT&T was awarded one of the National Security Agency’s most coveted classified tech contracts despite a bid that was $750 million higher than the other competitor’s bid,” NEXTGOV reported in 2018.

During a 1923 speech, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin stated that “Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon in our party.”

When it is convenient to tell one story, HBO’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary CNN will tell it.

When HBO’s affiliate, AT&T subsidiary CNN wants another outcome, CNN will completely reverse themselves, only showing that CNN, “the most trusted name in news,” can not be trusted as purveyors of truth.

Results-oriented journalism is no journalism at all – it is propaganda worthy of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, and CNN.

Query: “Is CNN is an anti-America news outlet?”



The Uranium One Deal Is a Clear and Present Danger to America

Giving Putin 20 percent of key national security resource was part of much bigger plan to hide Russian cruise missiles here in plain sight

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | March 27, 2018

Originally Appeared At

Consider this nightmare scenario:

The Russian Uranium One deal is connected to the Clinton Foundation, former President Barack Obama, Russian intelligence, and Russia’s nuclear military industrial complex.

So is the secret “Project Pelican” Gulftainer deal with Florida’s Port Canaveral connected to the Clinton Foundation, former President Barack Obama, Russian intelligence, and Russia’s nuclear military industrial complex.

But this is not a bad dream, it’s reality and it begins where the Uranium One deal and the Port Canaveral Gulftainer deal intersect — at the Iraqi Jafar family.

The Jafars were deeply involved in Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s secret nuclear weapons and uranium enrichment programs. That involvement included decades of contact with Russian intelligence.

The Jafars and their company Gulftainer are quickly closing in on a second U.S. port. Gulftainer and the Jafars are in the final stages of taking over operational control of Delaware’s Port of Wilmington, near Philadelphia. Diamond State Port Corporation will meet at 9 a.m. on Friday, April 6, at Wilmington’s Chase Center on the Riverfront to vote on the deal.

Gulfainer hid its secretly negotiated Port Canaveral deal from the American people until the day deal was simultaneously announced and signed. Similarly, Gulftainer hid its pending deal with the Port of Wilmington until Thursday, March 22, 2018, when members of the U.S. Senate and Congress was leaving Washington D.C. for a two-week recess. Gulftainer has been lobbying Delaware’s state assembly.

Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey W. Bullock, the Democrat politician in control of the Port of Wilmington through his simultaneous position as chairman of the board of the semi-public Diamond State Port Corporation, told the News Journal that “the goal is to have a contract the (Delaware) General Assembly can debate when the body returns from Easter break.”

Diamond State Port Corporation’s board is scheduled to vote on the Gulftainer deal April 6th.

The scandalous Uranium One deal transferred control of 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves — a strategic element essential to nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, and national defense — to Russian interests linked to Vladimir Putin.

Under Project Pelican at Port Canaveral, Obama awarded a 35-year cargo container terminal lease to Gulftainer and the Jafar family, despite the national debacle over the 2006 Dubai Ports Worlds deal.

Naval Station Port Canaveral, a nuclear submarine base used by Trident missile-armed “boomers,” is located a few hundred yards from Gulftainer’s terminal. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Canaveral Air Force Station, a U.S. military gateway to space utilized by SpaceX, are very near Gulftainer’s terminal.

Boeing E4B “Doomsday’ planes are also occasionally seen at Patrick Air Force Base.

Gulftainer’s Port Canaveral lease was allowed by the Committee on Foreign Investments (CFIUS) despite connections between Crescent’s principals and Saddam Hussein’s WMD and uranium enrichment  programs.

Gulftainer is the port container operations subsidiary of the Jafar family’s UAE-based conglomerate the Crescent Group. Crescent Petroleum and Crescent Investments, like Gulftainer, are subsidiaries of the Crescent Group.

Hamid Jafar and his brother and business partner rogue nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar funded and managed Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programs. Both are top executives at Gulftainer’s parent company the Crescent Group.

The Jafars and their Gulftainer affiliate Crescent Petroleum were investigated by the Pentagon, Congress, and the Treasury Department. Crescent Group Chairman Hamid Jafar schemed to fund Saddam’s WMD programs through Crescent Petroleum.

Hamid’s brother, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, directed Saddam’s nuclear weapons and uranium enrichment programs. Dr. Jafar, (aka Ja’far), according to CIA documents, oversaw procurement and technology transfer operations for Saddam’s nuclear, chemical, and biological WMD programs.

Known as the “father of Iraq’s nuclear program” and “the father of Iraq’s uranium enrichment program,” Dr. Jafar served as Saddam’s Deputy Defense Minister and directed Iraq’s own nuclear weapons “Manhattan Project” with a team of over 27,000 scientists and technicians — a workforce comparable in size to the CIA.

At the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom the Pentagon considered Dr. Jafar a high-value target. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld placed Dr. Jafar’s name on CENTCOM’s secret “blacklist,” designating Jafar as an enemy combatant and an enemy of the United States.

Rumsfeld identified Dr. Jafar as a senior Saddam regime official wanted for capture and approved as a legitimate military target who could be engaged by coalition forces.

The Jafars, through several Crescent Group subsidiaries, entered into multiple joint ventures and other deals with Russian state-owned enterprises, all connected to Russia’s military industrial complex.

Crescent Investments entered a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Inter RAO UES, a subsidiary of Russia’s state-owned Rosatom, the new majority owner of Uranium One.

The Jafars’ Inter RAO UES deal happened in February 2011, only months after Rosatom acquired Uranium One. Rosatom manages Russia’s sprawling nuclear weapons production complex.

Igor Sechin, Inter RAO UES chairman of the board, is also CEO of Russia’s state-owned oil conglomerate Rosneft that is in a joint venture with the Jafars’ Crescent Petroleum.

Former KGB agent Igor Sechin, known as “the Darth Vader of Russia, is ”more powerful than Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev,” “more powerful than Vladimir Putin” and “feared more than Putin” Forbes reported in January 2018.

The Inter RAO UES and Rosneft Russian business deals connect Gulftainer to Uranium One. Russian executives move between Inter RAO UES, Uranium One, and Rosatom as though through a revolving door.

The Jafars’ deal with Rostec/Rosoboronexport, a 2010 joint venture named Gulftainer Russian Technologies, elevates U.S. national security risks.

Gulftainer entered a joint venture with Russia’s state-owned weapons conglomerate Rostec, the sole shareholder of Rosoboronexport. Rostec/Rosoboronexport exports Russia’s Trojan Horse Club-K Container Cruise Missile Launch System.

At first glance, the Club-K appears to be a standard intermodal cargo container. Upon remote satellite activation, Club-K “containers” instantly transform into deadly advanced weapons systems capable of launching surprise attacks of Russian Kalibr cruise missiles armed with nuclear, EMP, chemical, and conventional warheads.

Russia’s Trojan Horse Club-K ‘containers’ can arrive undetected throughout America via semi-truck, rail car, ship, or riverine, quietly lying in wait until satellites transmit electronic launch orders from space.

The Jafar’s Gulftainer container terminal at Port Canaveral is a potential entry point for Russian Club-K “containers.”

EMP expert Dr. Peter Pry told the Washington Examiner, “Iran has also purchased Russia’s Club-K missile system … The Club-K, if armed with a nuclear warhead, could be used to execute an EMP attack.”

The Club-K “is able to wipe out an aircraft carrier up to 400 kilometers away,” warns MG Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (Ret.).

Badr Jafar, CEO of Gulftainer’s parent Crescent Enterprises and Chairman of Gulftainer’s Executive Board, visited the Obama White House on March 27, 2014, six weeks before Gulftainer simultaneously announced and signed the Port Canaveral lease, according to visitor logs.

Badr Jafar announced at an Abu Dhabi business conference where Badr Jafar and Former President George W. Bush were both speakers that Gulftainer plans to “close an acquisition on the U.S. East Coast this year” and launch operations at a second U.S. port, Reuters reported on Feb. 8, 2018.

Gulftainer, the News Journal revealed on March 22, 2018, is now in the final stages of acquiring control of Delaware’s Port of Wilmington and plans to expand the port by building a new container terminal on the site of a former DuPont (spun off as Chemours) chemical plant.

Crescent Petroleum CEO Majid Jafar and former President Bill Clinton co-chair the Business Backs Education initiative. In March 2014, three months before Gulftainer’s Port Canaveral deal was announced, Majid Jafar and Bill Clinton were photographed together at a Dubai meeting of Business Backs Education, an educational project funded by the Varkey GEMS foundation.

The Varkey Foundation website states: “The Varkey GEMS Foundation has helped to facilitate more than 2,300 commitments through the Clinton Global Initiative to date. Upon funding and implementation, these commitments will have a total value of over $70 billion.”

The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and Morningstar reported in early February 2018 that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Bank have launched a forensic accounting trace on hundreds of millions of dollars they gave to the Abraaj Group, a Pakistani private equity group affiliated with Crescent Investments.

Hamid Jafar is a founding shareholder of the Abraaj Group. Barack Obama’s Occidental College friend Wahid Hamid from Pakistan is a managing partner. The missing money was earmarked for hospital projects in Pakistan and other developing countries.

Imagine putting Saddam’s nuclear henchmen as gatekeepers to America’s national security at a critical U.S. port of entry. This national security nightmare was brought to you by the Clintons and Obama.


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